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  1. i think it's their utility irons that have the odd size on them...
  2. i'm a big fan of the cut blue...nice ball at a nice price.
  3. x10 on lessons...then maybe look at a driver
  4. i thought about trying on for yesterday's round but once i put it on, it felt weird...so still gloveless
  5. there's nothing better than a minjee lee smirk
  6. yeah, i cannot come around to wearing a glove...i used to use one on the range but now, i don't even do that.
  7. great sunsets out there for the twilight crowd.
  8. yeah, i'd say cart riders outnumber walkers 7-3 here...sad since most of them are slower than walkers.
  9. went from miyazaki graphites to amt red s300's and now tour 105's...they work better for my swing. which was the opposite of my thinking going into a lighter, graphite shaft
  10. does DJ's win increase demand for the SIM?..and build up anticipation for the SIM 2.0?
  11. they've been great...only LH option, tho but they are expanding the LH line next year. would love to try a set of 639s
  12. was gonna go 0211's but the 699s pulled me in...would still like to try the 0211s, tho
  13. find a 3W...hit it till it works.
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