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  1. I like the even flow black I have in my hybrid. It's stable without feeling overly stiff for me. I had the blue for a short time in a fairway. It felt good but I had control issues. The Rogue White I have not is much better for me. I've had a smoke black and now a smoke yellow in my drivers. I would really be interested to try either one of these and see the results. I like the even flow profile.
  2. Any time I've ever emailed their customer service, I always got an auto reply that they had received it. Got responses pretty quickly after that. One time since Covid, I didn't get an order or shipping confirmation. Emailed customer service and got the usual auto-reply. I received the order several days later. A few days after that I got a response. This was also around the holiday's though.
  3. I didn't start with an allegiance but built my current bag through callaway pre-owned. I found I just couldn't beat the value, performance, and customer service.
  4. If you want it to be just one club, the 5w lofted down is probably what I’d do. I had an epic flash 5w lofted down to 17 and it was good. I liked it a bit better than a rogue 4w (also at 17) that it replaced after a warranty issue. I was finding I never really hit it off the deck. So I flipped it for a mavrik 4w at 16.5. The bigger head is better off the tee for me. I can hit it farther than a 15 degree 3 wood and the extra loft helps with control. But if I had to hit it off the deck I’d want the shorter 5w shaft and smaller head.
  5. I like 52, 58 which I’m in now after previous playing 50, 54, 58. I think the key is having different and/or versatile enough grinds for the kinds of shots you’ll want to hit. My AW which is really just a pitching wedge in all but name is 48.
  6. I played the z-star most of 2020 and switched to the Bridgestone tour B X. Do I have the skill to differentiate all that much between premium balls? Nope, not really. But I do like the feel of the Bridgestone a bit better. I get a flight in a similar window. Overall distance seemed unchanged based on the same course hitting the same shots. Around the green spin seems to be comparable, The B X may even stop slightly better. But I have been practicing chipping and 50 yards and in more so I may also just be striking the ball better. No yellow option though. I tried a pro v1x. Felt ha
  7. Maybe an odd question but does anyone think/know if the DCB would blend well with Mavrik Pros? I go from Mavrik Max to Pro now and it works from performance stand point, but I wonder if the Apex DCB would work from performance stand point and blend nicer visually too.
  8. I don't need it but I'm going to get it ..... unless the wife would through me out of the house. Works for golf, Works for mountain biking.
  9. It all really depends on how you play around the greens. Having gone from a set 45*, 50*, specialty 54* and 58* to what I have settled on now has as much to do with my iron set make-up as it does how I play around the greens. I play mostly on muni courses where there is a much smaller margin for error when you get the ball rolling sooner. Since settling on the 52.12 and 58.8 set up, (both wider/full soles with minimal grind) I have simplified my short game. I am still working a little on repeatable yardages with some partial swings but its getting there and getting better. I am al
  10. I'm on a search for a spikeless shoe. Anyone try both the Moneymaker and True Knitt II? Which did you like better? I like the look of both of these. I have Puma Ignight pwradapt caged right now and they may be my favorite shoe in general. So maybe a logical choice is the spikeless version instead.
  11. I played Srixon z star most of this past year, tried maxfli tour, then switched to pro v1x. Of those I played best with the pro v1x. I just switched to the 2020 B X and I like the feel and flight better than anything else I’ve played this year. Only have 9 holes on it so far but I like it.
  12. As already mentioned, the mavrik 4 wood may work. It replaced my epic flash 5 wood that I lofted down to 17* and I like the mavrik better. I haven’t been in a situation where I needed to hit the mavrik off the deck yet but it’s better off the tee for me than the epic was, may be head size, might be loft, I can’t say for sure.
  13. I can’t help much but Conventional wisdom seems to be, if the 50* or GW is mostly a full swing club for you, it’s best to go with the set version. After that, I’d say go to whatever you like the look of and works for you.
  14. I really like hearing all these goals. I was able to get out to my home muni this afternoon and so far this focusing on the process thing is working. Carded a 38 on the front. Really hoping to keep this up.
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