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  1. I ordered mine through TM custom shop. It's the drop down option "Projext X T" in the shafts section. when i process says shaft component available 8/4. EDIT: Looks like the LZ has a higher launch and a softer tip section than the rifle. Not sure if that works for you or not.
  2. Probably a newb opinion/question but how different does the LZ play vs the rifle? Been playing 6.5 rifles in my 2019 P790's and I love them. Maybe check delays on those?
  3. I'd call back again until I spoke with someone new that would do it - If you value the 2x points. Not saying to escalate - just re-dial and catch someone who isn't trained exactly the same on the protocol.
  4. Looks are subjective to the user... but P790's vs Crown Vic vs Ferrari?? reaching on this one IMO - or maybe I just need some of your morning "coffee"
  5. Hot Take - TM just posted DJ swinging the new 790 on their IG. Looks like its Hzrdus black paired with it so it may be the UDI?
  6. TXG posted their review on Youtube 15 mins ago as well
  7. Brand Matches, yessir...TMp790 down to MG2's - but my shafts drop down from PX6.5 to PX6.0 for a bit more feel. I still haven't tried PX6.5 in wedges though...Maybe I'd prefer the consistent feel top to bottom?
  8. I was told that the loft of the heads are more of an indication of spin #'s and less of launch conditions. Moved me into 9' from previous 10.5' to get my spin #'s down. Can't validate this logic is backed by science personally other than saying my #'s were better with this route all across the board... just passing on some fitting talk that was shared with me.
  9. I tend to dig mine... Especially when turf is soft. Considered going to MG2 or Hi-toe just haven't been able to pull the trigger on the change.
  10. Cut mine down ti 45 EOG then bought a heavier "round" weight for the head from Billybobsonline. the stock weight was 4g's and I got the 12g replacement. Came with the torx bit to remove/replace for around $33 (shipping was $14 though - yuck). Haven't been able to swing weight the changed setup yet though - but at least you have that as a non permanent option.
  11. My fitting went great a few months back when I went with the Sim2Max 9 degree turned down 1 click. was seeing better dispersion and similar distances with a piercing flight. Now that I'm out on the course i can barely get the ball off the tee. *yikes* - here's to hoping i figure it out soon...
  12. Sorry If this isn't the right place to address my question... but what is the primary purpose of a mini driver? supposed to help with control off the tee being a smaller head? a bit more length from the deck than a 3W? What type of player benefits the most from this type of offering?
  13. That old school Toronto Raptors one is fire - Vince Carter on the short grass Too bad i just got the "Floatie" and I'm technically a bulls fan
  14. PSA - Don't buy stuff for your wife without her prior approval. She probably doesn't want it. TM Vault - Spider "Floatie" limited edition head cover. Magnetic closure not velcro Brand new, Never used - still have the bag it came in. Going rate on the bay seems to be about (Reduced) $SOLD.
  15. Agreed with many comments above. Originally went to get fitted for irons in 2019, and have been back 5 times or so getting other new club selections dialed in. I get it, 5 times may seem a bit much... however the fitter wouldn't accept the clarity of results we were getting with the shaft options we tried and wanted additional time to try some different options. Booked the supplemental session on their time/dime. 10/10 would recommend. Make sure you have a reservation scheduled. 60-90 mins with their expert fitter on site (verify the names online for their specific location). Well worth the time IMO.
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