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  1. As MFBach stated its fixed hosel. have reshafted both my rogue and mavrik 4w and they were not what I would call tight fits from the factory but some good epoxy and all is well
  2. Feel and timing are going to impact speed the most, so while it may be lighter you could respond by not feeling the club and altering your timing in a negative way. if feasible, work with the fitter on trying 70/60/50 g shafts with similar profiles they do have, then go from there. If 50 is a good spot for you, then you can value shop Flex comes last, I would not be too hung up on it and just start with R's and is relative to each brand .
  3. I blend p790s with 770 CBs so there is a noticeable feel difference. It was more pronounced when I started doing this 2 years ago but I have gotten used to it, so much so that I do feel the feedback of off center strikes on the 790s (not as easy as the CBs) but its there. Why do I continue to game them? The heel strike 5i I struck the other day up hill 180 out that chased onto the green. My 770 would have been short. I do appreciate feel but not enough to punt them from the bag when they perform. If they are not performing there are other clubs with similar forgiveness
  4. I game a mix of CB and Hollow irons for my standard bag, but picked up some Miuras used for a song 2 years ago as a fun/sunday/holiday set. I grew up with blades, and while the MB's were tempting I did go with the CB1008s for some help being realistic about my game and strike patterns. As described by others, they don't change my game and if I want a bit of help to lower score the maximum amount, I should be gaming some newer P770/Cally/PXG style players tech clubs entirely. Miuras do feel unique (dense, solid) look amazing to my eye, and just make me smile when playing them. It i
  5. Topical in that TXG just put Mikey in a few new heads. He's a 100 MPH swinger which I gather is more relatable to most of us then 120+ MPH DirtyDog It was not comprehensive as only 15m long but covers what folks talk about in how are the heads (and their respective tech/cog/moi) managing the misses? Some heads for his swing clearly did a better job of heel misses and managing spin/launch to squeeze out more consistent distance. Some heads you just eliminate due to personal reasons so its good to have choices. I liked the parting shots: found a few that
  6. TT acquired Accra about 2 years ago. I game their icwts and enjoy them, only heard good things about their steel iSeres but given my move to the dark side I don't see my going back to the metals to try 'em
  7. Few options with the shafts, the OEM may offer that shaft as an up charge that is less then the retail shaft cost (which likely CC is adding on there). Otherwise a similar no cost shaft option should be something you should work to fit into if the Ventus is not in our budget. While not the best fit, other shafts perform well and as long as the weight and profile is similar you likely will do well with it. Get the stocker and then keep an eye out on BST for one of our many wonderful and loved shaft ho's to dump the shaft you want on the cheep then snag it for your use.
  8. I am neutral on CC but they should (like any good fitter) work with your budget if you are upfront with them. The miura heads are expensive (similar to other higher end products in that space) and as you noticed you can drop down near 1K in an iron set with other brands if you want, along with no cost up charges for many shafts (the C tapers should fit into this category I would think for many OEMs) Its tough to suggest how much different the clubs are: they are similar category, and I would gather there is a smidge more tech in the 921 but not earth shatteringly so. If you were go
  9. Gapping (especially 120y and less), spin rates, training. There are things you can use them for. All of them also are good for indoor SIM use which is probably more of a selling point. So many Mevo+ threads and videos are home set ups: how many you see with people using them at the range? For me sim was secondary as I like the data for gapping and measuring my speed (training, how am I doing, how efficient am I at delivering speed with the work I am doing on my change). Sure no face path info: but my teaching pro has a trackman and we do look at path info during less
  10. You can check out a bunch of winter conversations on this. threads that discuss 2 s 3 wedges, or 3 vs 4 often go there as do you want a 60, stop at 57/58 yada yada yada. Some folks like to master 1, others use several wedges. I personally really enjoy my PM grind 60 and have gamed for several years. Its only short coming is launching a bit high for full shots compared to some other 60's I have. I used to do everything < 50 with my 60 but have worked on other clubs to offer more consistency based on lie and conditions (why de-loft the 60 to pitch and run, use your 56
  11. Reshafted my 770s and some 790's and just picked up a bag of TM specific collared ferrules from the Bay that had the same single ring they have been using for a few years. Otherwise, getting the correct collared ferrule size from BillyBob or GW is a good idea. https://www.ebay.com/itm/355-x-7-8-Iron-Ferrules-REVERSED-CHROME-RING-Fits-TaylorMade-P-Series-10-PCS/312398447199?hash=item48bc66025f:g:T6MAAOSwvNVcIU~8 They are .355 taper bore irons IIRC, ..335's are for woods not irons. - b
  12. TM helped the OG770/760 used market with their current P line up (or maybe they had a lot of NOS to unload of the 760 as the 7MC is not a forgiving players CB with weight/tungsten etc...I see it as an elite/tour iron. Lovely when centered but ooof its not easy when you are off. The new P770 is just a different beast, certainly not a players forged CB feel. I really like it for what it is but if I was to blend them with the P7MC I'd likely only have a 9 and W MC if I was honest with myself. With the older CB P770 I play them o the 7i easily and could sneak in the 6i as well. T
  13. As a 80's Staff user, they just work on a blade
  14. OP, folks like me appreciate you as we can pick up great sets of clubs on BST Enjoy the 770s, they are a well designed club that I may be gaming at some point as well. I currently have the OG 770s, and my holiday set are CB1008s. Hands down I prefer the CBs but when it comes to confidence its hard to look at the 770 or 790 5 iron and not think its gonna turn out a bit better the for us variable players.
  15. I played a Member Guest last year with a 1.5 cap rocking Mavriks. His style was a bit sweepy, the club just worked nicely for him as the slightly wider sole did good things. I am a bit steeper and play a players CB, but could easily game them if I wanted to. Don't give into labels, game it and have fun. If it really doesn't work its due to fitting and how the engineering of the club (sole width, your AoA, etc...) which may not work as well for you. Who cares what its called, if it works it works. I gamed Ping Eye 2 for 20 years and lets be honest by modern labels, they
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