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  1. I prefer the PM Grind at the top only. Have gamed both gens in the 60 and am very comfy with it on short sand and soft shots. I rarely hit a full shot with it and that is one place I find it a bit meh at times compared to a more traditional wedge. 1/2 and 3/4 its dialed in no different then other wedges as part of matrix, plenty of check. I gamed a PM 56 for a while and it has a lot of bounce: bit too much for my taste from the grasses play and I was not really laying that wedge open: why have the mass of the high toe vs. in different places?
  2. Lot of data on here about this, just remember the rating of any shaft is arbitrary and relative to that model line and manufacturer: its not used to compare across brands. Metal/graphite can be manufactured to be equally stiff or soft across the bend profile, graphite is not less stiff. In short the feels has to do with the individual and how they load a shaft, some like/require different things. I refer to the master Mr. Tom for a quick 411 on shaft ratings and fitting in this video to describe it better then I can
  3. Lot of us hacks have little shops to DIY. Fair amount of threads here about it but IMHO list of tools I am happy I have in my shop for shafting work. You can likely get away with out some of this, but this is my list for what I prefer to do a correct job vs. close enough (correct measurement/weights vs. cosmetic as I hand finished ferrules for a few years until I got a little turning belt) 1. DIY or simple USGA style ruler 2. Shaft puller for graphite shafts 3. Small butane torch, larger propane/map torch 4. Vice and little shaft holder 5. Gram scale 6. golf club/sw scale (I have the GW hobby one, along with budget GW puller 2 most expensive tools I have) 7. Dremel & pipe cutter if you don't have larger band saw/cutting blades for shafts 8. Heat gun (good for epoxy cure acceleration, heating tape etc...) 9. Grip removal tool if you don't use air to blow on off: when playing with shafts you don't want to kill grips 10. Plenty of HD lead tape I think thats it for just shafting, measuring and weighting. Add in your assortment weights, ferrules, acetone, mineral spirits, and blades for gripping.
  4. You had me at Dremel. I'm not a PX player, but between this or the X7's you are in good shape. Is this gonna be your 2022 stinger of choice?
  5. I gamed 50/55/60 all year, no issues. I also can do 52/58 with 6d spread but have a bit of overlap in full/partial swing distances with different flights (I try to be a matrix wedge player). A 3/4 PW is a bit shorter then a full 50 for me, I swing the 3/4 more often for control and rarely are taking big swipes at the 50 of 55 unless: Tree. As noted 1d isn't a huge deal and unless you are high speed player taking big full swings 50/55 top end distances are numbers you are not going to hit often.
  6. Commie or a hippie? My outlier is a PM grind 60 that can't be evicted. I love my matching miura 60, but I'm with the PM grind. Free wedge love man, free love. - b
  7. Besides $229 MSRP? I think the base clubs are personal preference, you may prefer orange or hate it, go green. Testing it may show different spin by your tendencies but I think they are quite similar myself and still game a Mavrik (CPO of course). The LS however, is quite different than the Mavrik SZ and could fit more folks with spin windows depending on their swing.
  8. Good deal. It highlights how having a plan going in can help with expectations. Sometimes its hard to beat what you have. Only comment I would have is not being too focused on distance but feel/dispersion: lofts can be tweaked as you want them. that said, i210's have been winners for years so it is hard to beat 'em. Last week I did a shaft fitting (iron fitting but I was upfront with the fitter/pro that I mostly wanted to try out different weights since I dropped from 120 to 95 a few years back experimenting and I thought perhaps I went a bit too far. I also was open to profiles). I spent over an hour trying different things he handed me and comparing results to two of my clubs I brought for fun. Mostly was testing a '21 P790 7 iron standard (vs my '17 2d week 7i, and a Miura CB1008). In the end my shafts performed fairly well just a bit higher launch, and he put me into a 105 DG R300 that had the most feel and bit better launch. The data didn't lie. It also was the shaft I could feel the most which I have struggled with and why I wanted to sample more shafts in a fitting vs. what I have tinkered around with/built myself. They even offered to order the shafts and give me a discount on fitting fee, but I passed as the shafts are cheap and the fee was more then worth it. Will be going back in March for Driver play time. - b
  9. Yup sounds short for sure. I play my woods a tad shorter so I replace the weights to get it close or lay tape along the channels on the bottom. Older Rogue weights sometimes work depending on wood and how much depth you have to screw them in, otherwise bunch of bay vendors sell aftermarket ones. Right now I just put some lead on the 7 as my stash of extras didn't hit what I needed. #leadtapelovers - b
  10. I own the CB's as my second set, thinner top line and that solid Miura feeling. They are surprisingly forgiving for what they are but just a forged CB nothing more. I'm not a consistent enough ball striker to game them all the time especially in the 5,6 irons and for an everyday set for me I'd be in a club with some more help like the ZX7s or a blend (few folks out there toss a CB301 or other at the top end, not a bad idea if you don't mind the different looks)
  11. Its a box of chocolates WRT components, which is most of the problem. last year heads were also a problem with many but I think most have caught up (Ping perhaps not yet). I have played around with the TM custom shop web site for example, and based on shaft/grip can see dates move out weeks or months based on selected component, so their heads should be relatively OK. I also wanted to buy some simple Dynamic Gold 105 shafts this week and all major distributors had the 7i on back order so there's that box again
  12. Your CHS is sub 100, your face to path varies, shape and strike is gonna wander. Seeing as many shots where spin is 2400-2800 I would say is pretty darn good. with the good carries being out 220-230ish. The sub 2000 outliers are there with the 3K+ ones. You generally are swinging up a smidge and loft isn't horrible, but your quality of strike and ball speed numbers you can see are gonna vary (again, still learning the weapon). You swap out the low 130's ball speeds with a 140ish and the shape is going to look better for sure. Non-beginners struggle with that optimized chart: its just targets certainly *not* the norm of strikes we all make. At your level I would want the fitter to try to get you into a decent weight and profile that you feel comfortable trying to get a good tempo and load on and work with a pro to better that swing. 5 out of 10 decent strikes ain't too shabby IMHO. - b
  13. I had the opportunity to hit the 2021 on an indoor shaft fitting yesterday with GC quad using my Truvis balls. I game some 2017 P790s in the 5-7. Top line of the 2021 smidge nicer to look at and bag candy of 2021 can't be denied but to me it was really hard indoors to 'feel' much difference in them. Perhaps a bit softer feel on the 2021 but I am pushing its subtle. I was swinging pretty consistently 85-87 on the 7i and ballspeeds were near the same, came down to strike. Some spin deltas were likely due to changing shafts and slightly different tip profiles and how my swing was reacting. As much as I like the eye candy, for me there is zero need for the upgrade unless I have some TM trade in bucks burning a hole in my pocket (so someone needs to buy my old P770s off BST to not tempt me!)
  14. 70i are R flex standard trimming as suggested above, you can go up or down one flex with different tipping. Here's a table from an older post
  15. Loft is still loft here, at 25d I suspect it will compete with your 4H with different peak hight all things equal. Today's 7w are 20-21d typically (I game a 21 Mavrik myself, and it compete with a 20d hybrid for spot in the bag, different versatility/flight windows of them) - b
  16. As commented, for relatively good golfers we can strike an iron and it comes down to subtle improvements over larger data sets. Yes you play blades but if fit into a CB with some tungsten you may hit a few extra greens vs. bunkers over the course of 100 holes. I've broken 80 with my Ping Eye2s, 2017 modern CBs, and modern tech irons. I even broke 80 with blades ones upon a time. Being honest with my capabilities, I don't want to play blades above a 9 iron, hence my 'score matters' set has evolved to include headcovers and tech help. I bust out the looks like blades but still are CB 1008s for holiday/fun day rounds but even then I leave the 4i at home - b
  17. I have these two as well (my 7W is a mavrik but about the same CC, 21d yada yada). Gamed the Mav Pro 3H since it hit CPO I enjoy the shape and neutrality of the Mav Pro hybrid, not nearly as high toe look as Cally did with Rogue/Mav standards (I game an old Epic 4H is an old Epic, while I have thought of a Pro 4H the Epic is the rinky dink and isn't going anywhere) I am still trying to fall in love with the 7W. It does launch higher but when struck properly (which is on me) its not tremendously higher and it more consistently flies low 200s for me with a smooth swing. if I step on it I can get it out there a bit farther then 3H easily. Where I have liked the 7W more over the 3H is out of shaggy lies where I am not 100% sure I want to whack a 4W down the par 5. I find the 7W more versatile here. Very windy days? 3H comes out as I can flight it down easier. 210y par 3? I prefer the 3H as I don't have enough cycles with the 7w from a tee to hit that flight window vs. ballooning it. More me than the club. In summary I am gaming the 7W 75% of the time, but not trading the 3H in at all as it has a purpose in life - b
  18. I think this highlights that we the viewers take for granted the quality of the content. So many people are snarky about looks or behaviors. Fine sparky, if its soooo easy you go do it. Hint: it's not. TXG will get another staffer in as a producer to replace one of the things Matt did so well for them, it will just take some time. Since it was behind the scenes we focused on the duo, the swinging, the bleeped jokes and forgot about the production effort. Coincidentally, I was re-watching a 2018 TXG video this AM about getting fit (I have my first ever professional fitting scheduled today) and on that video they talked about how TXG launched, their ideas for the YT channel and that Matty started by being the one contracted by Ian to create the web site and put video clips of fitting up there. His robo swing was a fortunate by-product of that business relationship
  19. I have customers in the GTA but with the way 2021 shaped, never visited. I planned on trying to coordinate some fitting time at TXG This announcement means absolutely nothing in this regard. The same fitters are there, they will provide fittings and work with customers so hoping I can do that in 2022 as there will be no US-TXG expansion at this point
  20. You have to delve into the properties of each individual epoxy, its rated strength, etc... Some OTC general epoxies you can get at a hardware store may be weaker relative to golf ones (I don't have any numbers in front of me). 3M makes a lot of really excellent products, usually more $ then the basic Golfworks or Bramptons. Using heat will accelerate full curing times and provide better bonds: there are various temp/times as well one can use. Nessism has posted some great threads in the past including testing he did with and without shafting beads as well IIRC Willing to bet the #1 reason of any bond failures is poor prep, not relative strength of the epoxy.
  21. I game the Epic Speed 4w (there is no Max 4 BTW) and I prefer a bit more loft for a FW wood vs. trying to hit 3w bombs. For stock offerings, I was very impressed with the Smoke IM shaft. I previously played a IZ 7-S in my other cally 4w's but have left the IM in there and moved the IZ into a different fairway for now. I think Cally gets less love since they have gone bonded in the FW for 3 generations now but that hasn't bothered me too much personally. I see plenty of SIM Ti FW's out there, can't go wrong there either if you like the look of them.
  22. If its graded to be playable in X minutes and you are past X, bend away my friend. I've been using the Golfworks 30m stuff for the past 6 months and been happy having a longer working time but its swing ready in < 2 hours (faster with heat gun curing ) - b
  23. I disagree. Back logs can exist due to too much demand, as well as no supply. Literally months went by last year when no one was allowed in their building. They were only able to do the YT videos under very strict regulations that GTA had put in place else you wonder if the would have survived as their platform doubled subscribers in this time and got some other revenue streams opened up (virtual fittings, subscriber tiers) Not having the ability to do fittings among the 3-4 fitters for months at a time must have took a dent out of any working capital to stay afloat along with trying to open their second store. Talk about small business stress! Now they can't just double capacity when the doors open to get through the backlog: fitting is not like flipping burgers. mmm. Burgers - b
  24. A lot of jumping to conclusions but again, this is the internet. I have watched probably every TXG video for 2+ years. Lots of folks poop on aspects of their content but for me I enjoyed it and took what I wanted away. Like any business its OK to like parts and not be a fan of others. Two points I'd like to add. First on the notion of selling out, I kindly refer you to the timeless Tool song 'Hooker with a p****'. Goofy title yes, but its all about selling out and frankly we the consumers are the sell outs. EVERYONE sells out. We all have a price. I have worked in tech for 25+ years and while I am stupidly loyal, someone offers me enough coin to jump ship I jump ship. I don't personally know what it is like to have 5+ employees, two locations, two business loans and two small children at home. Ian does. In the music industry, we all wax poetically about the bands first album on an indy label before they sold out right? Yeah they also lived out of a van and ate taco bell (can't afford that fancy Chipotle). So yeah, they sold out. So they could eat big at On the Border. Second, as many have pointed out Matt wasn't a TXG FTE. I personally liked him so much because of his dry wit, and very humble appearance in the videos: someone with so much natural gifts, he didn't have a whiff of pretension. When he opened up about his health challenges, it was good IMHO that the community was there to support him, but it was not *that big*. The bigger you are, the more negative comments you are going to draw. Besides his other interests, if he's still working on his health I can absolutely see not wanting to take on the stress of a M&A. - b
  25. I bent my P790s 2 weak myself (have my own L/L machine, and have 2017 P790s) as I wanted similar gapping P770 CBs they were replacing in the 5,6 and eventually 7i. I now have 8-PW in the new P770s who's lofts are the same as previous 770s so nothing to change there Really about gapping and if you enjoy what the P790s are doing nothing wrong with making the 770s strong. I prefer a 46/50/55/60 setup for my wedges as well hence keeping the lofts. - b
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