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  1. Hey! I thought the zoom infinity tour was supposed to be released already. Can anyone give me an update? thx J
  2. Nice. For some reason Cleveland wedges were never on my radar but they are now
  3. You find 9 deg of bounce enough for soft bunkers?
  4. was refreshing to see a course that wasn't just long, but required precision
  5. interesting. whats your wedge bounce angles like?
  6. I've never played a course for the first time and felt so comfortable as I did at Troon north Pinnacle
  7. The equity club must have unreal facilities. If you're stuck at one club, they better have an awesome range and practice area. I couldn't imagine being a member somewhere and going to another spot for practice. Otherwise, pay for public courses so you can play and practice in locations that are convenient that day
  8. Its the type of release, or even a release at all. The extreme idea of not flipping would be no release whatsover and just holding the angle all the way. Any horizontal motion of the left wrist is not ideal, only a vertical motion (hinging and unhinging). A good release combines a vertical motion of the left wrist with a supination. This is sometimes called an impact snap. There has to be some way to get the stored angular energy out of the swing and onto the ball, but not in a way that involves a horizontal motion of the left wrist... according to many.
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