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  1. Thanks Dave Etzwane and other respondents Ill take your comments in board and value them... I have some differing views on some of the comments...and I have always filmed my swing as the basis for self assessment and learning so Im not imagining... I know I have a problem TRULY executing the correct hip turn.. slight lateral shift(overlooked in much teaching) ...and full clearance left through and up- Monte’s excellent video showing the initial “opening of the left side of the hip”( for want of a better description)is awesome... makes sense... I can do it static in the mirror... during a
  2. Thanks for the feedback and advice guys.. To clarify further - see definition of “competent” - I meant #2 as satisfactory to play the game to a 14Cap 1. having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully. 2. acceptable and satisfactory though not outstanding BUT In my journey I want to be good at golf... I decided ball striking is the key and most enjoyable part of the game (IMO putting well is not enough if you cant hit your GIR) and I dream of being “accomplished”... the consistency improvement for me from S&T increased my balance, ballstriking, consi
  3. Thanks to those with some amusing and enjoyable feedback... But noone has replied at all to my S&T query? I can totally take informed constructive feedback on that and yes of course I would in time go to a certified S&T lesson but isnt the point of this forum to share and learn and in my experience “there are no stupid questions”? Im not a millenial snowflake so not wounded and no need to overkill “the troll or not to troll” topic ...but is this a forum only for scratch, + or professional golfers? For clarification of course I am not CURRENTLY playing with 3 diff swings... act
  4. Well thats really a constructive post.. Youve got over 9700 posts. This was my first... makes me wonder what % of yours were trolling other OP’s Raises a series of questions about you PinHigh or maybe Ill just put it down to you had a VERY bad day on the course today Me I shot 6 over my PB and I had my first eagle and I was only using S&T for the second time based on guidance I read on this forum and youtube Given that I play COMPETENTLY to a 14,3 Cap I had a really great day... not ruined by you.
  5. Note : By “bend to the left” I mentioned above I dont mean the slight left tilt at top of BS I mean it helps avoid the whole upper torso moving over to the left during BS
  6. Ive read the various threads on S&T on this forum but would appreciate comments as regards the following... THIS IS NOT A QUERY ON THE MERITS OF S&T... I can play 3 different swings quite competently (PPGS, rotational and my homegrown one) but Im having dramatic improvements / consistency with S&T 1. The 55:45 weighting... does anyone increase this? To me if feels and works better to have significantly more ”left hip forward” at address while keeping head/sternum/centered Im guessing I go about 75:25 weighting... helps me not bend to the left on takeaway and achieve a better st
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