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  1. If you like blue board shafts, the MMT is a good shaft.
  2. Yeah. My fault for thinking people were decent
  3. Okay. So they quote $300. Great. It’s not what I paid, and I didn’t wish to have my post quoted either, secret move or not. Like I said, thanks for being that guy. This board sometimes.
  4. It wasn’t free and it wasn’t $300 either
  5. It’s not $300. I played there recently. YMMV you really had to be that guy. Last time I help anyone out with courses to play in this area.
  6. **i will delete this message in 24 hours don’t quote me**
  7. I switched. Mav SZ to max LS. The Mav spins similar to the max LS. Before my Mav I played a g410 plus and spun the ball 3500+. The Mav got me into the 2500 to 3k window. I was on the launch monitor with the Max LS today, and I did have my lowest spinning drive ever with it on a launch monitor at 2060. But I recently cut do to 44.5” and made swing changes. I was more in the 2300 to 2500 range. The max LS is way easier to hit. Never enjoyed the feel of the Mav. every once in a while I would catch one high toe with the Mav and absolutely hit a knuckle bomb. Haven’t caught one like that on the max LS yet edit- I also early extend and found it’s a confidence issue for me at least. If I know I can get through the ball I don’t extend. If I cannot, I extend. It was one of the main reasons for shortening to 44.5”.
  8. I play it in stiff with the same swing speed. I couldn’t turn it over at 45.5”, and I was playing a fade cough... slice ....cough. I cut down to 44.5. Easier to control But still a fade. I’ve never been able to turn over this shaft, and I can turn over a stiff blueboard
  9. Interesting. Just to co firm the MMT and ventus blue are softer through the middle than the rogue white? It appears they are. weird thing is. I’m fine with the rogue white in my 3 wood. Driver, I can’t get through the ball
  10. Looks very similar to ventus blue. My rogue white and I aren’t getting along right now
  11. What is the bend profile of the MMT wood shafts? Blueboard? Blackboard? Is it comparable to anything?
  12. no one can argue with that. Glad you like it, and I agree that it does look nice.
  13. context is ambiguous, buy 15 of LA golf putter shafts for all I care. Stick all 15 in the same head. The statement had more of the emphasis being on "my steel putter shaft feels wobbly." The golf industry is becoming much like the MTB industry and using really good marketing to make people believe what they are currently using is inadequate. I have been tricked a couple of times myself. however, the whole graphite putter shaft because steel is instable is bordering on absurd and ridiculous. If you like the look, fine. I have black vokey wedges and black PVD irons shafts because I like the look. But, please show me the forces of torsional impact on the steel putter shaft that make it so instable at 3.5 MPH?
  14. It’s amazing to me what people trick themselves into believing so they can spend more money
  15. whiteboards vs blackboards. That makes sense
  16. Spieth and Matt Blois (from TXG, I have seen him play black too) play ventus blue. Makes no difference your speed. If you have speed but a slow transition, you will be able to load the black but it will feel like work like you said.
  17. It depends on your transition. Blue is more of a smooth tempo. Black is a quicker tempo and transition. I play blue, but if I get quick with it. The shaft does not like it
  18. did you notice a difference in MOI with the lead tape up front?
  19. That link you sent only has a 14 gram that is heavier. I will use lead tape on the hosel if that is the case
  20. how many grams is the stock weight?
  21. Are there weight sets for the Max LS driver? I need a little extra weight to tell my hands to release the club. Also, by adding rear weight how will this effect ball flight and spin?
  22. I play $-tapers. I love them. I came from nippon 105s. I tried the KBS tours and PX 6.5s. I hated the 6.5s. The KBS tours felt less stiff than the $-tapers and offered a bit more feel but not by much. However, like you OP, I found the tours did not lower my launch and spin as much as the $-tapers. Which is what I was looking for. 7i swing speed is 92 at the time of fitting. I have since dialed it back to 87 OP - it did take me a long time to get used to them, but I was making a big weight change. Multiple rounds and range sessions. For a while, I did get a bad feeling like I made a mistake
  23. I posted this on another thread but Nike’s designs have been really poor. The nicest styled shirts, to me, are: johnnie-o - by far and away #1. Streelman always looks excellent peter millar travis Mathew
  24. “We talking about where to put your tees, man”
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