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  1. 107??? And you call yourself a WRXer!!! Mine is around 90.
  2. This is my indoor range/putting green setup. I used Camry trunk liner carpeting. Camrygolf.com.
  3. ules of Golf and Etiquette Why are some people so bitter about letting a faster player play through? Same reason they won't pull over and let you pass on the highway. Insults their manhood.
  4. Titanic Thompson was Floyd's backer in that match
  5. He's slow. I despise slow players. Especially good ones. If I can play fast and shoot mid/high eighties, why can't a guy shooting 60 do it.
  6. If this is a match between Players A & B, scenario B is correct. If this is a multiple player event, than scenario A is correct
  7. I use Birtees with my SC300 and it works fine. Seeing as they're both radar systems, I would think it would work fine with the Garmin too.
  8. I have a Titleist 7 way cart bag. I love it. I walk and use a push cart. One of my friends has a C-130 and I noticed today how wide it is. I don't think it will keep me from buying one when my Titleist is done, they don't make the seven way any more and I hate 14 way dividers.
  9. Connecticut here . Bent grass on the greens. In fact, my little nine hole muni has gone to bent in the fairways.
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