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  1. The set I used was a franken-set, PXG Irons in 4-6i so not much help there I’m afraid. I did not notice a difference in distance in the longer irons. Home base is southwest Florida, this club was in Vermont. 60 degrees +\- vs 80 degrees at home, +\-. I normally use a Z-Star or Pro V1 at home, but switched to a Q-Star Tour for this trip to combat the colder conditions which tend to firm up the ball. Yes, MP20 MB’s
  2. This is what I felt. Whether real or imaginary... and for whatever reason.
  3. I think… this might be it. I really felt the difference in the sole.
  4. Nutshell: went on vacation and was able to use a set of Mizuno MP20s (normally game the 2020 version of Taylormade P790's). I chose the MP20's because they had the same KBS shafts I use at home, so they felt familiar. Almost immediately I realized that I was hitting the MP20s really, really well. I've struggled with shot shaping in the past but on this occasion I felt like I could, more or less, do what I wanted with the MP20s. I was also hitting the MP20s a little bit further than my P790s in short irons, 8i - PW. The distance gain in particular really threw me off... does anyone have an explanation as to why someone might hit the MP20 further than the P790 in short irons?
  5. Have for sale both a 34” and 35” Newport 2 new in plastic. These putters are beautiful and I’ve been gaming my personal one for a few rounds now, fantastic feel. Asking $999 each shipped, you won’t be disappointed. PM me for details / questions, thanks
  6. I’m one round in and concur 100% - fantastic feel. Soft, solid, crisp.
  7. update - just received the Newport - rolling it side by side with the Newport 2 I can confirm the previous user’s findings, I also found the NP to be softer (or quieter) than the NP2. I would attribute this to the thicker top line? Not a big difference, but unmistakably softer.
  8. Not yet, I only have the NP2 in hand at this point. Probably won’t have both side by side till next week…
  9. Can we go back to laughing about the kid who returned his because the copper began to oxidize
  10. Newport 2 came in and it’s fantastic. Really sits in a Goldilocks zone regarding sound/feel. Much better feeling than the special select series IMO. A very very satisfying putter to release through the ball. I have a Newport on the way as well so might post a comparison if I believe there’s something to say. Oh, and the looks in person are much stronger than what you see online. I really thought I was going to strip some of the paint, but probably not.
  11. or they could be staggering production & deliveries for logistical purposes, or any number of different things…. I really don’t see any reason why Scotty would dilute his self imposed cap on production quantities because of an internal issue with a single retailer that he doesn’t really need.
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