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  1. Loved my Ogio Woode stand bag. Wish I still had it.
  2. FYI I ordered ping G425 irons 5-pw AWT yesterday from a major national online seller. They shipped today and should arrive Monday. The catch is my fitting measures absolutely average. Black, aWT shaft, stiff.
  3. Well I’m 65 now, age and a deteriorating back has made a once skinny guy gain 25 lbs. I need golf shirts that are not only full cut but with thick enough material to partially hide the indignity of aging. If shopping online how do you identify shirts that have material that is not thin and clingy. I’ve been wearing Foot Joy and Cutter Buck the most for the fuller cut.
  4. I don’t hit my 4 iron high enough to hold greens anymore. In general I’m a low ball hitter anyway with Woods ,hybrids, and that pesky 4 iron. I was wondering if getting a G400 crossover for that 4 iron distance would allow me to get 4 iron distance with higher trajectory. If so do I get the 4 or 5. I’m assuming the slight longer graphite shaft would allow me to get 4 iron distance with the 5 crossover.
  5. I'm a 60 year old 10 handicap that struggles getting fairway woods airborne. 10/12' in the air is high for me,swing speed 95. My current weapon is a ping g25 4 wood. Because of my problem I usually just grab my 20* utility ( which I also hit pretty love). Yes I tend to sweep the ball, not hit down on it. I tried an Adams tight lies indoors and that seemed to help a bunch. Any suggestions which of Adams many options I should try.
  6. Fellows, I'm approaching 60 and I'm starting to notice a loss of distance with the driver. In my opinion more loft on my driver would help. If I always played on dry, hard and fast fairways my current set up would be OK. A good part of the year the local fairways are soft, so carry distance is important. The questionis where to start. I'm currently hitting a Ping G25 with the stock shaft in stiff flex. I tend to hit the ball low anyway, and like many on here I fight a hook. My tempo is fast, I've tried for years to slow down but it's just not working. It's been a year since I've had my swing speed checked and at that time it was about 95/98. Adjusting my G25 to increase loft does not seem to affect trajectory much. Should I go to the 12* g30??? The nearest fitting center that I have access to is a 150 mile round trip. So that's a pain in the azz. I also considered the Taylormade R15. Hoping that the movable weights would make straighten out my hook a little easier. I've never tried movable weights, does it really work?? The last time I tried lessons, the pro finally told me to open the clubface about 10* then grip the club. That tends to make my misses in the right trees. Honestly as the season goes the hook tends to go away and the draw becomes more common. My current index is 8.1. Being a club HO, and wanting to try a new driver, I'm looking for educated suggestions.
  7. I'm looking for a 4 wood for use off the tee on those tight par 4's. I rarely hit it off the deck. My last requirement would be a 4 wood that does not encourage a hook. ( I can hook it without help from the club.)
  8. [quote name='kirksingleton' timestamp='1341025828' post='5193012'] Lessons [/quote] My last pro finally suggested I take my stance, regrip the club 2/3 degrees open and swing. Same guy had me down to a career low hdcp of 3 for a few months about 10 years ago.
  9. [quote name='Thrillhouse' timestamp='1341025176' post='5192954'] If your hook is that bad then no, an adjustable driver won't help. They are more for making small tweaks than fixing huge flaws. [/quote] My big miss, 3-6 times per round goes right to left 20-40 yards. If I could cut that in half, it would be livable.
  10. I've contended with a hook for the last 20 years. About 3 years ago it got the best of me, and it was not unusual for it to cost me 6-12 strokes per round. Now 3 years and about 15 lessons later from 2 different pro's, it's somewhat better, but is costing me 4-8 strokes per round, mostly from hitting tee shots into the trees. I've never gamed an adjustable driver. I'm currently using a G20, with the tour shaft in stiff. Hdcp was 6 when this started, and is now 12. SS is 100-105. does an adjustable driver really solve any problems for me??? If so, which one, and which shaft.
  11. I'm thinking about ordering a Golo, and I know there has been some delays earlier in the year. How long is it taking to get delivery these days? Sometimes I think the retailers are a tad bit optimistic about delivery time.
  12. I've gripped a few dozen clubs and never had this problem. I'm trying to put winn dry tac midsize on the shaft of an Adams Idea A12 pro. I'm using a vise, solvent, etc, but I can't get the new grip started on the shaft. A couple of times I got it on about an inch, but the grip is so flexible tht I can't get it any farther on. I've been drowning the tape in solvent, and putting solvent into the grip before starting, and no luck. Help.
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