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  1. Definitely keep the color scheme or make it even more neutral than it already is (i.e., black and white). Shafts have enough color, and I hate it when the driver and shaft colors clash.
  2. Oh yeah. The sweet color combination was probably more of a factor than it should have been for me. I love the feel of the yellow shaft.
  3. Beautifully said, sir. Your views remind me of one of my closest friends who is 10 years older than you. I met him when randomly paired with him one Saturday, and he and I share such similar views on golf that it sparked a good friendship. Appreciate your post greatly.
  4. 1. What is your nearest Titleist fitting location, search HERE Miles of Golf Ann Arbor 2. City and State? Ann Arbor, MI 3. Handicap? 11 4. Current Driver Setup? Eoic Flash Sub Zero (9 degrees); Ventus 7S Black 5. Were you fit for your current driver? Yes 6. What TSi head do you want to test? TSi3 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely
  5. Agreed. I have a rare Ventus shaft with a TM tip that I bought on here. I tested the SIM and SIM Max in the Ventus, and I had too much spin. I'm curious to see how a OO would perform, but I'm discovering that they are hard to find/way too expensive for an experiment.
  6. That T-12...my goodness. What a beautiful putter.
  7. I have to rely on indoor bays here in Michigan for half of the year, and I feel like a total jerk to the other golfers when I'm practicing driver because the sound on the Epic Flash is so unpleasant.
  8. I have never tried a hot melted club before, so I'm excited to hit this. I was in the market for a Sub Zero version of the Epic Flash, which I currently game (looking for a bit less spin), so the hot melt was an added bonus, as I think the Epic Flash is a bit of an ear sore.
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