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  1. I have now ordered HD6 in TX flex, and gonna go straight into Ping G425 LST with no tipping,hehe
  2. Yes, I "had" the shaft and a couple of others trough a friend of mine. But wanted to ask first before doing the deal. I found out with the help from you guys that the shaft was to short for my setup, so thanks. I ended up buying a new hzrdus black rdx tx online I have also borrowed a Ping Tour 65X witch plays exactly 45 to use as measurement, since im not a highly skilled club builder, haha Thanks guys, really appreciate it!
  3. Thanks guys, the reason for asking is buying a shaft second hand. Im gonna buy the Hzrdus Black Smoke RDX but I need to find one that's long enough to tip 1 inch and cut to length.
  4. Hello, I have question for you guys if someone knows. I have Ping G425 LST driver and Hzrdus Smoke RDX shaft unprepped. I want this shaft to be around 45.75 or 46 installed. How long should the shaft be from tip of Ping adaptor to end of shaft, without any grip installed. If the shaft measure 45.75 in head without grip it should be perfect. Thank you
  5. Champ C8, I bought up every grip I could find from Rakuten, Amazon and Ebay last 3 years. I think I have 300 grips in blue, orange, yellow and green colours. When I use all of them I will stop playing golf! There is no grip like the Champ C8!
  6. As always what shaft you need depends on your swing. The feeling you get out of it is also individual. I have the last years Sim driver, went from Tour AD TP 70X (tipped 1 inch) to Tour AD HD 60X (tipped 0.5 inch). With this setup they are two completely different shafts feelwise. HD is much smoother, I get a little bit higher trajectory and little bit more spin (maybe this is why trajectory is higher). Either way I love the feeling of my setup now in the start of the season, but maybe I change back to TP after a couple of months getting that swingspeed up My swingspeed is 112-114 now, I usually reach around 118 closer to summer. I have stopped swinging out of my shoes. Will see how everything plays out this season. Can always do my good old AD Di 7x if nothing is working! I don't use standard TM lengths, my shafts are always 45" playing length in driver heads. BUT the HD looks amazing in the Sim head with the blue Champ C8 grip, haha
  7. You know a lot of the pros with a 5 wood trades it in and out for a 3 wood depending on the course they play? If you have a 3 or a 5 with a loft sleeve you can play around with what head size you fancy. 5 wood is maybe the answer to newer 3 woods being to hot.
  8. Thanks guys, found out all the shafts where tipped 1 inch! Thanks again.
  9. Hello I have 3 shafts with Taylor Made adaptor installed on all of them, and trying to find out how much these shafts are tipped. (I have found the meassurements for all the shafts none trimmed to first letter in graphics) Don't wanna pull the tip on all the shafts yet so I ask you guys first! Does someone know either depth of the adaptor, how far shaft slides into it? Or even better, how much longer the adaptor makes the shaft? Here is a picture of the adaptor.
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