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  1. did the same thing a few months back...and now, i will not invest over $100 in a rangefinder
  2. still have a dozen and a half from my original two
  3. yeah, emailed the norcal rep to see where i could try out the T's and ST's...i don't like trying clubs out on sims so it would have to be at a demo day probably. currently in the same set as you...i should probably just let it be
  4. i am contemplating grabbing either: 9i-PW in the T's, ST Blades or 0211 ST blades to blend into the P's
  5. i dumped my 21 P790s, which i was fit into and loved, for the Gen3 0311P's...and I am a TM homer. edit: that being said, i'm not in a hurry to try the gen4's
  6. Reese Bobby said it first...and he was high when he said it
  7. i keep one in the bag but hardly use it.
  8. SOLD standard L/L/L. Tour Velvet grips with 3 wraps. DG105 VSS S300 shafts. no issues. just going with the 0311Ps so someone should put these to use...no trades. need $. price is shipped to CONUS only.
  9. i got the wide FJ SL's and they're not that wide ...truelinkswear or NB would be my bets. i have the og feels and they are comfy for wide feet. i think adidas makes pretty good wides as well
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