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  1. I tried the ping s55s did not get on with them at all, they felt awful very clicky. My only worry with the Jpx line is aren’t they a bit clunky and big ? do the mp53 /54 or srixon z745 offer much more than the mp32s ??
  2. So thinking either Mp53 or z745s would either of these offer any more forgiveness ? The Mp32 are actually quite forgiving but in the especially in wet winter they need a pretty good contact or your punished.
  3. S300 will be my shaft in whatever I game, best shaft I’ve hit for accuracy.
  4. Yeah I fancy gaming some cavity backs again but don’t want strong lofts or distance clubs are there even any players cavity’s besides titleist ??
  5. Any cavity players irons that are as close to the 32s in bounce and offset would be perfect !???
  6. Hi , been gaming the Old mizuno Mp-32s and have to say I love them ! They have really helped my game. I’m down to a 12 hcp now. Was playing m6 irons before these so was a big change but they suited me better than the distance rocket launchers m6. Have kept the m6 for the 3 and 4 iron spots as they are very forgiving. but now I’m looking for something in the middle a players cavity maybe don’t want strong lofts or distances as really like the mp32 set up loft offset bounce etc but with a touch more forgiveness as on a bad round I can still shoot in the low 90s. best match with all the above to
  7. I have played a 4 wood the ping but couldn’t get on with it. I play s300 in irons so prefer a stiffer shaft ..
  8. I’m looking for a back up club off the tee, I’ve tried ping g, M2 and callaway xr16 Didn’t really like any of them the m2 and xr16 was far too hot and not far off my driver distances. That’s not what I’m after I play ping g 30 driver with the tour shaft and love it but the ping woods didn’t suit me. I’m looking for a higher spinning accuracy wood ??doesn’t have to be hot just holds a fairway a bit easier than say the m2 and xr16 both good but rocket launchers ! Obviously swing is the main thing for a straight tee shot ,but just looking a bit of help and forgiving wood.
  9. Yeah pw in 32s is a bit spoony lovely bats though !
  10. Always so much bitching on here ! Calm down you little pickles lol I only want to know the closest match to the mp32 there are no best or worst everyone will have there picks. so mp4 or mp5 best match ??
  11. Argh really ? That’s not good. Why would they not replicate and tweak a little such a great club .. or even re release them !
  12. Any Mizuno heads on here ? Looking for a little help... I am currently gaming mp32s and they are by far the best iron I have hit. I started off with Ben sayers then m6 irons but they didn’t last long now up for sale. my question is - Did Mizuno do an iron very similar to the 32s? Just thinking ahead as mine are second hand and know i want to be able to get another set or a set very similar?
  13. currently got the m2 3 wood with Accra 72i shaft but find it a bit inconsistent.. Anyone know which of these stock shaft will be a bit more tip stiff ? Find the Accra a bit to easy to hook and it’s not my normal Miss is right. mighy be a swing fault as have heard the shaft I have is decent but wondering if the reax 65 or tfc 189 will be worst as they are cheaper stock shafts. ??
  14. Please give your thoughts on swine been playing two years now slowly getting handicap down but always open to input.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6w48ZZmrM8
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