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  1. Hit both of them at a PGA SS: UW 19* and Hy-Wood 18* both had the stock shaft. Using range balls, unfortunately. My overall impression was that the HW was easier to launch and had a distinct left bias; however it was easy to hit it straight or with a slight cut. The UW felt "heavier" and more solid/dense; most of my shots were straight or slightly left-to-right and lower flighted than shots with the HW. Surprisingly, I had no problem hitting different shot shapes with either but found it easier to move the ball around with the HW, I think this may have been in part because the UW was harder to turn over, at least for my swing. Interestingly, for my swing, the HW shaft seemed to be better matched to the head than the UW shaft was to the UW head. Of course this is hard to quantify and is mostly subjective. But I immediately felt comfortable with the HW, even though the shaft was not a good match for me, while it took a bit more time to adjust to the UW. I owe this to the relatively "head heavy" feel of the UW when compared to the lighter feel of the HW. Again, this is just a personal feel issue. Others may come away with a different sense of weight and balance. I did get some limited ball flight data and from memory the HW had higher spin (roughly 500 rpms) but in both cases the odd low spinner produced longer carry and total distance. Overall, the UW while 1* weaker was 5-8 yards longer on good to good strikes. Bottom line I think higher handicap, slower swing speed players might find the HW easier to live with. I went with the UW 21*...
  2. Been using it (11.5*) for a few weeks... strictly 2nd tee shot option or so I thought. Swapped out the stock shaft for a Fujikura Pro 2.0 S and cut it down to play at 43.25. Then I tried hitting it off the range mats just to see how it would launch. I'm not a natural high ball hitter so the 11.5 required a few adjustments to get the launch up. But when I set it at 13.5* it became a whole different club. It launched at least as easily as my 13.5* TS2 fwy from a decent fairway lie. And it's about 20+ yds longer from the tee and fairway than the 3w. My main issue so far is finding the best ball position at setup and trying to get the launch up a bit more. So far it tends to launch low from the tee even at 11.5 but I think that is largely due to my neutral to negative AoA. I haven't heard as much about it's usability off the deck but so far it shows promise...
  3. Atunyote is a former PGA tour stop it is outstanding. Kaluhyat (i haven't played it in 10 years) but remember it is very challenging; maybe a notch or two below Atunyote in design/conditioning but still a great option. I think Shenendoah is solid but probably #3 on the list; probably more playable for a broader range of golfers.
  4. Used it for quite a long time before I started alternating it with another. The jumbo grip I put on it didn't work out so well and that led to alternating it with a PXG Bat Attack and Odyssey 10, recently. The spider itsy bitsy really fits my stroke and inside of 15 feet it is still the best putter I've had. Great for a straight back and thru stroke especially inside 8 feet. Sometimes a bit too small/light for long lag putting but my "claw" grip may contribute to distance control when outside, say, 30 feet. Overall, I find it has a slightly better balance and feels more solid than the "10". I've been thinking of staying with the spider design (to include the Odyssey 10) but might like to try a slightly larger version. Other than that it is a really solid putter.
  5. It's long with lots of carry, but more importantly it is probably the best all purpose fairway I've had and that includes a lot of the TEE's. It doesn't seem to force swing adjustments to offset launch or spin issue issues that most other fairways have had for my mid-low launch swing. I was playing strong 3w and 5w but with the TS2 16.5 the M6 14* is out of the bag and now I'm thinking of replacing the 5w with a TS2 7w .
  6. I played the regular 2.0 50g in an M5 Tour most of last year. I was very pleased with the overall playability but like everything "it's only good if it's a good fit for your swing". This year I plan to test the 2.0 50 against the 2.0 60g to see how weight difference affects launch/spin in particular. But I'm happy with the 50g weight. Overall: the 50g was surprisingly easy to swing, and easy to load. Coupled with the 435cc head, played at 9* neutral, weights set neutral moved forward, it launched mid-high with a fairly boring trajectory. I'm not a high-ball hitter but the Fuji must fit since I was able to increase launch significantly over other shafts I've played. My carry distance went up at least 15 yards over other shafts I've used; it's just a good profile for my swing. Even though the shaft seems to have a distinct load/release it was quite stable. Should note that last year I made some swing changes and moved to more of a "swing vs throw" pattern and was a little less aggressive in transition; so that may have had something to do with how it performed. I also have the Fuji 2.0 Hybrid which is nice but doesn't have the same smooth feel as the driver shaft; then again I'm a little more aggressive with the hybrid.
  7. Similar experience ... I'm playing the 17* lofted down to 16* draw setting. I've played it in the stock Tensei orange 80HY and the Fuji Pro 2.0 HY. Used it a few months ago in several tournaments and found it to be very effective and reliable. I expected it to be primarily for tee shots on long par 3's or short par 4's. But was very surprised how well it worked from the fairway. I've never played a 16* degree hybrid that launched as easily, but this one is easy to elevate and it's not too hard to shape shots when needed. It's possible to hit low spin draws or high cuts that easily hold the green from 200+ yards. The club has a solid feel and somewhat "subdued" sound which works for me. Basically, the super hybrid (in 17*) looks like a highly specialized club but it is actually much more versatile. I'd expect the 20* to provide a number of options replacing, say, a 3 hybrid or 5 wood. One qualifier... The 17 and the 20 are relatively large as hybrids go but given they may be fairway replacements the size is an asset. However I did try the 23 and it seemed like it was not sized well to replace, say, a 4 iron or a 7 wood. But some may see different results.
  8. Still my favorite drivers: a) TEE Exotics 10.5* w/Accra T60 S b) TEE Exotics Proto 9* w/Accra T50 S tipped 1" c) MP001 9* Graf Blue All are very solid the TEE's are very compact 460 heads and the Mizuno MP001 is 400c. I find them somewhat longer than most of the newer stuff I've played and accurate enough. Most important I have much better control in tournament play.
  9. A lot of good ones mentioned already. That said one of the best I've played (for 8 years or so) is the MP-001 9* Graf Blue S. Great feel, easy to shape shots and long! Others I like include the Cleveland Launcher 330 it is a lot of fun to hit. But for all around fun and performance the Mizuno was about the best. https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/23614/mizuno-mp001-400cc-460cc-drivers-very-under-rated
  10. I hit my 6 iron a little on the low side which isn't too bad in most cases; my 5 iron is more of the same. Low but about 10 yds farther. But, instead of another "6 iron" I've experimented with a 6 hybrid to replace my 5 iron. Went with a fairly heavy/stiff shaft and slightly open club face to avoid the "lefts". Works pretty well, on average I hit it about as far as I did my 5 iron -- but can max it out farther--- and when I want, I can hit it much higher and can shape it more easily. Hard to give up my 5 iron, but harder to ignore the better results.
  11. In my area... gg uses the pga value guide discounted to only 90-95% of the full value guide price.
  12. More than not the launcher 400, graf blue is in the bag. I cut it down to 44.5 but for me it is as long as anything else and amazingly straight.
  13. I often play driver, 3+fairway (13* Honma TW737 or Rapture Adj 12.5) and a Honma 18* TW 737c fairway. It's more than an issue of loft--- the fairways combine for a range of trajectories and shot types I expect to need given course/conditions. So they work pretty well. Sometimes I will go back to a 15* fairway that launches a little higher than my strong 3 wood and then throw in a heavenwood (Rogue 20*) to replace my Honma 5 wood. Lots of possibilities.
  14. The honma 737 13* 3 wood is as long as my rapture 13* off the tee and easier to launch from the fairway
  15. also interested in the PRGR Red Eyes... does anyone have any info on likely additional fees incurred re: Japan delivery?
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