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  1. Owning a set of DCs and been fitting with 3 different iterations of PXG (Gen1, Gen2, Gen3), to my eye there really isn't much difference in the size. Feel I would tip ever so slightly in favour to the Gen3 because of the forging process but 90% of the shots with my DCs felt as soft as I remember from hitting the forged stuff.
  2. Ball flight is king, IMO. I remember a story the Callaway Tour Van rep was telling me one time about Jim Furyk. He was at an event and was unhappy that he was seeing a toe-heavy divot. So they get to chatting and the rep says lets try going a little more upright and Jim agrees. Rep bends his set while Jim works on some woods and comes back. Jim starts hitting balls and the divot is dead level but he turns to the rep and says "Why aren't they fading?" The rep explains the difference between upright and flat. "Oh, I can't have that, bend them back." "But Jim, the divot is perfect now." "Ya no, I want my fade, bend them back." And off went the tour rep to bend Jim's irons back to what they were 30 minutes ago. If you are getting the ball flight you want and the impact location is as out of the middle as it can be on average, then don't worry about the dynamic lie, in my experience.
  3. Hey Howard, thanks for this. I am not sure what the measurement degree is if it is converted or not. The S3 software is a third party that is all done with a machine using lasers, cameras, and torsion on the shaft to figure this out. For all I know its some sort of mathematically derived formula to figure it out. At any rate, I grabbed the KBS Tour and Project X 6.0 for comparison here, two of the typically higher BP shafts (to me anyways) and we can see that the KBS is still king when compared directly by the same machine, coming out similar to the 125CW Steelfibre (see above post).
  4. As I said, I don't have that shaft in the database for whatever reason. This is a third-party software that I pay a subscription to so I don't have the say of what goes into it. As you can see though, when we get into the tour weighted SF shafts, the balance point moves progressively higher. I can't say if this is the same for the FC model as it could be an entirely different design but I am hedging my bets it will be similar and fall somewhere between the 110CW and 125CW likely around 20.2" from the tip, so still around 0.6" or so higher than a Dynamic Gold.
  5. Here's a guide that I like to use. It won't have the plus 4 on it but it gives an idea. Your best bet is to use a digital caliper gauge and find the match that way. https://www.golfworks.com/images/art/gripsizing2.pdf
  6. @Brenkj not overly. Everyone responds a little differently to shafts than the next person. Go into the fitting with an open mind and see where it lands you. Try a 50-55R, it might surprise you. If you have some cash to burn, VA Nemesys and TPT 19LKP won't be that far off either. Rogue Black 130 would also be close.
  7. Ah that explains it. TZ6 is medium-stiff handle soft tip. Ventus is stiff butt, soft middle and mid tip, Kuro is super soft handle, stiff middle and mid/soft tip. You just figured out what bend profile works best for you. You agree (at least at this swing stage) with a slightly backweighted design (TZ6 normally is slightly counterbalanced, the TZ6-CB is extremely so) that has a decent amount of torque (sensation of loading and unloading and feel), and a medium tip. Other shafts if you have the itch that fit this profile would be Evenflow Blue or EvenFlow Riptide, the stock Ping Alta CB shaft, and funnily enough even though it appears to be an outlier, the Tensei Pro Orange by Mitsubishi. Still think you should give a 55g a try in these. Probably the EF Blue, Riptide, or Alta CB as they will be the cheapest to source.
  8. Sounds like they were both on something, truthfully. To be that unhinged and just losing it over a) having to play with others and b) someone wanting to improve a situation for both of them (not playing with them --- what they wanted from the get go, and improving your round by playing quickly and not having to be around these nutjobs) is baffling. The fact that they seem so out of touch with reality ("Going to set the course record today!" and being oblivious about those around them) cements my belief they were not right. Some people don't take any slight against them well at all. You did everything properly, calling the shop to intervene and removing yourself from an uncomfortable situation. Don't let it bother you, you have a 99% batting average playing with people who were tolerable. As the saying goes, don't let one bad apple ruin the bunch. Luckily I have only played with one type like this that was just generally miserable the entire round and clearly didn't want to be there. It was a really long time ago so I can't remember the exact details but I do remember feeling a sense of relief as they left after 9 to take care of whatever was clearly bothering them that day. It became a much nicer afternoon.
  9. Here you are, Howard. Balance point of the DG vs. a SF 110. I don't have data for the FC115 that the OP bought but at least it proves we aren't crazy, there's about a 0.5" difference in the balance point between a typical S300 and a SF110, with the SF being higher.
  10. Well, then you obviously didn't learn much. Mizuno has different head weights, Titleist has different head weights, Ping too. You've been golfing for 12 years, I've been fitting and building for almost 20, I have worked at one of the most premier fitting studios in the world that everyone on this forum knows about by name, and been golfing for 30 years, so maybe check yourself before you start puffing your chest around like a know-it-all, you never know who you are talking to on an anonymous forum. You are assuming that head weights you posted from Maltby are universal. If you have a degree in club building then you would understand that club head weights are rarely if ever on spec. Further, Mizuno are extremely light comparatively to a lot of companies. Your 6i is 3g lighter than a traditional 6i headweight of 265g, something you would find from a high-spec company like Miura, for example. There's 1.5 swingweight points accounted for right there. Aerotech doesn't need to disclose that their shafts are backweighted, just like Project X and KBS don't either, but that doesn't change the fact that they are and they swingweight out quite light because of this. The club heads coming out lighter at 1/4" longer is weird, I'll give you that but it can be explained by them not using as much tip weighting or tungsten powder because they were longer and felt it unnecessary. Heck, it could even be something as easy as they used a little less epoxy this time, heavier tape, an extra wrap of tape, etc. However, have you calibrated your SW scale recently? They can change and often are slightly different from one person's to the next. As we have all said to you, there are two easy fixes here. 1) Get your money back from TrueFit they are the one's that messed up so no sense in getting pissy with us when we are giving you solutions. 2) Solve the problem like any person with a degree in club building would do, rip them apart and build them yourself or spend five stinking dollars on a roll of lead tape and do it yourself.
  11. I'm more upset that after taking my time to write that and give them suggestions the only comment they can come up with was calling me an idiot in a snarky, tongue in cheek manner. Despite the fact three or four other posters said the exact same thing as I did.
  12. Fine, don't listen to what I said. Moron.
  13. I haven't ordered from them before but in my experience reading these types of threads it seems more and more common that these Top 100 Clubfitters pay some sort of fee to be advertised in Golf Digest vs. actually working their way up into the upper echelon of club making through actual skill. The way I see it, you have two possible outcomes. First, is you message the owner and tell them you want your money back and your clubs reshafted back to what was in them because any issues with the SW should have been denoted ahead of time. They are correct that Steelfibers are a bit of a pain to swingweight, add on to that you are dealing with a 15g lighter shaft and shorter length. It doesn't surprise me that they weren't able to target D3-D4 as that is not possible really using your components of choice. However, that should have been disclosed at the onset. The other option is you just chalk it up to a lesson learned, eat the cost of the shafts and walk away from the situation and look for someone else to help you in your build goals. I must stress though that going short + light + counterweighted (as some SF are) is not conducive to D3-D4 swingweight so you might want to re-think your ideas about that or add lead tape yourself.
  14. Yup, good shaft. Performed in my fits for almost anyone provided you get the bend profile right. A blue or red 5 might be a good option for you if total with roll is 240, that puts you around 89mph if you use the total distance/2.7 rule.
  15. The AWTs are Nippon shafts made for Ping. This is probably very close in profile to the Modus 115 wedge shaft. The Modus is 122 uncut and the Ping is 118 cut along with a similar kick point. Wouldn't be shocked to find out its the same thing without the red paint.
  16. A couple of the ones I mentioned are plenty forgiving. i210 and 0311T are playable really for anyone under a 15 handicap they are pretty user friendly. I do feel your pain though, certified slash checking in here as well.
  17. Loft is only used to control flight and spin. If you are not a low ball hitter or particularly low spin there is no benefit to doing what you want to do, really. You'd be better off playing something with mild offset, semi traditional lofts, that is still fairly forgiving like MP20 HMB, PXG 0311T, Apex Pro 2019, Ping i210, AP2/T100, etc.
  18. I think we have direct examples of this already. Titleist sponsors a lot of junior events. I wonder how many of these kids go on to be lifelong fans of a brand simply because they get a free dozen ProV1s and a hat at the beginning of the year? I bet it its a lot more than we think. Same can be said about college players and endorsement contracts if they are good enough to make it out onto the KF or PGA Tours. PING, Titleist, Nike (well not anymore but at a time), and PXG are big sponsors of university teams. It would be interesting to see the connection between playing a brand at school and whether that translates over to likelihood of being endorsed.
  19. I too am confused. What KBS shaft weights 300 grams? That's an ungodly amount of lead tape. Is it taking into account the grip weight, tape, glue, and ferrule as well? Even then, that seems insanely high....
  20. CTRL-F your way through this PDF. I found it there from an old 2015 catalogue of Taylormade's. It was a free option. Heavy, 95g, mid launch, mid spin. Pretty typical hybrid shaft. https://www.taylormadegolf.com/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-TMaG-Library/default/dwd8e6db0d/images/customs/FW15CustomShaftandGripOptions_091015.pdf
  21. I think the 8X in the fairway is probably your only option unless you can get your hands on one of these tour-only bad boys in the 9X or 10X. I am sure they are out there in the ether if you know where to look. Oh looky! I just found it. Will People's sells them. He/They apparently do amazing work. Reach out see what's what. https://thepeoplesclubs.com/fujikura-ventus.html
  22. I think they do slow down play. A course I used to be a member at had a bottle neck for the first four holes. You had a short (<490) and tight par 5 opener, a mid length par 3, a short par 4, and a mid length downhill par 3 to start. So you were basically waiting on every shot. The heroes waited on the Par 5 and Par 4 for the green to clear, and naturally you can only have 1 group per hole on the 3s, so it slowed it down a lot. After that things opened up. Since it was semi-private at the time I was a member it wasn't too bad since the membership enforced pace of play pretty regularly. After I left it turned into one of those membership conglomerates where you pay 1/3rd of what it would be to join a normal private club and get access to a handful of tiered-level courses in the region. I can only imagine what it turned into after I left with a bunch of non-members playing it, tournaments, and fair-weather members jamming it up.
  23. I say go for it if they end up performing better in a head to head test. The only drawback to hybrid irons I have noticed is the 9i and PW tend to be the odd ones out in the set. They tend to not perform as fast as the other clubs in the set because the CG is usually so low and those clubs tend to launch high to begin with. Might just need to keep it in the back of your mind to move those a little further back than normal in the stance or artificially try and strike down on them a bit more. Maybe you won't notice this problem but that is my only gripe with all the hybrid set.
  24. Ventus of some sort and Diamana D-something or other seem to be what I am noticing a lot of players pulling from their bags of late. I've noticed a distinct drop in the number of PX shafts. A few years ago there were loads of them, around the time of the original HZRDUS releases.
  25. It's not even that that bothers me. If you're making clubs for yourself and you don't care about a SW being off by a point or two or having the length be off by a bit, that's fine, you're not hurting anyone but yourself. Its the ones that have zero building or fitting experience talking a huge game and coming in with a chip on their shoulder from the get go that really irk me. We used to have one regular come in that would fly off the deep end if the OEM ordered clubs they received were 0.1 SW off from what they wanted and would get mad at us. We told him 100x that if they would build with us this wouldn't happen. Nope, not going to happen, you guys are charging too much, the OEMs need to get their sh** in gear. Blah Blah Blah. I think every order this person did through us had to go back at least once to get fixed because it was never correct. At the end of the day its their money but they didn't exactly live super near by so the amount of gas wasted was probably offset by paying the a la carte price a couple of times. For context -- most of their orders were something like this: 1" over length C-Taper 130s, Jumbo Tour Velvets, 2* flat, has to be D2 swing weight. Bro, that isn't going to happen. The heft of the components make that so it is not going to happen. No amount of reasoning would change their mind.
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