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  1. The towel was the first to go OOS, then the pivot, then the HC, then the shirt. I got the first 3 (didn't care for the shirt). Everything went pretty fast this time!
  2. Ok well now I'm basically 100% sure they're fake. Check out the sloppy "R" on the two grips in question (on the left in both photos below). Damn it....
  3. Hey folks, Appreciate your input / confirmation: are these grips real or fake? I got them from a private seller on ebay who has already told me they would issue a refund if they're fake. They were described as slightly used and only had 1 photo each and I didn't question the authenticity at the time. I'm 99% sure the lime green one is fake but not as sure about the black one. I've read that pistoleros came in slightly different lengths in the past based on year? Can someone confirm this? I have two other putters I bought 2nd hand - both of which have black
  4. Very underwhelmed by the cover. It was in stock for over 8 minutes.
  5. 100% real. This was my first Scotty and I still have it. The one you're looking at is in pretty good shape and has the original grip too. The head is just missing some paint fills.
  6. Found this post as I was searching for information on this putter (before buying 2nd hand locally). Haven't tried it on the course yet but hitting balls on my home putting green, I have been pretty impressed (as a guy w/ Scotty blades, mid mallets, and an X7). Roll off the face is really nice and smooth - softer than I was expecting with there being no insert, which must be due to the depth of the milling on the face. The top line is a bit wider than that from a 2011 Squareback 2, but thinner than that of the X7. I really like the 2 alignment dots (but to each
  7. I received the Mardi Gras cover today. Still no update on the membership kit haha
  8. How long does it usually take for the released headcovers to ship out? I managed to get one fo the Mardi Gras ones, ordered my CC kit on 1/13 and neither has shipped out yet.
  9. Haha - somehow I got lucky and my wife doesn't question my golf purchases. I was just wondering if you actually could do it or whether the ordering / billing system would somehow prevent you from buying more than one. Other than the Monday / Wednesday putters, does any gear (apparel, pivot tools, ball markers, etc.) ever get released on days other than the same dates the new headcovers are released?
  10. Hey - first year as a CC member here. When the Wednesday putters drop, are you allowed to buy more than 1 within the same release (feasibility of doing so fast enough aside)?
  11. I saw this when it was on FB marketplace. The missing Titleist along the bottom is one main reason why I didn't message the seller. Bummer it's fake, but still looks pretty cool. The price also seemed too good to be true.
  12. Thank you. This seller blocked me once I started pressing for the SN (which was only on the 6 iron). Mizuno America also replied back to me and basically confirmed what you said above as well in that they do not offer the Tour AD iron shafts. Thanks!
  13. Wow - I'm fairly confident these are the irons this guy is selling: https://www.dhgate.com/product/fast-shipping-top-quality-golf-clubs-mp20/556970292.html?d1_page_num=1&dspm=pcen.sp.list.6.UPraZI6atfFvIBl6ykTV&resource_id=556970292&scm_id=search.LIST...NDBADF|0|0.&skuid=744737481044807680#s1-2-7;searl|3262202227:6 Serial number is only on the 6 iron like he told me (although he hasn't confirmed yet what the SN actually is). The black lettering along the hosel is also a bit of a giveaway. I took a trip to Golf Galaxy this evening and the real MP20's definitely
  14. To add to this - any thoughts on whether these MP20 heads are real or fake? The shape of the "2" is throwing me. The bottom of the "2" is more rounded in that photo whereas in the stock photos of MP20 heads I'm seeing that bottom section is square... Also adding photos of the grips in case any red flags there...
  15. Hi - thanks in advance for any help / advice. Are the attached Tour AD iron shafts real? I can't find any info about these shafts in this blue / purple color but the seller is saying they are a special color made to match the Mizuno blue. He says he won them in a tournament raffle. I'm not familiar with tour AD iron shafts at all, but did find a spec sheet of what I believe are these shafts but the standard color seems to be black. See here: https://proschoicegolfshafts.com/tour-ad-iron-shafts/ Thoughts? Are these legit?
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