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  1. Hello all, I had a fitting for new irons a couple of weeks ago, and have on order 5-P New Level 1126 club heads with KBS shafts. They felt like butter to hit. Anyone else had experience with these?
  2. 1. 220m on average. And I'm a longer hitter than most I play with. 2. Full swing - 100m. But I use my PW all the time. I love chipping and pitching with it.
  3. Hello all, I have a problem with maintaining a good grip. Over time I will either strengthen it or weaken it, to overcompensate for problems with ball flight. For example, I can be hooking the ball so I work with my pro to weaken my grip slightly, then a few weeks after this I'm slicing it as I over-exaggerate the change. and the process repeats. So i move between a hook and a slice like a sine curve. Any tips to help maintain a constant grip position? Any devices people have used? I'm contemplating marking my grip somehow where my thumbs should be for the grip that giv
  4. No worries mate, it is sad that even a simple discussion topic like this isn't immune to highjacking by big d*** egos for a pissing contest.
  5. Things are getting bad but you're hitting "low 70's" with this level of self-analysis every shot. Maha...
  6. With the term "ball in play" does that mean balls not out of bounds?
  7. Typical drive me for me is actually 220m. I've had a few lessons on the driver and its going well. 8 iron - 120m.
  8. You don't seem to be taking into account lateral misses with longer irons, like the 5. Id rather be 100 yards out by hitting an 8 that lands on the fairway than 40 yards in the trees hitting a 5 iron, probably because Im confident with my pitching game. Also, I carry a 3 driving iron because its actually my go-to club scrambling from under trees. Dont know why, Im just comfortable choking up on it and playing it from the back of my stance. And off the tee on longer par 3's it works better for me than a 3 hybrid which I hook.
  9. For me I love pitching within 100 yards, any distance. I play these shots simply by feel. So anything to get me within 100 yards is my aim. Im more comfortable pitching than any full shot, any loft.
  10. Thanks for the advice all. I forgot to mention that on long par 4’s that need a long iron even after a well hit tee shot my strategy now is to “lay-up” with say a couple of wedges, playing for bogey. I feel my pitching is one of my strengths. its not like I shank or duff my 5, 6 or 7 iron every time, I just feel the reward v the risk doesn’t pay off for me on course at the moment, especially adding the pressure of playing for a score from tough lies etc.
  11. Hello all, My aim at the moment is to break 90 consistently. Im usually there abouts. I am continuing to work on improving my ball striking with my longer irons. I struggle hitting irons longer than my 8 iron off the ground consistently, and hybrids/woods so I've been changing up my strategy and leaving them in the bag except for tee shots on par 3's and scrambling. Instead I've adopted a strategy of hitting driver off the tee, and hopefully leaving me an 8, 9 or wedge into the green from the fairway. My driver isn't very consistent, I generally get good dis
  12. Why isn't anyone getting better with this mechanical focus that pervades learning this sport? Why has there been thousands of books written about the mechanics of the swing, thousands of studies done, technology advancements yet handicaps have increased over the last 50 years? Why isn't there such an intense focus on mechanics for throwing a baseball pitch? Hitting a baseball? Kicking a soccer ball? Hitting a cover drive in cricket? Bowling in cricket? Pole vault? Archery? Any other sport? What impact has the marketing of equipment and coaching had in this respect?
  13. Previously I've become anxious and paralysed to the point where I don't want to play on the course with others. The amount of hours of practice, the thousands of dollars invested in range balls and lessons and clubs – to go out and shoot 100 I’d deem as a complete catastrophe. The anxiety of this happening has been enough to keep me away from ever playing with others – what if they knew how seriously I take the game only to see me fail? Id avoid playing with others like the plague. And like a self-fulfilling prophecy, often failure would happen on the rare times when I did go out. And then the
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