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  1. All great choices, but I agree you will have more utility from a sim or club membership than new clubs. how strapped for time are you? 15-20 mins on a sim per day a few days per week beats having a membership to a club that you don’t use. Check out the sim forum- there are some pretty nice outdoor setups that you could build.
  2. These set ups with the Net Return look great. I am trying to assemble a hitting bay in my garage and am leaning towards the Spornia or Swing Net. They are both less expensive than the net return, and I am a bit concerned about the 3 foot depth of the Net Return. My garage is about 17 ft long. I'll need 7 ft between the launch monitor and the ball and another 8 feet between the ball and net. That leaves about 2 feet for the depth of the net or for the net to give. If I am interpreting online photos and dimensions correctly, the Net Return depth is 3.5 feet. I appreciate any thoughts on Spornia vs SwingNet or on my set up in general. I'd like to try to get this right the first time. Thanks.
  3. @dsmil - Thanks- that is a helpful reminder to consider strike location before adjusting face/path. It has been eye opening for me to see how much strike location has on the quality of a shot (ie gear effect, spin based on location, etc). While I can certainly slice the ball, it has been frustrating getting not-so-great distance (ie 210-220 yds) on balls that are pretty straight. Based on the marks that the range balls leave on my club face, I think the majority of my strikes are higher up on the face. @golfarb1- I'll try that was well. I definitely have better shots when I slow down my backswing and transition.
  4. Thanks for the info. I am playing at standard length- 45" but am certainly open to cutting it down. I'm not sure if this was a center face strike or not, but I did have a nice shot with: 97 mph SS, 250ish yd total distance, spin between 2200-2550. So, I know the potential is there, but I have to figure out how to not make the nice shots occur more often.
  5. I am a high HC player (Shoot around 100), but I am trying to get better through fitness and lessons. My golf teacher recently recommended that I change out the nippon pro 950 GH iron shafts that I have in regular to Modus 120 in stiff. The change has been great, and I am happy with improved consistency and accuracy. He recommended that I consider a stiff driver shaft instead of the diamana that I have in regular for my PXG proto X+ driver. I went to a fitting, and the fitter basically said to work on finding the center of the face more and that the shaft wasn't the problem. My numbers at the fitting were: SS 95.7, smash factor 1.39, carry 207, total 221, spin 3809, AOA 1.6 deg, launch angle 15.9, landing angle 44.4, height 102 ft. He said the smash factor was low and the spin high due to not hitting the center of the face. So, how does one improve this? Is it as simple as using contact stickers or footspray on the club face and using that feedback to make adjustments? Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. When I did my PXG iron fitting, the fitter even said that I wouldn’t necessarily drop strokes but would enjoy playing and practicing more. The latter is definitely true. I’ve gotten a little better, but also took lessons and improved my fitness at the same time. My putter fitting instantly helped me score better.
  7. Our local golf store emailed that Ping will be increasing prices on September 9th due to rising costs of manufacturing. Just an FYI for anyone contemplating ping orders.
  8. You may want to check out US Kids golf. They sell clubs based on height of the child. My son has enjoyed his. https://www.uskidsgolf.com
  9. I can’t hit hybrids and like my mavrik max 5 and 7 FWs.
  10. This is not the exact comparison you are asking about, but the gen 3 XPs felt much better and had a tighter dispersion for me than the G410 irons. I had tried the gen 2 P irons in the past, and like the gen 3 better. Never did a gen 2 vs ping head to head, though.
  11. I was wondering if anyone could comment on my recent driver numbers, and any particular changes I should make to optimize distance, including a shaft change, settings or weight adjustment, set-up, drills, etc: club: proto X+ 10.5 turned to 9 degrees with diamana S+ shaft in regular at the standard 45", heavy weight in front data: SS 95.4 MPH, ball speed 132 mph, smash factor 1.38, carry avg 202.3, total avg 215, spin 4118, AOA +1.5 degrees, launch angle 17 degrees, height 107, landing 45.9 degrees, club path -1.4 degrees I am a 25 HCP and working with an instructor. He is not as familiar with PXG, but he did recommend that I keep the length at 45" and not to shorten the length. My take away is that the smash factor is far from ideal, and I need to work on getting more center face contact, which should improve the ball speed and reduce spin. I often hit high on the face, which I believe leads to the higher than ideal launch angle and high spin. The recommendation was to use foot powder spray or contact tape and focus on strike location. I apologize if I should be posting this in the Instruction forum instead of equipment, but I was hoping to see if any equipment changes (shaft, settings, weights, etc) would help. Thanks.
  12. You all are making me feel a little better. Over 4 years: -GBB Epic -ping g400 -epic flash -mavrik -proto X+ -??? (Going for a fitting tomorrow. Will probably leave with a new driver or commit to X+ for foreseeable future).
  13. I don’t play enough to have a handicap but shoot 100-110 usually. Sometimes I use driver and sometimes a 5W, which keeps me in play much more often. My score is lower and less 8s on the card when I don’t play driver. I am strongly considering just giving up on driver, but the guy who gives me lessons insists I’ll need it as part of my skill set. I’m not convinced it’s crucial for me, since my goal is to reliably shoot in the 90s.
  14. For me, the gen 3 XPs had the same or better distance as G 410 with much better feel and better dispersion. I also shortened the XPs to standard, ie P and T, length. I didn’t care for the 0211s at all. Never tried the G425s. The XPs get the same height as the 410s, I think.
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