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  1. I’m sure this has been answered but I can’t find it anywhere. Aside from the heavier weight in the rear, is the Max different in any other way than the standard SIM2? Anything internally different? Thanks!
  2. Thanks. Has anyone hit them side by side? Any feedback?
  3. Curious to see data comparison on the retail LS head vs. LS Triple Diamond. Not really understanding the differences here.
  4. Any high speed players gaming the XT? Curious how it stacks up to the other OEMs.
  5. Now that the cat is out of the bag, we should See some VT2s also
  6. I think so? I wasn’t given a choice on that.
  7. Does anyone know if these shafts will work with a heel shafted PXG battle ready putter? Or, are they only available if you have a countersunk neck like a plumbers neck hosel?
  8. The shaft is junk, PXG should really be ashamed of the quality. I’ve had my bat attack for a bout a month and the shaft has paint bubbles in it. I sent to have a stability shaft put in yesterday so hopefully that solves most of the issue. I realize they keep a small portion of the original shaft but hoping it’s not an issue.
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