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  1. I have the extreme version. I came from a Ping G410 plus with the same shaft. I don't have the numbers but I was happy with the Ping but bought the Cobra because I thought it looked cool and I knew the shaft was a good fit for me. Hitting bombs with the Cobra. Sorry, probably not the info you were looking for but from a looks and feel standpoint, I couldnt be happier.
  2. I hit my 4 iron best when I take a normal swing. Any time I try to muscle it or step on, it goes wrong. Its so hard for me to see 200+ yards and make myself swing "normal". I know I have plenty club but I still gotta "help" it. Haha dummy, I'll learn one day. Maybe. Glad you found something that works. Thanks for sharing.
  3. If there is any traction loss, it's not noticeable to me. Most of the spike seem a lot more comfortable as well.
  4. I've thought about this same thing over the years. I'm lefty everything except golf and batting. I recently switched to left hand low putting and it made me think about putting left handed. It feels more natural but a full swing does not. I've toyed with the idea of selling all my clubs, buying all left handed clubs and going straight for lessons.
  5. Congrats. Still struggling to break 80 myself. Several 81s and 82s recently so I'm close. Hell I shot 81 and the last 4 holes I went double, bogey, bogey, bogey. Definitely a mental thing for me at this point.
  6. I moved on to the 919 Forged from the 0211. The soles are quite a bit more narrow on the Mizunos, but I consider that a positive. Can't speak to the 921's specifically but the move to the 919's has been a positive one. I didn't notice a drop off in distance but dispersion got tighter and while the 0211's felt really good, it's hard to beat the feeling of a Forged club.
  7. I got the rejection email this morning as well. ?
  8. Making room for more stuff so help a brother out! All prices are shipped CONUS. Not really looking for trades at the moment. Reasonable offers considered. Anything sold this weekend will go out first thing Monday via USPS. PXG 0211 irons 4-P. KBS $Taper 120 S. I believe the are +1/2" (see pic for reference) upright 2°. About 20 rounds on them. Pics tell the story. PLENTY of life left in the sweet spot as it hasn't been hit there much. 7 iron shaft is a bit discolored near the hosel but does not affect play. Came that way and I didn't want to wait for a replacement. Winn Dri Tac midsize grips.
  9. You're probably talking about the eye2 grind. The SS and WS are more traditional.
  10. I went LHL about 2 months ago. It still doesn't feel natural but I'm putting waaaay better. Currently using the Pingman blackout as well.
  11. LPCP, picked it up today. Definitely not trucker style. Let me know if you want it.
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