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  1. Great advice, thanks for that. Its so easy and tempting during a practice round to throw another ball down, and it skews perception of true scoring ability. I'm definitely guilty of this, which is why playing competitively was such a baptism of fire.
  2. Recently been feeling like I'm hitting my pitch shots really well, getting good ball first strikes and my accuracy has greatly improved. But I've noticed that I'm taking big divots with them. I've had this feeling of just letting the weight of the club take over in the downswing. Where as with my 7,8,9 irons I tend to bruise the ground, and my consistency has been quite poor. Last couple of range sessions I've focused on the same pitching feeling with my 8 and 9 irons - just letting the weight of the club do the work. Its brought my low point in front of the ball more, and I'm gett
  3. Awesome response, thanks for that. I feel being prepared is important and finding a "sweet spot" in terms of preparation on the range. My worst rounds have happened either where I haven't been able to hit on the range at all - such as playing at a friend's club and not having access to the range and him arriving very late - or spending the day before on the range hitting hundreds of balls then buckets more before the round letting headworms in, and over thinking my swing, with the added physical fatigue. I love to putt as a warm up just focusing on 4 footers getting use
  4. I completely agree. I've played competitive cricket, AFL (Aussie rules football), baseball and tennis - but golf is a completely different beast, given the level of precision required and increased arousal levels having a very high potential of being inhibitory to performance. Its like nothing else. Not long ago I told myself that playing competitive golf is the last thing I ever want to do. But now I see it as the a test of character and an opportunity to develop in areas about myself that I think I have previously done poorly eg: staying calm under pressure, performing in clutch situations.
  5. I know he hasn't been in the eyes of Americans, but he's spent quite a bit of time barely scraping through cut lines prior to his recent form. https://www.europeantour.com/players/garrick-higgo-42372/results
  6. Over the last 6 months or so I've started playing competitive golf regularly, both with my social golf group (monthly) and with my private club playing weekend stableford comps. I've made it a goal to play comps as regularly as I can to allow me to objectively track my improvement, enjoy being part of a golfing community and making some new golfing buddies. Its been a baptism of fire getting used to playing under competitive conditions. I've experienced the lowest of the lows - with scores of 15 and 17 points, finishing dead last out of hundreds of competitors - to "glory" winning a couple of
  7. Good calls, but his last 6 tournaments hes had 3 wins, a top 10 and a top 5.
  8. He's won 3 of his last 6 tournaments, including a top 10 and a top 5. No one in the world is playing better golf than him at the moment. If he was American playing on the cookie cutter courses of the PGA tour people would be circle jerking themselves senseless.
  9. Garrick Higgo may be playing better golf than anyone on the planet right now. What an amazing run of form. And stlll so young.
  10. So what happens when you need to use driver on proper courses?
  11. My OB shots are on the chart - but thats because I put in the approximate landing location when I edited my rounds
  12. I dont believe in one way misses either, because if you have a particular issue with path or face control that can show up as misses on both sides of the fairway. For example, the same technique issues can produce a slice and a straight pull, depending on how path and face angle relate to each other at impact. The difference between left and right is only a few degrees.
  13. These are shots with my driver only from the last 15 rounds. I use my 5 wood a lot. My misses to the right are all big pushes. And to the left they are hooks. I have had big problems with early extension and an exaggerated in to out swing path. But recent work is improving things. And these are my 5 Wood stats:
  14. "We". "They". "Them". Golf elitism at its best in this forum. Still yet to see any of the smug apparent golf pros dishing out advice left right and centre here actually put up hard evidence of their handicap. And, no a Grint handicap you pay for to put in made up scores doesn't count. I bet most of you "low handicappers" don't even play official tournaments or competitions.
  15. I have a question relating to handicaps and stableford scoring - what does “buffer” mean? Bit of context “I am pleased to make 30-33 points but disappointed to not make buffer”.
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