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  1. The shaft comparison feature on Titleist’s website is useful here. Check it out. It states that the tip CPM on the Devo 7 is 903, as compared to 930 for the Atmos Black 7 TS and 893 for the Atmos Blue 7 TS. The CPMs for the Ventus shafts aren’t listed but they are pretty tip stiff but the blue will feel less so as it’s softish in the mid-section. In my experience all the Devos are plenty tip stiff unless you have serious speed - they are quite linear in their bend profile and so always feel stiff to flex, at tip and throughout.....hope this helps.
  2. Lots of them. Any of the specialist fitters, such as Club champion etc. Smaller build shops with an account should be able to also.
  3. It was Paul McGinley who was on NLU.....
  4. Greg - awesome pictures and great to see some old school irons on show. Thank you. Q - who is bagging the Tour Edge blades?
  5. I have one. best bag I've ever had. they are a steal given the price of vessel bags generally (and indeed the LE cobra x vessel bags which are twice the price). agree that it isn't a bag for carrying but its super on a cart. highly highly recommended.
  6. I’ve just picked up a Sim max with a ZF 60 S from Will Peoples. Awesome combo. Highly recommended. Super flight.
  7. Any club builder can do this in minutes for you once you pick your shaft.
  8. I think the SM7 D grind is what you are looking for.
  9. The black colored TS shafts in the Cobra F9 are exactly the same shaft as the widely available white TS models. If you look at the 2019 Fuji catalogue they list both the black and white options (in the TS models), as opposed to the non-TS models which are the ones referenced in the web quote above. I think the confusion is because TM offered a (non TS) black coloured ATMOS.
  10. Hit these today. Thoughts: - they feel so so so solid. Unlike any Cleveland wedge I can recall in recent memory, including the (awful) forged 588, the CG15s and 16s, and most importantly the Rotex 2.0. Really really impressed. Coming from MD3s (long time Vokey user before that), which I love, but the MD3s feel like bricks compared to these, at least on full shots. Whatever they did with the shortened hosel and the weight in the toe plain works. - the sole grinds in the medium 2 dot bounce options seem at least to my eye reduce effective bounce. I was all set to order the low bounce (6 degree)
  11. I was wondering if any one has tried the 757 or 661 in the SLDR or TM Jetspeed? I am thinking of going with the 661 in driver and 757 in 3 HL. I used to play the old 757 and I loved it. By far the best shaft I've ever played. I live in Atlanta and I don't think any of the Edwin watts, Golfsmith and pga superstore around me have the shaft available to try. So any feedback would be very helpful. _______________ I am playing a 757s in a SLDR 9.5 head. Put together for me by Ken in Victory Custom Golf. Cannot say enough good things about the combo. Unreal feel to the shaft. Mid to high bom
  12. Hi I am currently playing a Motore Speeder 7.1 S flex (tipped 1/2 inch) (74 gram) in an 8.5 910 D3 head. Fitted for this last year and love the combo and as others have said previously the feel of the Speeder. Have picked up a 910d 13.5 with the stock Project X 6.0 82 gram but am not wowed by the feel of the PX, and it also plays a little soft for me (although appreciate tipping could sort that). Am looking at Titleist custom options to replace the PX - perhaps a Blueboard 83 S tipped or perhaps the Kiyoshi 79 S. As you Speeder fans will know there isn't a 80 gram range availa
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