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  1. [quote name='JJK947' timestamp='1363818735' post='6653479'] But if you have ever seen the 19* Performance model in person it looks like a wedge, hold it up to another 19* club and it looks like it has an extra few degrees of loft on it. [/quote] Yes, it does look like a wedge (one of those shankless jobs in fact). I compared it to my Titleist 910 from the address position and it just looks wrong. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to hit it on the simulator so no feedback from me in terms of performance. Tiger is sure hittin' it good though!
  2. [quote name='FLOGMR' timestamp='1356822261' post='6135463'] Accuform [color=#0000cd][u][i][b][url="http://accuformgolf.com/"]http://accuformgolf.com/[/url][/b][/i][/u][/color] [/quote] YES! Still rockin' a set of PTMs because they are awesome!
  3. [quote name='Sledge Hammer' timestamp='1355948625' post='6092193'] [size=4][color=#000000]I bought a set of Ram Tour Grinds in 1983 and played them until I decided to rework my swing about 5yrs ago. At the time I bought a set of cavity backs that I liked, but didn’t love. A few years ago I picked up an almost new set of Hogan Apex PCs (circa 1984) I thought they were great clubs, but they got me thinking about the old Rams. Last season I brought the Rams back into play and won my Club Championship. They are well worn, but quality forgings and like the Hogans they easily get the job done. The
  4. Hahahaha. Daly looks the same. It just looks like they used a shrink ray on him. Good one...exactly what I was thinking!
  5. PX graphite = point and shoot for me
  6. [quote name='SurfinTurf' timestamp='1334289343' post='4712600'] Your WITB is [i]sweet![/i] I've been there before actually. You've got the earlier heads stamped "Vibration Matched". [/quote] I put them at '83 vintage. I've also got a set of late 80s Accuform PTMs (awesome irons), '85 Wilson Staff Tour Blades (my fav irons of all time), and a set of Hogan Apex IIs that I've had refinished. Will post pix when I get them shafted.
  7. [quote name='SurfinTurf' timestamp='1334191915' post='4704356'] [quote name='big_mac' timestamp='1334187545' post='4703866'] OP is still here. Glad to see there are still dudes out there hitting these irons. Great sticks and the FM shafts are awesome! [/quote] What's up Big mac! I love mine with the FMs! I don't know too much about them honestly. Wish I knew what they weighed in at for starters. Recently picked up another set of heads and going throw some KBS shafts in them. Mix up old school and new school. What do you think? [/quote] Surfin Turf I'm doing great. Golf season in
  8. OP is still here. Glad to see there are still dudes out there hitting these irons. Great sticks and the FM shafts are awesome!
  9. [quote name='ROBOPTI' timestamp='1332869765' post='4592454'] How freaking cool is that [/quote] ROBO; big F1 fan here as well! Very freaking cool!
  10. [quote name='markheardjr' timestamp='1332191753' post='4538071'] That intellectual property part is key. What they should say is "We bought them because it was cheaper than a lawsuit over the likeness in designs of our RBZ 3 wood and their F11 3 wood. [/quote] I was thinking exactly the same thing...
  11. Thanks for another solid review Dlefty! I've said it before, but the 9015D was the [i]only [/i]head on this board that met/exceeded the hype for me! If Dlefty is saying they did it again...I can't wait to try it!
  12. Thanks dlefty for the sage feedback. [quote name='dlefty' timestamp='1330363373' post='4388295'] The interesting thing about reading your comments, is you have been all over the place as far as feel and flight in golf shafts, so either swing has been changing, just grabbed off the rack and went, or never fit properly? [/quote] You are correct sir. Admittedly, The 910D3 with the ilima was just grabbed off the rack but I was fitted into the V2 66g/76g by Titleist when I bought my 905R. The PX shafts I tried (again no fitting) because I have them in my irons and liked the way they perform.
  13. Back to gaming my Golden Ram Tour Grinds: [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/430232-big-macs-witb/page__p__4091525#entry4091525"]http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/430232-big-macs-witb/page__p__4091525#entry4091525[/url] My other gamers are a late 80s vintage set of Accuform PTM blades. I also have a set of '81 Hogan Apex IIs I rebuilt last year and a set of '85 Wilson Staff Fluid Feels that need to be rebuilt coz I just wore them out!
  14. Great review dlefty! The UST VTS line has me intrigued. I have used and had success with the Proforce V2 in both 66g/76g weights in the past (particularly in Titleist drivers). I tried the AXIVcore Red/Black but did not care for the counter balanced feel that much. Currently, I have the "Made For" Diamana 'ilima 61 in a 910D3. It is not a bad feeling shaft, but I don't find it to be very consistent. SS is 100 to 105 and tempo/transition are on the smoother end of the spectrum. Based on the preceding which flavour of VTS would you recommend? I'm also looking at dropping a new shaft in an 17
  15. Insertion depth is < 1.5"; should I tip the shaft?Dropped an XCON 6 I had lying around into a Tourstage Z350 head, have used it several times and it just feels weird/wrong. By inspection, the insertion depth looks to be about 1". Does this mean I should tip any shaft I install and if so, what is recommended?
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