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  1. Hi all! I have tried a trackman before so I kind of understand how it works, was wondering if anyone can provide me insight as to how it compares to gcquad? And if one over the other would be preferable for indoor practice? Based on my prowling of trying to understand, gcquad used to have some issues in the past, but it looks like a lot more pros use it for their range practice in recent months? Also, if I need to get attack angle and swing path each time when I practice indoors, does that mean each time I need to put on club markers? How difficult/time consuming/marker
  2. hi all, sorry for the newbie question that I think I found the answer to, but not entirely sure... I currently own a sim driver with a tensei Ck pro white 70g tx flex, and in taiwan there aren’t places to try shafts + club head together, long story short can I go out and buy a mavrik and it’ll work on my shaft? Or will the hosel just not work? (And to make it work is it too much of a hassle?) thanks!
  3. Hi all, I tried doing homework on this topic and lots of different answers came up so I'm a bit unsure (but I think I'm on the right track?) Previously I used my 56 degree for all shots between 110 and under (my 50 was full shot only), but recently I changed my wedges to 50-54-58, and now I'm stuck between 54-58 often. Hence my question: **When I'm pitching between 30-100, should I default to one club or another? (default sand, use lob for special circumstances, or vice versa, or use both?) ** Considerations: 54 you can't land the ball as softly, but is a easier club to hit, whereas 58
  4. thanks all for feedback and input :smile: went ahead and got ordered 3 new smackin' glide 3.0's, can't wait for them!
  5. Hi all, been crawling these forums excessively past few days and I think I've hit a bump and need some advice. (first post!) So I've looked at some threads where some people can't decide between Vokey's gap wedge of 08/12, and based on my swing (I'm a little bit steep, but I rarely hit turf first) (and the firm conditions of where I live (Taiwan). I think an 8 bounce would be the best fit. However, I've just tried hitting the Ping glide 3.0's and they felt great (compared to my old sm5 56/10), but I'm slightly worried about how the Ping Glide 3.0 50* only has 12 degree bounce option. I
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