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  1. The tc 201 is a tour cavity so it’s the same size as a blade but cavity back. Having played both if you are a good ball striker I would go tc 201 Bc I find the feel through the turf more pleasing and the offset a little more pleasing as well. Performance wise on numbers they are going to be damn near identical loft for loft.
  2. I realize it says Moura, that’s my nieces name. Auto correct
  3. Just referring the limited edition.run of the 57 marked baby blade.
  4. Miura 1957 le baby blades. I have played cb57, 57 bb, 101, Miuraism, 1007, 501 tc201, etc. 57 le blade is where it’s at.
  5. Having hit the steelfibers xstiff in 95 and 115, mmt in both 105tx and 125tx and recoils proto 125i would say this. reference my 7 iron in a Miura tournament blade carries 180 and stop by 183. Jon rahm type rhythm. Normal shot is a 2-5 yard draw. Usually play ctapers steelfiber 95 to light couldn’t get over weight. Stiffness felt ok just really nothing to wow. 115 had no feel at all. Felt like a pole. Which wasn’t bad just wasn’t what I was looking for. Ball flights and spin were in the high end of acceptable windows. Hate the look Mmt 105tx stiffness was great but gain weight was an issue. Had issues hitting a 6-8 yard draw. Feel was great. Suggest this for guys in the 90-96 swingspeed range mmt 125tx. Weight was perfect feel was similiar to x100 even close enough to ctaper I didn’t feel shocked. Ball flight was in the window I like. Medium trajectory think 100 apex. Spin was 6660 love the look f5 Protos close to ideal numbers felt close enough to profiles I like so no issue with feel. went with mmt 125 tx for weight feel and dispersion. Just performed better than all the rest for me
  6. Cb 501. They get the ball up with the weight back and low. I have a spare set of 3-6 I could sell for cheap if you’re interested.
  7. Miura stock loft tournament blade with kbs ctaper stock is 180 that has an aod of 47/48 but can go to 45 aod and 190
  8. Having had baby blades, tournament blades, cb 501, cb 57, mc and tc201 the only difference between cb501 and tc 201 was aesthetic to me. Numbers are damn near identical, feel similiar enough to not notice. Currently practice at range with tc201 and game tournament blades.
  9. The best In the world (the pga tour) have an eagle average of once every 192 holes I thought I remembered reading. I thought bryson was averaging once a tournament atm 1/72. So it’s not impossible to believe your circumstance.
  10. Having been anywhere from a 2-6 handicap over the length of my golf life and never having a hole in one I would have screamed, called someone, my girlfriend or buddy screamed again and framed the ball along with a picture of the hole panorama birds eye style. If I ever get one I will do that, if I get 10 I would still frame the ball and a picture of the hole. It’s your life, memories are what we live. Btw, the closest I came to a hole in one was in high school at the state golf tournament at university ridge. Looked/sounded like it landed in cup and ended up 15 feet away. I missed the putt.
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