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  1. nowhere. you want clubs for a great price, PXG can provide.
  2. it took me a minute to adjust to the 0211 9 degree vs my SIM2 Max 10.5. I like the 0211 (and got it when it was $199) but it just doesn't feel as good as the SIM2 Max (which i sold, being a dumbass that i am) so i play my mini C300 more often off the tee.
  3. TM Mini C300 11.5* TM SIM2 Max 16.5* FW (TM says it's a High Launch 3W )
  4. Lightly used since I just putt better with my Cleveland... Grip is 104cc. Headcover included. Price is shipped to CONUS only. Thank you for looking.
  5. Can Saso burn it up tomorrow? I was surprised to see Patty T29 with my fav, Minjee
  6. the move is meh to me but watching a women's major is still vastly more appealing than any men's event (yeah, i'm talking Masters, too...) so i guess i'll be tuning into to the New California event in the state formerly known as Texas
  7. as a huge fan of the 565's, i'd go zx5 in a heartbeat....nothing comes close to a nutted forged cavity back iron.
  8. ck orange 60 stiff. contemplating a riptide CB 70g stiff
  9. i don't know that the HL is the easiest fw i've hit but it is...i'm not a proficient 3W player but i can hit them...never had a problem hitting a 13.5* 3W but the TM HL 3W (really a 4w) is insanely easy to hit off the fairway and flies a mile.
  10. that was my initial take when seeing the pics...
  11. yeah, i think 3 shots back can be overcome...I would say Patty is probably the most likely to do it.
  12. idk why but i always root against stacy lewis...
  13. yeah, the 16.5 HL is a great club for me. love the feel and performance. easy to launch.
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