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  1. what was the last, best, or favorite unique golf club that you built? what were the specs? how did it play? would you recommend it? my last one was: my driver 9 degree Mavrik Max Custom - Black and white driver head @ 8 degrees green dot adapter @ standard or draw hotmelted towards the front and towards the right, to promote less spin and more balance, the weight ended up at 198g, VA composites Nemesys 65 four shaft @ 45.25" - PURE'd Mid size tour velvet Align - x1 wrap swing weight - dont rememeber this driver was the most forgiving driver i have ever hit and it was a beast, the heavier hea
  2. callaway rogue is still the easiest fairway and hybrid i have ever hit off the deck. but if you want a more up to date choice anything that uses TENSEI AV BLUE shaft. but regarding loft my opinion is go with a heavenwood =)
  3. so i got fujikura speeder evolution V 661 and 757 in stiff flex that i just purchased used with a sticker that claims to be pured. i bring them over to the golf pro shop and to get a reshaft so i can test these new shafts out on a epic flash fairway and a rogue heavenwood. When i pick them up i go straight to the driving range and noticed something odd about them. I normally dont have any issues hitting the ball off the deck with either club. but when i swung i was just missing the ball completely like not even touching it, so then i realized that when i swing the club it had this interesting
  4. can someone compare and contrast these two? which one felt better, and which one had better performance for you?
  5. quick question, if i have an iron shaft standard length stiff (oban ct-115), and i soft-stepped one time and then trimmed it down half inch short from standard length, since shorter shafts make the shaft more stiff, would that idea just be cancelling each other out leaving me with the same flex shaft before i soft-stepped but now just shorter and slightly lighter? or would it play more soft in regards to flex?
  6. so i went 1 degree upright with my irons according to the results i posted earlier in the thread. so that 1 degree made a complete difference in feel, from the balance to the way it just swings and how it looks at address. it now performs so much better in my opinion. i know everyone is different but my point is that 1 degree from my 5i to my pw, changed everything in a good way. thank you everyone for the help i appreciate you guyz. (side not i also built a driving iron i'm pretty proud of) srixon z u85 4iron driving iron: custom 1 inch silver ferrule, No1 50 pro grip black and blue,
  7. if i were to go flatter by the look of the clubhead at address it makes me feel as if i have to stand much farther back and when i swing the club swings inside on the downswing. is this something normal that happens? or is this in my head? is there a standard for lie angle? when lie angle is adjusted does that mean the loft must also be adjusted? will this add or take away offset?
  8. interesting i never heard anyone say the obans were unproven, i thought they were supposed to be premium shafts. but yeah man thank you.
  9. does 0.5 lie angle make a difference ? is that much precision noticeable? for example what if i move my lie angle upright 0.8 rather than 1.0 degree. u know what i mean
  10. i see, thanks guyz I learned so much it’s crazy lol, one more question so about changing these lie angles will it change the balance of the club?
  11. Someone shed some light on this comparison please, has anyone ever tried them both? how did they perform? how did they feel? i personally have Oban CT 115 with the srixon z585 z785 combo but i have an opportunity to make a trade with money on top of it.
  12. thank you man, the first two was a 6 iron, the last one was 7 iron
  13. So I did this so wrong I used a thick marker and I didn’t hit the ball so well, but here check it out
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