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  1. The closest I came to an on course "fight" was on Pinehurst #2 during the PEAF Tournament last year. Of all places, there was a guy that decided to berate our caddie for an honest accident and things got really heated. It escalated as the gentleman continued to go on and on about how the guy would be nothing but a caddie for the rest of his life until one of our guys asked him if he wanted to compare back accounts (he's a MLB pitcher). Guy got into his cart and moved along. The best part was the remainder of the day if someone hit a bad shot or missed a putt they would shout "F*ck you Jim" as we knew it was his name due to it being embroidered on the side his hat in 68 font! End of the day, Jim came back around and apologized and all was well in Pinehurst.
  2. No worries. As I was saying, I wasn't near the green but was located both times about 230-250 yards down the fairway of a par 4 which is prime yardage off the tee. I think you can be comfortable with the lot. There are bad shots that will find your place but the amount of shots that are THAT bad should be minimal at best. Typical amateur player at that distance will more likely be missing to the right using a longer iron or hybrid off the tee. Good luck with your decision.
  3. Lived 7 years on the right side and 5 on the left side. Both courses receive quite a bit of play but I definitively saw more balls on the right side over the left. Of the first 7 years, my actual house was only hit 7-8 times that I was aware of though my pool cage was probably hit more than that. I would typically find 10-15 balls in my yard or bushes a month. Obviously that isn't counting retrieved balls. When I moved, the left side was truly more kind as I would go weeks if not months without seeing balls in my yard. Both homes were located about 230-250 from the tee boxes. Being a par 3 may increase those odds but again, most amateur players miss right over left. I would say that if you like the property and are building your home, go for it. I think total, I was out of pocket maybe $150-200 over 12 years. With that said, you'll probably have a broken window the first week! ha ha
  4. It wont be as bad as you would think. Will it get hit, yes but 80% of amateur golfers miss to the right. Lived on the left and right side of fairways and the right side is exponentially worse.
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