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  1. i used to mind because i was self conscious about my game...now? i could give 2 sheets about what someone thinks of my game...let's play some golf.
  2. picked up a set of 7-PW 0311P G3's on the BST here...haven't played them yet since I have the 21 790's but know that i need some longer irons in the PXG's...pondering 6i and 7i in the 0211 DC's since the lofts are already strong...guess i should get the 0311's out and see how i hit them first, tho.
  3. mid sized, i-lines...$35 additional to ship to canada via usps priority
  4. Everything is stock length, lie and loft. Re-shafted by local shop.
  5. Price drop. Will do $325 shipped without the miyazaki shafts or AW
  6. Normal bag chatter but still in good, playable shape. 6i-PW have AMT Red S300s on them. The 5i has the original miyazaki stiff shaft. Also have the original miyazaki shafts and the S300 for the 5i. I do have a Z355 AW with Graphite shaft (not pictured)... $350 shipped in CONUS for all of it. No trades. Thank you for looking
  7. SIM2 Max Head 10.5*. No issues. Will include headcover and wrench. $285 shipped to CONUS only. No trades. Thank you for looking.
  8. lemme know...if full club, S flex shaft por favor.
  9. i'm hoping to have the set i grabbed off the BST here during the week...gen3 0311P as well. interested to see how they feel/perform compared to my Z565's
  10. demo'd the 790s (previous model) and got fit into them...ordered the new 790s. if fedex can ever get them here, i might be happy
  11. only 2 of my last 5 pkgs from TM have met the 2 day delivery...
  12. mine were scheduled for delivery today...scheduled. f****** fedex...
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