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  1. Hit the back button and it will go to the clock function. Then subtract your start time from the current time
  2. Anyone shouting, "You da man!", "In the hole" (on a par four), or "mashed potatoes", should be permanently banned from attending any golf tournament.
  3. These are free from USPS if you ship via Priority mail. You need to cobble two of them together for longer clubs and shafts. https://store.usps.com/store/product/shipping-supplies/dual-use-priority-mailpriority-mail-express-medium-tube-1098-P_O_1098M
  4. I have been following the protocols to the letter. Even the 7-8 week training only takes about 15 minutes including the warm up exercises. I have seen at least a 6-7 MPH increase in SS.
  5. By the way Howard, after you help me with all my golf questions, could you come to the USA and paint my house for me? For free?
  6. That's truly reprehensible, Howard. I always enjoy and appreciate your sharing your extensive knowledge with us. Thank you for everything you have done for us here and I don't blame you if you no longer do so .
  7. I can vouch for Mike's they're here in Ct and I've been to their store many times. Literally thousands of clubs and hitting bays so you can try them.
  8. I play a nine hole course. 20 HC. 52-42 yesterday. 42-55 today. Beyond frustrating.
  9. I used to Caddie for Mike Gilmore, Winged Foot Head Pro, when he was an assistant at The Stanwich Club. I scrubbed his grips with a wet towel between rounds at the Connecticut Open. He said, "What did you do to my grips? I was mortified and started to apologize, when he said, "No, they're f***ing great!". It really can rejuvenate a worn grip.
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