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  1. I saw this when it was on FB marketplace. The missing Titleist along the bottom is one main reason why I didn't message the seller. Bummer it's fake, but still looks pretty cool. The price also seemed too good to be true.
  2. Thank you. This seller blocked me once I started pressing for the SN (which was only on the 6 iron). Mizuno America also replied back to me and basically confirmed what you said above as well in that they do not offer the Tour AD iron shafts. Thanks!
  3. Wow - I'm fairly confident these are the irons this guy is selling: https://www.dhgate.com/product/fast-shipping-top-quality-golf-clubs-mp20/556970292.html?d1_page_num=1&dspm=pcen.sp.list.6.UPraZI6atfFvIBl6ykTV&resource_id=556970292&scm_id=search.LIST...NDBADF|0|0.&skuid=744737481044807680#s1-2-7;searl|3262202227:6 Serial number is only on the 6 iron like he told me (although he hasn't confirmed yet what the SN actually is). The black lettering along the hosel is also a bit of a giveaway. I took a trip to Golf Galaxy this evening and the real MP20's definitely
  4. To add to this - any thoughts on whether these MP20 heads are real or fake? The shape of the "2" is throwing me. The bottom of the "2" is more rounded in that photo whereas in the stock photos of MP20 heads I'm seeing that bottom section is square... Also adding photos of the grips in case any red flags there...
  5. Hi - thanks in advance for any help / advice. Are the attached Tour AD iron shafts real? I can't find any info about these shafts in this blue / purple color but the seller is saying they are a special color made to match the Mizuno blue. He says he won them in a tournament raffle. I'm not familiar with tour AD iron shafts at all, but did find a spec sheet of what I believe are these shafts but the standard color seems to be black. See here: https://proschoicegolfshafts.com/tour-ad-iron-shafts/ Thoughts? Are these legit?
  6. 5 iron. Carry it about 175 and just don't come across the yardage that often for some reason.
  7. This has to be fake right? https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Genuine-WRAPPED-SIM-MAX-10-5-Driver-Head-Only-w-Headcover/383560949551?hash=item594e039f2f%3Ag%3Ad3gAAOSwzSteyyUk&LH_BIN=1 I'm going mainly based off the photo of the face - where it looks like the two blue injection "screws" are simply painted on. Looks equivalent to the Rick Shiel's video of the fake M6 - which also had painted on "screws".
  8. Like what was said earlier, I'm sure they will not face any legal action from this acquisition. It sucks big time though. The difference between GolfNow and TeeOff previously was not just the $3-4 booking fee per player. With those 20-30% off dealtime rates the difference was often $20+ per player for me. Obviously the more expensive the course, the bigger this discount was. I messaged MGSpy on Instagram pointing out this crappy business deal for golfers, and they read my complaint but no response.
  9. It's ridiculous that's the club / headcover you received! I would have been livid!
  10. Wow - I don't know what's worse, the putter or the headcover.
  11. > @Putn4par1 said: > I've never seen a Circle T like this. Was this a prototype or an error putter? One theory on the other thread I posted is that it just came off the "assembly line" early. Another theory is that maybe a pro was sponsored by another company and hence the cherry dots weren't added. We may never know.
  12. Thank you for the suggestion! Never knew about this type of tape.
  13. > @straightshot7 said: > The weirdest part about all of this - - you're taking photos inside In-N-Out? > > And now I have to go there because I'm hungry. Thanks. Hahaha. I knew someone would comment on this. I acquired the putter right around dinner time and was hungry. Didn't want to leave it in my car - as well as wanted to closely examine it. The double-double and fries were awesome. ;)
  14. > @BYK said: > Interesting > sometimes they won't COA these putters that might have been pulled off the line early, so we might never know? Interesting point. Does SC as a company really keep track / up of all their Circle T putters? How would they even be able to authenticate it? Based on the combination of all the specs / features (e.g., only the first "o” in Tour Only is yellow paint filled). I noticed yesterday the red paint fill in at least one of the weights was done with a sharpie or other cheaper marker. It was coming off with just rubbing it with my finger so I used a
  15. Hi, Has anyone ever successfully repaired / patched a tear / rip in a Scotty Cameron headcover? Do you think superglue would work? I just don't want the tear to get any bigger so I haven't been gaming the headcover lately. Thank you!
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