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  1. 6.0 stiff, would prefer 85g but 75g okay also.
  2. Search function. Sorting would be nice also... maybe better tagging features so if you’re looking for something specific you can filter quickly.
  3. I like the pages function... clicking the next page doesn’t refresh the whole page and also hitting the back button snaps back to last spot on previous page. Very sharp.
  4. Ping i25 5-PW, DG S300; Ping i200 GW AWT 2.0 Stiff
  5. You will not regret a theragun! I did a ton of research... the brand Opove makes the M3 Pro. Great value and I have friends who have the “brand names” that are actually much louder than the Opove. I can watch golf easily while using it, very quiet and powerful. GLWS
  6. Ping has a great solution to your exact conundrum: Ping G410 crossover. It’s sort of a hybrid but looks more like a long iron. Very easy to hit and I’m a similar handicap to you, maybe a point or two worse. Comes in 17, 20, and 23 degrees of loft. Highly recommend, my 4 crossover is my go to club for anything over 210 that needs a sure shot.
  7. Any update on how the 3 crossover is playing? My 4 Crossover is still my favorite club!
  8. I’m considering ditching my TM M3 3HL for a Ping 5 wood. I have recently changed my swing a bit, that M3 3HL used to be my trusty, go-to for any long situation.... but not hitting it the same anymore and trust is waning. Any thoughts on this equipment swap you’d care to share? Recently added the Ping G410 3 Hybrid and am absolutely bombing that thing and relatively straight to.
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