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  1. I have larger hands than average. I can palm a basketball. I tried the Jumbomax XL ultra lite grips in medium on 1 club and lost distance while testing. I used a gc quad to test my 6 iron with my standard iomic grips and my carry was 203 average. Tried the ultra lite and my average carry was 194. Every swing I felt like I was going to let go of the club on the downswing. Felt extremely uncomfortable and after 20-30 swings, I had to cut it off and move on. YMMV.
  2. Exactly. Makes zero sense. Glad I’m not alone here.
  3. Does anyone know the release date for the new drivers?
  4. I don't know. Have you seen the sold prices on the bay? 3-4k. Crazy
  5. The funny thing is, I posted pictures I found online as well of the new Cobra woods on Thanksgiving and nobody has said boo about it.
  6. No clue but they won’t release something new unless they do.
  7. Posting a picture that I didn’t take of a product from a company that I have not signed an NDA with is not an illegal activity. I’m not a constitutional lawyer, but I’m pretty sure I’m protected by the United States Constitution.
  8. Has anyone seen what these are going for on the bay? What’s retail? The markup is crazy for this one.
  9. Would be cool if they actually had inventory. No mallets, driver or fw covers in stock.
  10. Coming in July. That’s what I’ve been told but like anything, this can change.
  11. New Sugar Daddy wedges releasing this year. They are doing more bounce/grinds with this release as well as chrome, darkness, and raw finishes. Big disk weight in the center of the head like the gen4 irons. No word on pricing yet, but that's always set at the last minute (because of Bob). I’ve also heard rumblings on new drivers. They’re testing new finish colors in the sunlight (matte black and a flat grey). Similar in shape to the original SIM, similar all carbon, dark/matte grey crown. Bottom was matte black like the gen4 with disk weights in new positions than previous drivers. Pretty cool looking but I wouldn't read too much into those heads -- lots of "tour only" stuff never sees the light of day.
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