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  1. I went with S flex. If your swing is aggressive, I would recommend X flex. Fitters say that VR could handle both moderate and aggressive swing well tho. Hope it helped!
  2. sim max, fly dead straight no hook and sit square at address.
  3. I have had p790 17’ 5-P and recently added 4 irons. easy to hit and awesome looking club
  4. I have sim max, have used it for two round of courses. It flies so much better than previous M5. It gave me a full of confident while im at address which lead to great shot. I tend to have slice when I try to hit fast, but i will work this out.
  5. It shows ball speed club speed smash factor launch angle spin rate carry time height see pic below
  6. I have used the mevo for a month. i bought it from wrx sale forum with the great deal. i found the accuracy in carry, ball/club speed when I play in the range. launch and spin seems to be off little bit since i dont use silver dot. but i would say its good enough to see my carry and smash factor.
  7. I just went with black one bc i could get it for 200 on ebay. Just because i spent too much on golf already, this is only way to save some haha thanks tho. That will definitely my next golf bag.
  8. It looks sick! I love the simplicity but price kills my vibe. Why would you recommend this Vessel paying double of that titlist bag? What do you like about this bag? just design? any other functionality?
  9. Thanks for the new recommendation. But I wanted 14 or 15 divider. That bag looks great tho!
  10. which do you think its better with SIM?
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