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  1. It would be an interesting acquisition. I know a few of the guys who worked there through the industry and they always wanted to expand out of just Toronto. I wonder if this is their way of doing it. I know they aren't hurting for money so it's not a buyout in the sense they were starving for cash type of thing. It also could just be a partnership. Another local fitting studio in the area was pseudo-partnered with Cool Clubs but I am not sure if that is still a thing or not. It was listed o the site a few years ago but I haven't checked since.
  2. Been saying this for years. I've noticed it flies pretty close to the DG120, and if I had to put a small wager on it, I'd swear True Temper took what they learned from the DG Pro and tuned it in the Elevate. The DG Pro was one of my favourite shafts. It felt awesome in the Nike VPC I had.
  3. I'm willing to chalk it up to not being target bound. Ever gone to the range before a round and hit every ball dead out of the middle and felt like a tour pro thinking this is going to be the best round of your life, only to go out and suddenly the wheels come off? Same principle applies to this. You were having fun and just swinging, and it worked. I have my best range sessions when I am out with my girlfriend just fooling around while she hits driver after driver. When I go to the range to actually practice its a completely different game. But as others have said, there's no harm in buying a lighter and softer shaft to try. In this age of adjustable drivers and 25+ free shaft offerings in almost every head out now, you should be able to find a similar shaft to what you used at TG and that matches your driver sleeve. If not, Golf Galaxy and PGASS usually have some sort of value shaft like a V2 or Grafalloy Prolaunch you can get installed for like $75 including grip. Worst case if you hate it you can turn it around and sell it for like $40 or $50 and not really be out too much at the end of the day.
  4. I used graphite before. Not even for pain management, just because they felt the best. Have used GAT 95s, Accra 105s, Accra i110s, Fujikura MCI 80s, and tried a friend's PX Catalyst 100s (although wasn't a fan of those). Found absolutely no difference in terms of dispersion or height but they felt awesome and I gained a bit of yardage. I was tempted to go with the MMT 80s in the PXGs but figured they were probably a bit too light.
  5. G410 with Tour 65 R Callaway Rogue 3 wood and 5 wood with Even Flow Blue 75 5.5 Titleist TS2 19* and 23* with Tensei Blue 80 Reg Taylormade P790 Gen 1 5-P with Modus 105 Reg Cleveland CBX2 wedges with the stock steel Send me your credit card info so I can buy these for you and thank me later when you're shooting 65 with your eyes closed.
  6. S3 software is great as well. https://s3fitting.com/
  7. I think the difference is you are comparing two different types of irons. The AF505 is a hot, ball speed machine with weights and the TC201 and CB501 are more traditional designs. I agree with the above that Epon is a softer feeling iron but Miura is a bit more dense and substantial. It's actually not that different really from Mizuno vs. something like a Srixon. I think Srixon feels a tad softer out of the middle, design to design, but Mizuno has that more meaty feel to it.
  8. Here you go, this is exceptionally close I would imagine. It bears a close resemblance to the multi-step lite, which I lined up side by side to a Callaway "uniflex" steel shaft once and they bang on, step for step. For $8 it can't hurt to try it. Get the R/S and tip it halfway between the instructions and you should end up with the uniflex Memphis10, or a close approximation. http://proseriesgolf.com/shafts/detailshafts.php?Prodnum=2007
  9. To piggy back on this @NJBigFish22, the stock shafts don't cost anything. Why would they give you a rebate for something that doesn't cost anything? If you go to the grocery store and say you want to buy organic carrots do they refund you the difference? Or a better example, if you go to a store like Golf Galaxy and buy a driver off the rack and change the grip, do they only charge you like $3 for the grip including install because there was a perfectly fine grip on there? No. So why would it be any different? Further, the shafts are worth $75 new. They have been cut, prepped, and god knows what else. We are all golf nuts here so we know that used shafts are like cars, they are basically worth at best 60% of retail the minute you buy them.
  10. Argument could be made as well that you could also just pick up a set of classic blades for the same price and still be able to turn them around for what you paid for them later on. Look to MacGregor, Wilson, and Hogan and you will always have a classic club fan base to flip them to without worrying about the huge markup on classic Mizuno and Titleist offerings. However, they won't be shiny and new. I have a friend that loves old equipment and is always buying any cheap blade he can get his hands on. He was bit hard by the Sweetens Cove group that go out with their persimmon woods, a few old blades, and a wedge and putter for a nice 9 hole walk.
  11. Some sort of high bounce, cambered sole thing. I currently have that in my D-grind vokey and it is my go to. I had Ping Glide 2 ES 54 and 58 before that and they were money.
  12. I'm the same as you. Ping Tour is hands down the best "stock" shaft ever. It has all the grit to stand up to some serious speed if needed. I played one for years in a Ping G30 LST driver. I kicked myself for years for not buying a demo G-stretch with a Tour 80 in it from my store's fitting cart. I don't know what magic pixy dust was in that combo, but I hit that thing dead as nails straight every time like 270 --- as long as my total driver on a good day --- off the deck. The shaft was also way too stiff for me to (X), but it worked. I hemmed and hawwed, and then I heard the G400 was coming out and hated it, it was short and spinney. Then my baby was gone and sold when I went back for her.
  13. As a fitter, let me chime in here. Many companies (in fact all of them) have free options in both shafts and grips that they offer, with a sliding scale. It really depends on your budget and what you consider a "premium". Are you willing to spend $1400 on the irons because they are going to last you a long time but spending $2000 on them for built shafts and grips is too steep? No problem, tell your fitter that as @MattM97said. Places like Club Champion, True Spec, Cool Clubs do an amazing job fitting people most of the time because they have all of the data at their fingertips, and it comes at a premium of around $100-$150 per session, upwards of $500 for a full bag fitting that cannot be applied to clubs. What a lot of people don't know, or care to know, is that you can order stock clubs through these places for the exact same price you would pay if you got them through PGASS, Golf Galaxy, TGW, etc. Just tell them upfront and be honest. Nothing bothered me more than when I did the pre-fit interview and the customer said I basically had a blank cheque to do what I wanted and I fit them to what they want --- and then they are on the floor having a heart attack at the price. Now I have to scramble to put together a combination that is free and close to what they need in the last 10 minutes of the fitting. Just skip all the drama and tell the fitter upfront. If new pricing still isn't in your budget and you can realistically only afford something that is on sale or used, then skip the big fitting studios and head to a big box store like PGASS, Golf Galaxy, or Golf Tec. Most stores have an employee or two that are going to get it mostly correct you just might not own your data at the end of the fit like you would at a boutique fitting studio. Say you are looking for something in your budget, pay the smaller fit fee (usually around $50) that is sometimes waived if you buy clubs, but it really depends on the chain's policy, and use the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer and a couple of heads your fitter thinks will work within your budget. If that still is too expensive, then I suggest you still pay the $50 but you're on your own to try and figure out what used stuff is similar. One stiff shaft is not the same as another because of weight and kick point, just like one head, even though they are similar size, does not mean they are going to work. A better suggestion might be to look at PXG right now. They offer prices that are unbelievably cheap compared to the rest of the market, often undercutting the used market by quite a bit, and they have fitting locations around the country and mobile fitters from what I understand (I don't live in the US as I assume you do).
  14. Pretty sure Mizuno is the only big name that is not China mass produced. Srixon is China, from what I remember. Miyazaki shafts, and actually a lot of shafts, like Nippon and such are Japanese made.
  15. Since it is the silly season in golf, I thought it might be a fun topic idea for builders and fitters (past and present) to share some stories of the more colourful characters they have come across. Working with the public is never easy, but hopefully some can let us have a laugh at their expense. Please keep in mind this is a light hearted thread so I hope nobody is going to get too bent out of shape about a tale or two in here. Also, if we can keep it away from bashing store employees, that would be great. There's countless threads on here about that. For once I'd like a thread dedicated the other way. 1) When I worked big box retail I had a customer come in with a Ping ISI fairway. Those who remember them, they had a hosel sleeve not unlike today's modern woods that were designed for specific ball flights, such as RUD (Right, Upright, Draw). You will also remember these came out in 1998. Customer comes in with one where head and shaft came apart, not rare for these and definitely not rare for this being around 2013 and likely it had seen many a warm trunk in its life time. Customer wanted it sent back to PING, for free, because when it was purchased at some defunct golf shop long ago, it was sold with a lifetime warranty. Unaware of this, I called PING to verify if this was true. The rep admitted it may have been at some point in time but they had been with PING for >10 years and it definitely was not the case with this club or in their tenure with the company. I told customer, they didn't believe me. I put rep on speaker phone to repeat their warranty to prove I wasn't lying. Once rep said "unfortunately PING does not have..." customer spun on their heels, face bright red, muttering under their breath, visibly agitated, and didn't even stand around to listen to the last part before they were out the front door. We charged $10 to reglue heads but the customer made $10 their hill to die on and have a useless club instead. 2) At fitting studio I worked at for the last few years of my golf career I fit an older gentleman coming in with Burner Bubble graphite irons. These were easily 20+ years old at this point. All said and done, customer picked up 20 yards on their 7i, dispersion you couldn't walk out there any tighter, no more fat shots, and peak height and spin in optimal window. All in all, a 5-star fit in my books. After customer gets clubs and goes away back to their country I get a scathing email from them that I had misfit them horribly. The irons they actually used (2 year old Taylormade CGB Max Titaniums) were just as long and forgiving as these. Why would I sell them clubs when their own clubs were no better than what they already had? I had to remind them that what they brought in were not the CGBs to the fit, but their old burners. They claimed that shouldn't matter and I needed to have taken this into consideration. They shipped the clubs back to us for a full refund...which to my annoyance since it was not even remotely my or the studio's fault here, but was part of our purchasing policy so we agreed. 3) Also at the fitting studio. Customer comes in saying they shoot 80 on the regular and are using GI clubs and want to make the next logical step forward to Player's Distance irons or even a combo set of GI and PD. Makes sense, I am all for that. They warm up and it isn't pretty but I just chalk it up to nerves/rust. In this scenario I am filling in their customer profile and just kind of semi-interviewing them in a very non-intrusive way. "Oh how long have you played? Where do you play? Same group or with different people? What did you think of the tournament this weekend? Do you think Tiger is going to beat Nicklaus?" You know, just general questions to see where their head is at and to let them relax. 20 minutes in on their warmup there isn't one shot that has come within 50 yards of distance or direction of the green they told me to set out for. I tell them to keep warming up and I'll be right back (my typical way to see if it is really nerves and me being out of the picture completely results in good shots. Sometimes this is the case). Come back 5 minutes later, same thing...just a shotgun blast of balls nowhere near the green, with most of them being a super heavy shank like thing with the face pointing about 65* open at impact. 1/3rd of the shots aren't even registering on the GCHawk they are that bad.....I'm in trouble. I gently suggest to maybe start warming up with something like a 8i instead because its a bit easier to hit. No better. Yikes. I ended up giving them an hour-long lesson with a couch arm cushion on the ground by the ball so they would stop coming 50000 degrees over the top, stabbing the heel in the ground and then having the heel jam the face wide open. It got so bad that a fitter on break in the next bay came over, who also happened to be an instructor for a while (as I am not, I just know a few pointers here and there) to help. Nope, didn't do a thing. We didn't hit one usable shot except with a Callaway BB21 iron that went dead straight and high and landed on the green, but they expressly told me that GI clubs were off the table. Okay then. No charge for the fit fee, hit the range, here's some instructors we work with if you're not working with anyone now, if you are, fire them and go elsewhere (jk!), hope to never see you again buh-bye. On the way out, "man today was rough, I really do shoot around 80, just felt off today." As the door shut the other fitter looked at me and said "if that guy has ever shot 80 in his life I will quit golf right now" and walked away. I get it, people have bad days, but to tell me that you are like a 12-15 handicap and then hit 150 balls in a row that a kid who has never seen a club before could outperform makes me think you're lying. Maybe just a smidge.
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