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  1. No not seen any retractable back wheels ? You sure it comes with the s1 ?
  2. Hi , just bought the motocaddy s1 the new version. Couple of things seem a bit off to me but it’s my first electric trolley and may just be over analyzing - The noise in slower settings in almost like a whirring pulsing sound. the trolley tips up very easy -back heavy seems to want to go up on back wheels and wheely !? screen shows battery fully charged but it’s not .. anyone else had any issues ??
  3. I think the lower spin balls shape less for me, srixon soft feel and Bridgestone e6 being the most stand outs driver is a bit more difficult but clubs with lower rear cg make a big difference. The trouble is they aren’t as long as say a front higher cg low spin monster ...
  4. Given swing mechanics are in check ! which driver is the most difficult to shape (fade and draw) and which ball is the most difficult to shape ?
  5. Just bought some Mp54 after wanting bit more help from my Mp32s. Kept the same shafts s300 but the 54s don’t have the same feel through the swing - can’t feel the head as well.. so changing to a light weight grip to increase swing weight. Going from a 52 gram grip to a 30g grip . think this is around 4 swing weight points ? But not sure what swing weight it will be with the shaft and head in consideration ???
  6. Just ordered some karma super lite grips only 30g in weight so will make head feel nice and heavy and also up swing weight and lower overall weight. Only £35 for full set worth a try ..
  7. Guess it must be my grips making the club feel different then. The 54 have golf pride m 31 and the older mp32 have lamkin crossline grips same shafts ??
  8. Yeah I agree ,they are everything I want from a club. Not to hot off the face, so still control. But also not as punishing as a lot of other clubs in this range. Did you find them slightly lighter ??
  9. Ended up going with the Mp-54s! Not sure if the head is lighter compared to mp32s or grip is heavier making them feel lighter but same shaft s300 but they feel a bit lighter and easier to swing. They also look very slightly more upright than 32s but all things said I was very impressed today especially with the longer irons ! They are super forgiving compared to 32s I didn’t notice much loss in feel in the shorter irons either maybe a tiny bit on a flushed shot but nothing to put me off. They are easier to keep online too with the 32s being a lot easier to work both ways but for most golfers I would say it’s a massive improvement unless you pure 90 percent of shots these make a lot of sense .. keeping most the feel and big leap in forgiveness. they do launch a touch higher but playing in England is not a problem at all especially in winter. i started with custom fit taylormade m6 irons - hated them .. went to mp32s for more control - great clubs but definitely not much help for 12 hcp but improved my striking. Then onto these mp54s - wow forgiving and still with the control and feel of the norm Mp line. I’d say anyone from low handicap to 15 can game these ! Great sticks
  10. I tried the ping s55s did not get on with them at all, they felt awful very clicky. My only worry with the Jpx line is aren’t they a bit clunky and big ? do the mp53 /54 or srixon z745 offer much more than the mp32s ??
  11. So thinking either Mp53 or z745s would either of these offer any more forgiveness ? The Mp32 are actually quite forgiving but in the especially in wet winter they need a pretty good contact or your punished.
  12. S300 will be my shaft in whatever I game, best shaft I’ve hit for accuracy.
  13. Yeah I fancy gaming some cavity backs again but don’t want strong lofts or distance clubs are there even any players cavity’s besides titleist ??
  14. Any cavity players irons that are as close to the 32s in bounce and offset would be perfect !???
  15. Hi , been gaming the Old mizuno Mp-32s and have to say I love them ! They have really helped my game. I’m down to a 12 hcp now. Was playing m6 irons before these so was a big change but they suited me better than the distance rocket launchers m6. Have kept the m6 for the 3 and 4 iron spots as they are very forgiving. but now I’m looking for something in the middle a players cavity maybe don’t want strong lofts or distances as really like the mp32 set up loft offset bounce etc but with a touch more forgiveness as on a bad round I can still shoot in the low 90s. best match with all the above to mp32 doesn’t have to be mizuno either.?? also would rather buy second hand so clubs that are at least a couple of years old as don’t want to pay £600 again like I did for the m6.
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