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  1. I was very torn between the BB8 wide and the Ping Kushin which I eventually went with. I seem to setup and putt better with a slant neck.
  2. Well I've messed around a bit this year. Started with a Mavrik Max 9* and Mavrik 4W both with Aldila rogue White. I've recently abandoned my Taylormade Mini 300 11.5 with the stock shaft and no fairway wood setup. Now, back to a standard Mavrik 10.5 with the even flow riptide 60 and a Mavrik 4W with even flow riptide 70. I basically learned that I am leaving enough distance on the table if I bag the Mini driver that I want to work on more consistently hitting a standard driver. The 4 wood is just a perfect club gaping wise for me between a D and my 20* super hybrid. I can hit if off the deck and it is also a good secondary Tee club. The stock shaft in the mini seemed to play a little soft which I didn't mind. I also just hit the ball better with a smooth swing. The bend profile of the riptide seems to fit this better. I also just like the feel better than the Rogue white.
  3. A. Vokey SM8 and SM7 B. They are not the same make as my irons, which are Callaway Mavrik Pros C. My irons are strong lofted so Set PW-43, Set GW-48, SM8 53, SM7 58 D. SM8 is a 52.08F bent to 53.09, SM7 is a 58.12D? E. Vokey Wedge flex shaft which I believe are S200s (PW and GW have the Elevate 105S)
  4. rkillian

    The 14th Club

    This is very similar to what I do. 10.5* Driver, 16.5* 4W, 20* Hybrid, 23* Hybrid, 26.5* 6i. I Currently have 13 clubs. I don't have gapping issue anywhere and less wedges seems to simply my game a little and help with decision making.
  5. My experiment with the mini might be over... We'll see. I picked up a Mavrik driver and 4 wood (I can't resist constantly tinkering), which is similar to what I had before the mini but this time went with a softer shaft profile since I seemed to mostly get along with stock shaft in the mini. After a rainy 9 holes today, which is about as small a sample size as one can have, I can still say the mini provides a confidence that I'm not going to have a miss that goes both wildly off line and far off line. I don't doubt its the shorter shaft that helps with that in the mini. I also when with a 10.5 degree head given my success with the mini, my previous driver was a 9. On a properly struck drive I am certainly leaving more distance on the table by bagging the mini than previously thought. So for now the driver/4w combo will stay at the top of the bag. I'm not yet wiling to let go of the mini... but some range and course testing will determine that in the coming weeks.
  6. Looks like some have already I identified as the new Cleveland's. But yeah sure, I'd play them. They don't look all that offensive to me. I prefer the look of a shorter blade (likely to my detriment) but it's not like I play anything all that small right now anyway.
  7. It depends on the course for me. On the local muni that I play the most, the front is pretty short and driver can put you in a bad spot. There's also a par 5 on the back that is really more like a long 4. Driver can put you in a really narrow area so a wood or hybrid is fine and can still set you up for an eagle chance if you are long enough (I've done it twice but 3-putted for par each time). On another course I play sometimes there are a lot of doglegs with trees that are just to tall for me to confidently carry. I hit driver on 1 par 5 on the front, playing tees that are about 6300 yards. Basically, if I have enough width between trouble and won't got to a distance that is also trouble, I will try to hit driver.
  8. I really like my Kushin 4. I have only played insert putters with my previous 2 being an odyssey stroke lab black 7 and an o-works jailbird mini before that. I have putted my best with this. To me it feels great off the face but there's enough feedback to know when and where you miss. I don't seem to have an issue finding the pace with this on slower or faster greens.
  9. Didn’t really play either it wet weather but I sweat a lot and think the z grip cord was better for that. But it’s worth noting I don’t play either currently. I think I’d happily play either but would build up the bottom hand of the utx. The regular lamkin cross line is my grip of choice. Some of that is a price choice and some a longevity choice. They last quite a while. But I have a mix of tour velvet on right now too because I can’t find any cross lines in stock.
  10. I have tried both. I felt as though the utx had more taper and was softer than the z-cord.
  11. I really try not to buy new ever. Especially with the used market currently, if you can be patient you can try something out and if it doesn't work, sell it for little to no loss. Recent example, found a great deal on ex-demo SM8 wedges, looked un-hit. The lower bounce 58 isn't working so well for me after a few rounds and I've sold it for only a little less than what I paid. My current putter I bought new because there wasn't a used option and I wasn't patient. Same with the mini driver. I knew it would fly off shelves and wasn't patient enough to wait for the used ones to pop up. With that said though, in both cases, I sold a driver I bought used and a putter I bought used for exactly what I paid for them so I could personally justify the new costs.
  12. I have s pretty soft putter. I found the CS X to feel just a bit firmer off it than say a proV1 or the Z star XV i've been playing and like that feel but want something a bit cheaper. Willing to sacrifice some other aspects of performance to save a little cash at the movement. I tried the most recent version. It was definitely soft off the putter. I didn't mind the ball too much. It was shorter off of long clubs. As a midcap thou my ball striking skills (lack there of) was a bigger determining factor of distance. My biggest issue with it was that the cover just wasn't very durable.
  13. Thanks I may give this a go too since it seems it can be had for the same price as the snell mentioned above. I have tried the Tour before but not the X. My putter has a pretty soft insert which I don't mind but I am finding I do like a firmer ball off of it for increased feedback.
  14. If I have the time I will regrip a new club before I put it in play but mostly because I play midsize and anytime I get a new club it is normally standard. I prefer Lamkin Crosslines but have a mix of Tour Velvet and Crosslines on at the moment because Midsize crosslines have been out of stock anywhere near me for a while. Much easier to find the TV.
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