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  1. I don't have the issue that OP has and not to take away from his post, but what are you guys finding to be the must durable, longest lasting golf shoes out there for someone who walks 90% of the time? Not so much tread/spike wear but just a show that really holds up overall; spiked or spike less?
  2. Also a 15 right now. Don't play a 3 wood but a Mavrik 4 wood at 16.5* with a rogue white 130 70S. It has enough of a meaningful distance gap from my driver off the tee and I'm finding I can hit it about as well as the 5 wood it replaced off the deck, though that is a shot/situation I try not to put myself in. I too use my 56 most of the time out of all my wedges, but if I go play a course with faster greens the 60 does really come in handy. I am also finding that its a great smooth, high 45-50 yard shot that drops and stops.
  3. I too was looking for a bigger Deep Etch. Sent an email to Bettinardi CS to ask about the weight of theirs and they said it was 132g. Not at all the same shape, but I'm enjoying my experiment with a SS Pistol GT 1.0.
  4. I have a Black #7. I like the insert and the shaft. Prefer both to the O-Works micro-hinge and the WH Micro-hinge that was on the first version. No worries if it doesn't work for you.
  5. I've really enjoyed the Pros. The 6 and 7 are supposed to show up tomorrow. Nothing wrong with the Max but I like the sound, feel, and look of the Pros better. I seem to hit the Pros better as well. When I hit a bad iron shot, its normally so fat that there's no iron that can save it. The 5i Max will stay for now. I mostly use it for tee shots anyway. I play courses around 6000-6400 yards most of the time and I'm usually not at a distance that requires the 5 iron.
  6. Played 18 with the V2.0 yesterday on a course I’ve never played before. Second shot on #1 was a full 52 into the green (only par of the day). Left two little cuts on the cover. I played that ball and rotated a few others in the twerp of the round to see if that would happen again. Never had any other issues. Spin around the green was good. Greens were much faster and firmer than what I’m used to playing and I didn’t have any issues stopping the ball. Had two sand shots and didn’t notice any issues either. So I’d say so far that first full wedge shot was an outlier. I’ll report back when I ca
  7. Playing most of my golf at muni's with what I would say are medium to quite small greens, that are often slightly elevated, and slow-ish, the hybrid chip has been an increasingly useful shot.
  8. I have a split set of 5-7 Max and 8-AW Pro. It will soon be 5i Max and 6-AW pro though. I have very much enjoyed these irons. You shouldn't have to worry about a new release (with a new name likely) until next year.
  9. I don't think we've converged. Now I'm not very good, and I hadn't even taken up golf 10 years ago so I really can't comment on whether or not differences between drivers are bigger or smaller now. As far as current stuff goes it doesn't seem that we've reached "pick a driver out of hat territory." I bet a lot of people could and be fine. But at minimum, it seems some driver heads handle certain misses on the face better. Head A might be better towards the toe for a player while head B is better on low strikes. My Mavrik Max now is better on a heal strike than either the Rogue or T
  10. Really just about anything from 8i down to my 60. If we are counting chipping as well then even my Hybrid. I have been making a conscious effort to A) try and play the higher percentage shot and B) use as little loft as possible. That said, my most used clubs inside 100 yards are probably my 52 and 56.
  11. Just got some V2.0 and only played a 9 hole par 3 quick yesterday. I'll be out this weekend for a full 18. It feels softer off the putter than I would have expected but feels nice. Feels as good as anything I prefer to play off Irons or Wedges. I can't really comment on durably as of yet. I played with one ball and it took a funny bounce off a gravel/rocky patch next to the cart path which gave it a pretty rough scuff which I would expect with just about any ball. For me, it's no guaranty that I get through 18 or even 9 holes without loosing a ball. To jinx myself, I've only lost 2 balls in my
  12. This is pretty much the switch I made. I had a Deep Etch on a Jailbird Mini. I kept the stock grip on my stroke lab 7 for a little bit but have been using the SS Traxion Pistol GT 1.0 for a few rounds now. I like the slight Pistol at the top of the grip and very flat paddle on the front. I agree, its not too big, not too small, and definitely not too round. I do think if there was a non-cord Deep Etch in a midsize/oversized grip that was in the 100-110 gram range I would try it out right away. The only option seems to be the Bettinardi cord version which is around 130g. I pulled th
  13. I’ve played with 58s in a few setups and have a high bounce 60 now. I rarely use it. My short game is better when I’m trying to use as low of a loft as I can get away with for the desired result. The 60 I have now comes out situationally. I’m still learning to make the right decisions for situations. But with any club, I think that’s the way to go. That said, if I’m only bringing a half set out I’ll go 4W, 5i, 7i, 9i, AW(48), 56, Putter most of the time. So do I need a lob wedge? Maybe..
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