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  1. Honmas are in the bag as the gamers after some research. I too am excited
  2. Thanks. I’ll look at the sole and hit them both tomorrow
  3. Probably only Miura North America not Giken im really just looking for someone who has hit both and can weigh in on if the cost difference is worth it or not. I feel confident Miura hasnt changed based on this thread but getting a hold of a Honma Blade and a Miura blade to hit side by side is not an easy feat and as I don’t need fitting and want to spend my money once it’s hard to get them in the same room if you know what I mean. I’ll prob get the Honmas and if i really don’t like them I’ll just sell them here and get Miuras and probably lose a little on the Honma set
  4. Out of the 5 high quality builders I talked to 4 of them said Miura had gone down hill since the buy out. Now I don’t know what that means (probably should’ve asked haha) but it could be design, cost, or difficulty on working with them as a company. all 5 agreed that Honma is right there with Miura and Epon and price might be a driving factor. I’ll have them built to spec regardless but I guess I was hoping for someone who has hit both and could weigh in on feel. A blade is a blade so should perform as such and from what I’ve seen very comparable
  5. Reading my original question I wasn’t too clear haha. Also the dig on Rose made me laugh. I just don’t want to be buying and selling a whole lot. that also makes sense. Seems these guys are less impressed with the design of all the new stuff not the quality aspect. Miura is a bit up there and I’d pay 2 almost 3x more. Now I can afford them but Honma just kind of caught my eye and wasn’t sure how they feel. Almost seems like a Bettinardi vs Scotty in Japanese irons. I guess I was hoping for a 1 to 1 comparison of both blades.
  6. I just was looking for someone who has hit both and can compare. I have a source who works at Honma and there is some bad blood with the whole contract thing. I know Miura makes a good iron but are they as good as they used to be a d is it worth the double price tag compared to Honma. I can’t find many people who have hit both
  7. Ya I’m not saying Miura doesn’t make a great iron it just would appear their designs have moved toward the masses not the niche they used to be technically Honma dropped rose haha. He broke a contract on his wedges and then TM made his irons in the P7MB but yes I get what you mean of could’ve smoothed it over. Though money speaks more than anything when there are two identical clubs
  8. That seemed to be the verdict of old vs new Miura around my high end club guys. Still great but not what they used to be. im more confident over a blade than I am over forgiving. I’m a 5 handicap but leave a lot of putts on the course and I mean a lot. Ball striking is my strength. As for the unknown I have some insight to that. While nothing is official here is what I’ve dug up. Apparently Rose had a whole bag contract with Honma. He broke that contract when he decided to play his old TM wedges. TM jumped at the opportunity to resign him. It’s also supposedly no coincidence
  9. What is everyone’s opinion on this? I was going to play lightly used Miura MB 101s but have a potential smoking deal on brand new Honma T world Rose Proto MB. A lot of my local builders say modern Miura (post buy out) isn’t as good as they used to be and while focus is on crafting the Honma model is more about performance while being equal on craftsmanship. What is your opinion? I’ve seen a couple threads from a while back but thought I’d refresh EDIT: First off I want to thank you all for the input. It helped me get a great starting point. After hitting these two si
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