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  1. Rory plays the TP5. I’ve seen it firsthand.
  2. My buddy’s family owns it. When you have Steve Stricker as a regular in there getting work done on his clubs, you know it’s the real deal.
  3. Sorry, I meant the specs of the shaft you’ve tested. Just in case you don’t like it...
  4. I own some neon pink and pale pink Greyson shorts. Love em.
  5. Was lucky enough to get ahold of an 8* Sim2 head. After 5 minutes on a GCQuad, it’s a winner. Going straight in the bag. Gamed a tour issue Sim last year and struggled at times with misses right, not the case with the SIM2. Feels good all across the face, increased ball speed and launch. Playing Saturday so we’ll see how it performs in the real world.
  6. Has anyone seen the Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 in hand yet? Any comments or comparisons to the original?
  7. Brand new 35” PXG One & Done putter, double bend, face-balanced. Has a PXG Lamkin Sink fit pistol grip. Putter is flawless and comes with limited Darkness Headcover. Asking GONE - no trades. Shipped with insurance. standard loft/lie.
  8. Pulled a brand new set of Aerotech Steelfiber i95 stiff shafts 4-PW (7 shafts) from a set of PXG 0311ST irons. They played standard length. These have never been hit and have brand new golf pride Tour Velvet 360 grips. Tips are prepped and clean. Asking -shipped. PM me any questions- no trades. 4 iron is 37.5” 5 iron is 37” 6 iron is 36.5” 7 iron is 36” 8 iron is 35.5” 9 iron is 35” PW is 34.675”
  9. Got the new white ZIT. The front is different. It’s not white, almost a slight grey hue. Look great in person.
  10. Grabbed those - love that they're slightly different than the previous iteration.
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