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  1. That would be perfect. I will likely be looking to replace my i210s in 2022, maybe
  2. I made the switch recently. OP, I was in the same boat as you. Hitting 11 fairways and 12 greens. Shooting mid 80s with 38 putts. I was a terrible lag putter anyways so I bought a cheap big 7 and put a flatso on it. With armlock, it took a long time to find an arm position and shoulder position I liked. I settled on something between Bryson and Bradley. I developed my own grip. So far, I love it. When I go back to a normal putter, it feels like a limp noodle. It’s so easy to deliver the club face square every time with armlock. @Santiago Golf makes a really good point. You have to
  3. I wouldn’t say the 2 are close to comparable. Both balls are great, but they do different things. The Black, I find, is closer to the pro-V1. The BRX is a soft low spinning ball. The BRX is at least 5 yards longer off the irons and thats being conservative. It’s probably 10 yards longer, in my experience, than the MTB Black I hit the ball a mile high anyways and launch changes via a ball are not something I pay attention to all that often, and I would chalk it up to my inconsistent delivery. But having played both balls considerably. I would say that yes, the BRX is higher la
  4. I have the same swing speed as you with the same spin issues. The pro-v1x was spinning off the green. Pro-v1’s were better, but the ball I settled on was Snell MTB Black and the BRX. The MTB Black spins more than the BRX, and I play the black more purely on price point and greens around here. I will also play a specific ball based green hardness and speed as well. Pro-v1 for super hard greens, snell MTB for hard and fast greens, and the BRX for anything softer or slower than that.
  5. I use a SS flatso and like it a lot
  6. I swing at 110, and I love the RX. It’s more durable than the BX and a lot less spin. I play the MTB black and it doesn’t spin as much as the black. However, thats what I want out of a ball. One hop and stop is the most spin I want, and I even like seeing the ball release a bit. Also, not sure what it is about the RX, but some times I will club down with my irons. It’s at least 5 yards longer with my irons. It may be closer to 10.
  7. I’m waiting. The price point they’re at now is tipping close to my limit to pay for balls. I know dean has to do what he has to do, however, I hope these limits and prices don’t stay in effect
  8. In that sense, Charles Barkley should swing like a normal human being or be banned
  9. So if they ban the armlock, what is going to stop people from putting lead hand low with a 36” or 38” putter. Is the rules committee going to tell you how you can place your arms? Seems messy to me and there are other things to worry about like, why can pro’s use greens books but not range finders
  10. I can’t stop the putter from oscillating on take away with a normal putting stroke. So much so, I will stop my stroke and realign and try again. No idea why this happens, and I can’t stop it. I have tried choking down. Choking the sh!t out of the putter. Nothing works. I have switched to armlock. So far, big improvement in stroke steadiness. and banning this as anchoring is stupid. Also those calling for a limit to putter length. I’m not that tall and can easily still armlock with a 38” putter. Brian Harman could armlock with a 34” putter.
  11. driver swing speed is 90-95 and he was fit into the reg shafts
  12. My father was fit for the MCA OTI 95 shafts in Hot Metal Pro's. The problem is the set is expensive with this shaft. is there a cheaper graphite shaft with a similar bend profile? Hot Metal Pro has a stock shaft, UST recoil 95, How similar is this shaft?
  13. Interested to hear what your results are Do you have access to a trackman?
  14. just got rid of my last Z-star XV a couple of weeks ago. I bought a dozen to test them out. Never liked them. I liked the z-star more, but the ball seemed shorter than others I had tried. Will not play another Srixon ball because of this. Bad QC is bad QC. Would never be able to trust the QC on their more premium line
  15. November generally warmer and drier than March around here
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