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  1. It currently has an Evnroll Gravity 1.0 installed. But also comes with original brown leather Low Tide grip
  2. I purchased this on the forum a couple months back but haven't been able to kick the Scotty Concept out of the bag. Comes with original Low Tide magnetic head cover and a uninstalled natural brown leather grip (with Low Tide logo). The head is stainless steel with a brushed oil can finish. The neck is also stainless steel but is polished instead of finished. Asking $550 shipped • DRIFT - Compact blade putter • Plumbers neck - full shaft offset • Toe hang - 4:30 • Loft - 3* • Lie angle - 69* • Weight - 350 grams • Length - 34 Low tide 1.webp
  3. I also have the matching wedge set. Now those are puuuuure!
  4. Man, once you start getting into the art that comes out of Japan, its a whole new world! Check out torquegolf.com for some drool worthy material
  5. Some bag chatter, tiny nicks, grooves fantastic. 4 - PW, KBS C Taper Lite S flex shaft, no shaft labels. XROZ Japan Tour grips. Standard lie angles and lofts, standard length. Purchased these last year to test out, but they have been used more as art in my office rather than on the course where they belong. Asking $900 shipped in the US. Might consider possible trade for a nice Scotty, or Lamb putter
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