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  1. I’ve wondered the same question. Mr short game is the USA. But I don’t think he is good let alone great. Actually there are only a few guys on that list that I trust. Some of them, **cough** Shiels Robinson Finch **cough** are sell out shills. Thank god you didn’t mention crossfield. I may have been triggered. I love TXG and Newton no matter what country they’re in
  2. Wouldn't the correct setting always align with the lower hash? Key 1 fits into key 2 and spits out setting for driver. Since all the teeth on the upper adapter are the same it shouldn’t matter if it sits on the upper hash.
  3. jpbova

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Irons look really good. Really like those Ferrules
  4. I agree. I hit it in a mav SZ, and didn’t like it either. Felt light to me in the head. Not sure if that had to do with the balance point or what. But my spin numbers and dispersion were significantly higher in this shaft vs the smoke black, which is in my 3 wood, and Aldila white. Ended up with the Aldila white
  5. what do you like more than your i210s?
  6. I take a mixture of fix a flat and liquid latex tubeless tire sealant and put it into my tubeless mountain bike tires. The problem is it dries up, and I have to add more. Same thing will happen to your i500s. It will dry up and turn into rubbery snot, then dry more till it gets plasticky. Don’t do it. You will never be able to get it out. “Speed foam” has a rubbery consistency that stays rubbery edit: also fix a flat shrinks in volume as it dries. You will have a rattle in your club head after a while
  7. Played with the BX again today. I scuffed 3 of them in 18 holes. Never buying a dozen of these again
  8. I just bought some $-tapers in PVD black. They look like smoke black instead of black black. I really like the PVD finish. It’s almost an iridescent smoke black.
  9. Could always use the same shaft from your irons or the 125 soft stepped twice
  10. I live in Cary, right by MacGregor. Not interested in tourneys, but I play the area quite a bit. Mainly Tobacco Road and the Pinehurst area, but I will make it out to other local places. Can't say, I would play Lochmere
  11. I have also found the BX to scuff easily. Not so much with the BRX. I play a lot of sandy courses. Not a good combo. Shame because they are good balls but not cheap
  12. I have hit both the MMCs and 921 tours. Nice clubs. I wouldn’t say either of them play like a CB. They felt more blade like to me. Gun to my head I would choose the 921 tours but that is because they felt ever so slightly more forgiving
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