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  1. I could be wrong about what he is exactly implying but he is saying that no instructor in the world can tell you what to feel. If you and I were given the same drill where we needed to get the club setting better in the backswing, I may feel the right elbow setting the club and that's it, nothing else. You may feel something completely different. It's no use that instructor using MY feel to get you to feel it because it just won't work at all. IMO, a good teacher will give you a drill to do, make sure the club is working correctly or he is seeing the change he/she wants then will ask you wh
  2. "Since reading English appears not to be your strong point I'll break that down for you" Mate, no need to go on the offensive straight away because someone didn't understand what you wrote. Chill out and stop being so inflammatory. He misunderstood what you wrote, not stole your clubs and broke them all. Relax.
  3. I do it a bit, but I do it via body movements and the release of the club. Works for me and I’ve had good results so far. I also do a bit of extreme shot shaping towards the end of the range session, so that would be hitting massive high sweeping hooks and low punch slices and everything in between. You never know when you may need one of those shots on the course and it means that I can fix any ball flights that I don’t like.
  4. I ordered the MB's to match the lofts of the MMC so 2 degrees stronger. Basically all lofts match the stock MMC lofts. I never tested the Mb's on turf so couldn't comment on turf interaction. Turned out yardage goops worked out pretty well, 7i goes 160m and 8i goes around 150m, or 175yds and 164yds. Still love the irons even though my eye gets caught wandering and looking at other clubs such as the Wilson staff blades but I'll sit tight for a bit.
  5. OP, since your question specifically is regarding finding an instructor I won’t comment on the swing. For a pro to work with, can’t go wrong with either Dan or Monte if looking for an online lesson. Alternatively maybe you could ask someone you play with who they take lessons with and go from there. It’s important to find someone you click with so that they can be honest and that honest feedback can be taken on board. Ive seen people not click with instructors and then not take their feedback on board because of it. JMHO.
  6. You are going to need to provide a video of face on and down the line. If unable to provide that then maybe a better explanation. Maybe some information about your swing, your natural shot shape, how long you have been playing for et cetera. And even still your best bet would be to see a local professional or reach out to monte or Dan via an online lesson.
  7. Find a reputable pro in your area and start taking some lessons, build a plan and start working on that. Or at the very least do an online lesson with Monte or Dan who are both on these forums.
  8. Okay cool I’ll have a look at it. Thanks heaps.
  9. Will someone who has 18birdies free be able to go on to my profile and see my detailed stats? Or do they need to have premium as well?
  10. Hey everyone, Hopefully this is the right place. My pro I see and I are currently looking at formulating a practice plan to have some direction with my practise rather than just hitting balls at the range. My question is regarding the apps we can use to track our rounds. I currently use Game Golf and it’s great for me as the use however someone else looking at my profile from the outside can’t see all of the detailed stats like I can so it can be hard to nail down a good plan. All he can see is average score, longest drive and stats that aren’t really useful. What apps do you guys use? And do
  11. Isn’t every high handicapper on this forum one good round from going pro? All they need to do is keep the ball inbounds off the tee, improve their chipping and eliminate 3 putts. Every member here can pure their irons from what I read in those forums haha.
  12. In my experience it’s a better fit for me. I haven’t noticed any unusual marks or wear on the face. I’ve picked up a fair bit more distance but I would say that’s because of the shaft more than anything, the diamana feels a lot more lively through the impact area and increased the smash factor quite a bit. Average carry now is around 245m or 270 yards. Previous was about 220m but that had the hzrdus smoke black 6.5.
  13. I’m in Australia, so once I took it back where I got it from TM must have approved the refund and credited their account and they gave me a brand new head off of a club out the back and I was done within a few days. It was more annoying when I said give me a refund and went and got fit for a driver. That wait was a bit longer. On the plus side, I got pretty comfortable with my 3w so that’s a bonus and has payed dividends for me now.
  14. Yep, happened to two M5’s. TM replaced but the second time within two months I asked for a refund and got fit for a different brand. The rep said it’s a common occurrence with the design and if the golfers miss on the face is the high toe.
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