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  1. I agree with you when it comes to the chipper, in some ways. A while back on a Trackman sim it measured 13000 backspin from a full shot. I’ve never seen that kind of Numbers and checks anywhere else, though. On the course i use it for both full shots, pitching and chipping - in combination with the S, depending on distances and obstacles. The simplicity of choice is so worth it, IMO
  2. For 2021 (and beyond?) I’ve decided to go with a minimalist: M5 driver, Mavrik Max Heavenwood, Sim Max 7 Hybrid, Smart Sole 4 C and Smart sole 4 S along with a TFI 2135 8.0 putter. As a weekend wannabe, I decided to get as much help at possible from each club, while still maintaining a sensible gap through the set, and still having a feel for the different swing types (driver, fairway, iron(like) and feel shots. Thought about putting it all in a Moonlite bag, but ended up spotting a deal on a lightweight stand bag from Big Max. From gripping down and changing my stance, i can ju
  3. I’m down to 6 clubs, all aimed at making the game as easy as possible: Driver, H4, H7 (all TaylorMade), Cleveland SmartSole C and S along with a TFI putter. Driver was fitted, H4 and putter bought second hand. I read somewhere someone stated that minimalism is basically about understanding that the perfect clubs do not exist - it’s all about using what you have. That resonated with me for some reason, as I grew tired of sifting through Utility irons and GI irons, that still left me regretting not spending every waking hour on training. What I game now is uber-forgiving all around (except,
  4. Both Wilson Staff and TaylorMade have 31* hybrids - the TM M6 and the W/S D7. Tour Edge have the HL4 iron-woods.
  5. I started out with a full beginner’s set about 10 years ago and have been all over the place. I’m settling on 6 clubs that give me a combination of forgiveness and different uses. M5 Driver, 11.5˚ M4 Hybrid, 22˚ Mizuno MX-950 7 iron, 34˚ (Seriously looking to replace this one, maybe another hybrid, maybe an iron-wood, HB Launcer. BTW it’s the only club that’s in the bag purely for gapping reasons) Cleveland Smart Sole 2 C, 42˚ Cleveland Smart Sole S, 56˚ Ray Cook putter The gaps are a little too big for just gripping down/delofting. On the other hand, I have no second thoughts about wha
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