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  1. He said it was a 2-Wood so I would assume its the 11.5 head.
  2. Was also thinking about a 2-wood, have the SLDR TS but maybe have to give this a look.
  3. Yeah when you look at this one it definitely looks like an Original One
  4. Does anyone know/can anyone tell what this fairway wood is that Phil has in for the Match 3? Thought it was maybe a Taylormade Original One but when looking closer it doesn’t look like it
  5. I have a feeling that he switches out the two hybrids depending on the week and plays the 4-iron full time. Have a hard time seeing him playing two hybrids.
  6. Would love if Titleist would start making 64’s again
  7. I’ve recently gone 48-52-56-60-64, to stay under 14 clubs I took out my 4-iron and bent my 5-iron strong to be the club dead between my 3-iron and 6-iron. This is probably not for everyone but I have really liked having that many wedges(read:options), and so far have had zero issues with the gapping at the top of the bag. I based it on the Dave Pelz's equipment philosophy from his book Short Game Bible.
  8. Taylormade SLDR TS, I don't know that its the most forgiving but it easily keeps up with my driver
  9. Wonder why he’s got the TMB 4 iron and AP2 3 iron?
  10. Did he get rid of the hi toe 64 or is it just not pictured?
  11. Yes!Titleist TS3 8.5 w/ Aldila Tour Green 65 XThe return of the V-Steel; potentially finding a replacement for my SLDR TSAbsolutely yes!
  12. What’s up with the 718 CB 3 iron? Doesn’t really make sense from a progression standpoint
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