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  1. Not to make this into another MGS thread, but… Both low and high compression balls can be seen as “high trajectory”. Low compression models tend to launch higher and reach their maximum height sooner, while balls like the V1x reach their maximum far later in the flight. The player’s mechanics interacting with the ball’s characteristics can and do create different results (as well as different perceived results) for different players.
  2. Recent objective testing at the MGS site has demonstrated unequivocal results.
  3. I’m trying a new thing - Gap Putter.
  4. Montana is listed under the “Rockies” area.
  5. Some shafts, particularly heavier/stiffer, can kill the impact resonance for heads that are on the muted side to begin with. Mine feels/sounds much more lively with the Ventus than a Hzrdus Smoke for instance.
  6. Jeff58

    New irons help

    The first time that you buy a set without demoing them, question your selection, and sell them for something else, your budget is destroyed far beyond any initial price differences. The i210 is IMO the best “super game improvement” iron set in current production. Rather than trying to make irons that go as far as possible in any direction that don’t spin enough to stop if you are fortunate enough to hit the green, you have arguably the most accurate club in golf. If you question your results with i210’s, you know it’s your issue, not the club.
  7. I think you covered it. They shouldn’t be wrapped. It should say “New”, and the symbol on the lower right should be “rainbow” to make them more difficult to fake. Which this one has failed to do.
  8. Emm, you already have space for three wedges beyond your PW. Is this a test?
  9. If your sand technique is open stance / open face, the M grind is designed for that and it works extremely well, at least for me. If your technique is square, that’s the S. If you try to open it significantly, it will tend to bounce too easily, particularly/obviously on denser surfaces.
  10. How far do you hit your pitching wedge/gap wedge/50 degree wedge? You’re looking for even distance progression. When “hot” irons transition to wedges, the consistency of loft progression is typically lost. When bending clubs, you alter the bounce angle as well as the loft, in this case increasing by 2 degrees. Since the CBX2 already has 11 degrees of bounce, you’ll pretty much end up with a 52 degree sand wedge, which may or may not work well depending on your swing and local conditions.
  11. This outlook is why they’re able to get away with this type of tactics, which affects you and everyone else. I choose otherwise.
  12. True, to Chicago, which is grossly the highest US standard termination point for obvious reasons. Container rates to various points are very easy to find. Do a basic search and don’t be deluded by industry tools.
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