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  1. Those X14 Pros are iconic. One if the best looking and best performing sets if any era. You’d be hard pressed to find anything significantly better, even if you tried every iron in the SS or GG. Good luck on your quest.
  2. Two regrets: a set of MacGregor 1025c irons with 5.5 (5.7) shafts, and a Titleist 3 wood. I forget the model of the 3 wood. But it was the size of a table spoon compared to today’s models. Must have been 12+ years back. That club would absolutely smoke a ball off the deck. The 1025s were as close to “fitted” as clubs came back then. Local pro built them, CFMed, spined, etc. I played some good golf with them. Then some new shiny came along and the 1025s were sold away.
  3. TS3 TS2 5-wood turned to a strong 4 Mizuno HMB 3 iron 620 MB 4-P Vokey wedges Fastback 1.5
  4. Finding a putter that rolls to where my eye sees the target. Went through a stack of putters, rolling left, rolling right. The one that tracked true is ugly as sin. But I make more putts nowadays.
  5. Based on comments in other threads, Wilson and Srixon blades seem to be longer than some other options.
  6. Some of you take ho-ing to a whole new level! Started with second hand junk clones Ping i3 O-size MacGregor 1025C Ping i3+ Blades Pixl blades Mizuno MX-25 Nike VR TW Srixon 585
  7. I have a pair. They are comfortable. The soles tend to turn pressure toward the arches of the feet. It’s probably to provide a more stable, centered stance. If you wear the outsides of your shoes’ heels, I don’t recommend walking 18 in these. You’ll feel it later in your knees. Last thing, they can slip a bit in wet conditions. Quality is solid.
  8. Great feedback, everyone. I have three sets from the 2000s that I’m pretty fond of. Haven’t noticed any issues. Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t an expected expiration date!
  9. I did a search and came up empty handed. Lots of folks on here play irons 10+ years old. Would anyone have valid data on how long / how many rounds a reputable set of shafts should last?
  10. Nike pushed the aesthetics. A lot of golfers were still conservative in their design preferences. Maybe that’s one reason the TWs weren’t more popular. Tiger mentioned in an interview that he preferred a square muscle back over a rounded muscle back. Funny that the blade sporting his trademark TM carried that rounded muscle. I did some research since buying the TW set. The VR Pros that followed the TWs have more, smaller, tournament-compliant grooves. The feel is said to have improved due to a different forging process. And of course, there’s the square muscle back. If the Pros top the
  11. I picked up a set of VR Pro TWs. They’ve been out for two cold, soggy nines so far. You know if you miss them. But when you put a good swing on the ball, that contact feels pretty fantastic. One thing I didn’t expect, these things are lasers. The accuracy is as good as any clubs I’ve played. Misses were short on yardage, never wide left or right. That reason alone will keep them in the bag for more play.
  12. Stop making mid-handicap hacks (like me) do advanced math. Create custom electronic scorecards calculated off handicap, course rating, and slope. If “par” for me is 82, show me the scores I should get for each hole. $20 fine for each un-repaired pitch mark. The player reporting it gets a free drink at the bar. I’ll play what clubs I want. Scoring four less strokes a round with GI irons doesn’t light my fire. Players should mix up the tee boxes across rounds. Blues one round, yellow one round, and so.Tunes are okay, but let’s agree on one source per foursome. Two carts and dueling music is BS.
  13. It may be different for others. But the longer shafts in the hybrids and even more the fairway woods puts the ball position further forward than a DI. More of a sweep than a descending strike. If I was a 2hcp, I might have a different experience. But I’m not.
  14. The feedback on all the shaft options has been helpful. I don’t have occasion to swap shafts and experiment. The MP-20 are on my wish list. My current clubs have Modus shafts. I’ve noticed more dispersion and ballooning than previous sets (always DG). I’ve tried the shaft optimizer at a couple shops. One shop handed me the club and said swing away. Every recommendation was an X shaft. The other shop told me to grip according to my standard shaft length (-.5, std, +.5, +1, etc.). I gripped down. It recommended S shafts. Meaning no disrespect, but are fitters failing to point this out?
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