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  1. I think my question has already been answered in this thread, but it seems like it is ok to play ahead of your pairing if the course is open, correct? I try to be off the first tee on a local 9 hole course on Saturday mornings. I’m not very good but I like to play relatively quickly. I’ve been paired with some singles who play fast enough and the round is enjoyable having company. A few times I’ve been paired with buddies who came together or family members who came together and are looking for a more leisurely round. Is it acceptable after a hole or two to say, “hey, it was great meeting you
  2. I recently did a fitting and ordered the x+ with diamana s+ 60g shaft in regular. It was a little longer on good hits but much better (straighter, longer) on off-center hits compared to my recently (and now regrettably) purchased mavrik. For whatever it’s worth, the mavrik max went left on me. The Proto x+ felt and performed better for me. Interestingly, off-center hits were easier to detect on the x+ compared to the mavrik despite the results being much better for the x+.
  3. I liked my EF FWs and didn’t expect to change them so soon. I absolutely love the mavrik max in comparison. I’m a high handicapper (24), but these elevate more easily and seem to be more forgiving. Not sure if they are longer.
  4. Thanks everyone. I started to get down on myself for posting very similar 9 hole scores from week to week (54, 48, 53, 53). However, it sounds like that is to be expected without more regular play and/or more focused practice. I average about 2.3-2.5 putts per hole. I am working on pace to help with long putts, since I often 3 putt. I also typically aim for the middle of the green for wedge and approach shots but might try to aim a little more towards the flag if there isn’t trouble. I tee off with a 5 wood because I am very inconsistent with my driver but just purchased a 3 wood for tee sho
  5. Sorry, 18 holes 2-3 times per year, not 18 rounds.
  6. Hello fellow golfers- what have you found to be the best way to improve your scores? About me: I started playing two years ago, although sparingly. I play 18 rounds a few (2-3) times per year but try to hit the range about once per week. I have taken lessons, watched YouTube swing videos and am reading Dave Pelz’s short game book, which has helped. I putt in my basement for practice. I have never broken 100 and usually score 100-110. My goal is to shoot in the 90s, which may not be realistic without practicing more. I would love to hear from the more experienced golfers whether going to the ra
  7. I couldn’t hit my G400 driver with a stock stiff shaft well at all. I did a fitting at club champion, and the fitter wouldn’t even try another head. He said the g400 was so good it couldn’t be improved on. After the fitting, he concluded I was optimized to the correct shaft to begin with. On a whim I tried the epic flash with stock stiff shaft and had instant improvement in results (accuracy, consistency, direction). 6 months later, it continues to be better for me than the g400. Although the quality of the swing matters the most, I do believe there are individual variations in what equipment
  8. dhen9- just curious, why do you want to replace the XP 5i with a Gen 2 club? I just purchased XP 6i-GW and am trying to decide what to do for the next club: 5i, 5 hybrid or possibly 9W. I like the XPs a lot but also don’t do well with hybrids. Not being able to hit any clubs anywhere complicates the matter. tomg1969- I did a fitting prior to the lockdown, and the XPs were longer and more consistent for me compared to the Ps. The XPs were no bigger or more offset than my ping G410s. I’ll attempt to attach a pic of XP vs G410s, although I don’t have a comparison of Gen 3 P vs XP.
  9. I’ve had G410s for about a year. They are nice and forgiving but I never liked the feel. I went through two paid fittings after purchasing the clubs and was told both times the shafts were optimized for me. I tried the PXGs when Gen 3 came out and really liked the XPs. The XPs were about 10 yds longer for a 7 iron and dispersion was much better compared to the 410s. Feel was much better as well. I decided to buy a set of the Gen 3s with their reduced pricing until 3/31. Ideally, I would have tried them again before purchasing, but the results were so dramatic during my fitting I decided to tak
  10. Doesn’t CC stand by their products and recommendations? Maybe you could confirm that if you don’t get the desired results with the x flex they will swap shafts for free.
  11. All of the above are great suggestions. The following also helped me during cold, wet rounds: an extra pair of rain gloves. The first pair will be soaked by the end of 9, and having a warm, dry pair to start the back 9 was a nice touchMake sure to let your clubs air dry out of the bag over night . I left mine in the bag one night, and the grips were still wet the next morning the club grips will be wet the whole round, but I did my best to keep my putter grip dry. It may have been psychological, but that was one club I wanted to hold dryembrace it, and bring glove warmers, extra towels and zi
  12. This has been a really informative thread for me. I am a newish player (started 2 years ago in mid-life, not much time to play or practice but still enjoy the game and love to see improvement- who doesn't?). I've taken lessons and work on the swing when I can. However, I have a feeling that proper fitting equipment, while not a quick fix solution, will be helpful. I certainly understand that someone who has a completely irreproducible swing or one that needs considerable swing improvement would probably not benefit from a fitting, but what about those of us who have taken lessons, are earnes
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