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  1. Ya majority local shops won’t have access to tcb but that would be the direct replacement for apex pro dots. As said above t100 would be another good option and easier to find at retail. Another option is maybe jpx921 tour.
  2. Well I’d figure out why that is because that’s probably your answer. Arrcos is great but if you hit your super hybrid 235 on a good strike and 215 on a bad strike and you’re hitting 90% bad strikes, arrcos will reflect the poor strikes more then the true distance. Shaft could be the reason for your poor strikes but that’s hard to say without knowing much about you.
  3. Hey all looking to unload some gear I’m not using anymore to a good home. Could be made a good set for someone new as well. Literally have everything but a bag for a set. I work at a shop so I can cut stuff down if necessary or through on grips or whatever you think of. All prices OBO •First and foremost, my beloved set of Bridgestone j40cb 4-pw $220 •Project x 6.5 flighted shafts w/Bb&f co ferrules. Only issue is the 9iron is missing a shaft. Will include the 9 iron head with additional supply of matching Bb&f co ferrules •Mcc+4 Mid blue •Cobra bio cell driver 9.5-11.5deg $99.99(I did say under $100) •Two shaft options, matrix Ozik hd6 6s (stock cobra, cut to play at 44.5in) or aldila nv green anniversary edition 75x (+$20 cut to play 45in •Lamkin Crossline genesis std ) •Matching Cobra bio cell 4-5hy 22-25deg $60 •Aldila NV green Tour issue 105gr stiff. Plays at 39.75(Can be cut down if you choose) •Lamkin Crossline genesis std •Callaway x2 hot 3wd 15* $75 •Aldila Tour blue 75 stiff. Cut to 42in. Also have Ping Tour 3wd shaft 75 stiff in stock length if preferred. I actually enjoyed the shorter 3wd (ping tour sold) •Taylormade MG chrome 54* wedge $60 •Project x 6.0 wedge shaft. •Tour velvet midsize grip.(If paid full price can throw on taylormade Lamkin Crossline 360 std) •Taylormade ATV wedge 52* $40 •KBS wedge shaft •Taylormade Lamkin Crossline 360 •Taylormade Soto 35in putter $SOLD •Comes w/ superstroke pistol gtr grip & stock headcover •Taylormade Juno 35in putter $35 •std putter grip and comes w/magnetic headcover. Damage to the face. I’ve yet to notice any functional issues. •Last but not least 4-pw Dg s300 shafts. $90. No bands except the one but is printed on the butts of the shaft. Also received from reputable local builder so trust that they are legit. Standard length. pin 10/14
  4. It’s definitely a heavier weight head from what I’ve heard. I imagine they dive into the spider category of putters just based off the fact that it’s kind of the only thing they don’t offer
  5. Thinking the 223 is a slimmer better looking 921 forged. The way vosh, describes it, the material split between the long and short irons. Sounds like a potential winner.
  6. Paid PayPal and no refund as of yet and no confirmed cancellation. Wait it out or no point anymore lol
  7. Sadly a 7 iron. Still hit my distance though with a lot of spin. I generally use PX 6.5 and have never really gotten along with ls. My guess is I’m hitting it high in the face but idk it felt pretty good
  8. So our demo heads came in today. Got to hit it with a 6.0 ls shaft(not my preferred). Felt awesome was getting normal carry but was launching the ball like consistently north of 25*. I struggle keeping the ball low but never that high. Anyone else find this to be the case
  9. Funny enough I’m in the same boat. Biggest factor was that my tempo number was an 8 which I believe is the opposite of smooth. Therefore it recommended anything that was 130 grams regardless of profile. The 6.5 did produce the better numbers so I’ll go with them. Worse case scenario bill soft step them. Got myself some 921 Forged coming in
  10. I’m a high handicapper but have been playing Bridgestone j40 cbs for close to two seasons now with decent success. I have a hard time breaking 100 after playing for about 4 years but my main misses come from topping the ball or super thinning it which I don’t think any club can fix. I’m currently between forged and mmc with forged seeming like the smart choice and mmc being sexy but irrational option. Somebody help me make a choice.
  11. Was using gc2 w/prov1. Generally I play tp5,bxs or prov1. I work at a store so I went back in and tried again and couldn’t hit the $taper for the life of me and was doing much better w/ Lz and s300. Idk I’m probably overthinking it and just need to pick one and just get the lofts weakened
  12. Txg did a video on this you should look it up. Generally fairway will go higher then hybrid. Also longer shaft for what that’s worth. Other then yardage is there anything particular you want it to do?
  13. Looking to order a set and just can’t decide between $taper and PX LZ. I def need to go back and try them both out again but was finding it hard to get enough spin with the zx7. (Attached some numbers of anyone wanted to look). Also trying to decide top of the bag if I should do 4,5 zx5 6-pw zx7 or 5-pw zx7 with 4 zxu. Any pointers on how to figure out the right course of action?
  14. Ok so it seems it would be easiest to complete the set. The closest thing I can find to the matching 8i shaft is a 6.5 flighted 9i shaft. Realistically will I notice any difference
  15. Thanks for that. Didn’t think of searching amazon. So maybe it’s me but I can’t seem to source an 8 iron shaft. Sorry for all the questions but the fact that they are flighted seems to make it a tad more difficult.
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