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  1. Perfectly! I have a ping Kushin 4, so a wide blade. Putter fits great, no issues with the head cover at all. Thanks!
  2. I ended up selling my ping hoofer and picked this up today. Was going to get the blue but the green was very appealing in person. It’ll be a little bit before I get to use it but it seems like mizuno basically had a focus group that just asked people what they’d change about their hoofer and made this bag.
  3. I had an epic flash and in the -1 it did look a bit open. The TS and TSi line seems to get a lot of universal praise but I have yet to hit either. To my eye both Mavrik 4 woods I've owned sit square. I looked at a subzero version I didn't notice that it sat any more open but did notice it was a smaller footprint.
  4. It pretty much been covered already but you probably won't see too much difference switching out of those clubs. I help coach HS golf and one of out top players has those irons (been to state championship twice). Now, if since you bought the XRs your swing speed has changed it might be worth trying out some different shafts if you can. It may be that new irons entirely to get the right shaft may be more economical than reshafting the XRs. When I started I had Irons with R shafts and even then they were probably too light and soft. Switching to a heavier S flex shaft made a difference in the general consistency of my ball flight. I say general because I still don't hit the ball consistently enough swing to swing.
  5. They just followed the product cycle they have been with the every other year thing. On non-Apex years they iron line shares the name of the wood line. They did the same thing with the first rogue pros.
  6. Honestly, if Callaway has built upon what they had with the Mavrik Pro irons, they are probably a very forgiving club, just with a smaller size than most clubs with that level of forgiveness. I mean I regularly break 90 but I've never sniffed a sub 80 round. If they work for you, they work.
  7. If the finish is the same as the Mav Pros, it will probably hold up fine. I'm only going on about a year with mine but they have no finish issues. The std mav and mav max irons on the other had would show finish wear very quickly.
  8. Glad this is still going a bit. I've definitely found that I enjoy NLU a lot. When I had started this tread and started with some of their older stuff I wasn't that into it but their videos are the ones a watch most. Going to have to check out some of these new recommendations.
  9. I will hit them when I can, because who wouldn't? I really try and avoid buying new so if anything I'd be more likely to get a rogue st when they hit CPO.
  10. I’m very interested in this bag. I recently got a push cart which I plan to use more often than not but occasionally play some courses in housing developments where the green to tee walks can be a lot so I rode there. My hoofer lite has been great for carrying though it has the typical tangle issues. I lucked into an older titliest hybrid 14 that I’m going to try on the cart. This bag seems like it fits in the middle of those two, which sounds perfect to me.
  11. The sonars come up as pretty well liked grips. My worry with them is the reduced taper. I'm looking to move away from the crossline but they certainly do last a while.
  12. I saw those. I have heard they do wear out a bit quicker. I'm trying to change clubs less (no promises on drivers and wedges) so I might not go that route unless I wanted a brand new grip feel more of the time. I can't find a complaint about Iomic (except about cost) so these may be the front runner for now. Pure also sound interesting but I've seen more mixed reviews on them than Iomic. I've thought about that as well. Now that you mention it, I did try a standard TV plus4 once. I definitely do need the midsize in my top hand though. I wear a L or cadet XL depending on the glove I'm using. My biggest issue with the plus4 grips is that the bottom hand just feels too squishy. I do take decent care of my grips. I generally clean my clubs after ever round or two which involves light soap and water with a scrub brush on the grips. To throw a curve ball here, anyone use a Tour Wrap Microsuede before? I ran across those in researching recommendations mentioned here and they claim moisture management. Some reviews seem to confirm this. I think an Iomic, a pure, and something else will have to find their way on to my wedges so I can decide.
  13. I can't find a lot of info on these and a lot of own website doesn't seem to work. But they do look like a TV.
  14. So similar shape but better material? Fair to say they would last longer?
  15. That all sounds pretty good. They are certainly on the higher end of the pricing scale but if they last a good bit longer I’m fine with that. I probably play under 100 rounds a year and they are mostly 9 hole outings anyway.
  16. I've been playing golf for about 3 years and most of that time has been spent with Lamkin Crossline grips. First standard size and then last year with a move to midsize. I tried a few other grips before settling back on the crossline. As this season wore on and I changed some clubs in and out there came a point where I couldn't find crosslines locally so I began using Golf Pride Tour Velvets. I think I am a bit more partial to the midsize TV. It's seems a little tackier, a little softer, and I actually prefer a bit more taper to the thicker bottom hand of the crossline. With the time to regrip for next season approaching I'm thinking I might just switch to the TV. Thought I'd ask here if there were any other midsize grips that are tour velvet-like that I should look at? I may try the regular MCC as I've never tried that, though I think I prefer a consistent feel. (just the MCC+4 which I did not like at all, top hand felt firm, bottom hand felt squishy).
  17. I’m not sure what weight the AV raw blue is available in. I had the older AV blue (the non-raw) and thought it was a very smooth feeling shaft. But if you have a big box store near you, you should be able to demo a TSi2 with that shaft.
  18. I've kinda said this before but my approach has changed slightly. Around the green my most used wedge is my 56 but I will I use a similar check-down process to get to it first: Can I putt it? No > Can I bump it with my 23* hybrid? No > Can I chip and run with and Iron or my 52? No > Use 56 unless short-sided, green is very elevated, or requires a more open-faced shot. That said, my iron set tops out at a 48* AW. I really don't think I could choose to get by with just one specialty wedge after that. I would however be willing to try a set matching wedge if one had existed.
  19. My nearest authorized dealer is Club Champion, Charlotte NC. I am very excited to hit the Speeder NX because I want to try a shaft that still has a smooth feel but that offers some more stability that what I currently have. I also think it would just be cool to try something with variable torque, as I've never hit anything like that. 60g S Flex
  20. I find that I seem to putt better without it, with nothing showing at all really. Some of my best putting rounds in the last year have been without any sort of line, with putters that have minimal alignment aids, and taking the least amount of time to line up after making my read. I've tried triple track, the srixon divides, lines either drawn on or the manufacture one, and for me it just becomes another variable. Golf has taught me at that (at least when it comes to golf) I am mentally weak haha. The more thoughts I have the more strokes it seems to take to get that stupid little ball in the hole. That said I will sometimes use the line on a short putt that I feel uncomfortable with. As long as I pick a line and commit, that can work.
  21. I've had my 8-AW for about 14 months.... I might have a problem
  22. Sounds like going with a 56 in the mid to high bounce range is a good place to start then.
  23. I too have a 48 degree gap wedge. My set up is now back to 52-56-60 (after going 52-58, 52-56-60, 53-58, 54-60) They can all work. If you hit the ball a pretty good distance off the tee, have a higher swing speed, or are picking up speed as you get better, you may find that later on more wedges are better. The recommendation to get one wedge and work on most of your shots with that is good advice for sure. A 56 is probably the way to go, then you can add a 52 later, and a 60 eventually once you feel you can hit most of the shots you need with the 56. If you think you'll need or have more clubs at the top of your bag (more woods or hybrids) Than go with a 54 (you can then add a 60 or 58 later and bend and of them to adjust for proper gapping). The other thing to consider is bounce and grind. Think about where you play; is it very firm turf lots of tight lies or softer most of the year? Think about how you deliver the club; do you take big divots, none at all? Chances are you do not need a low bounce right now (adding a low bounce lob wedge later might work fine), something that is in the 10-14 degree range with some heel relief is probably going to be the most useful to you now. You obviously don't have to go with Vokey, but the wedge selector tool on their website could give you at least a starting place for what lofts, bounces, and grinds to look at when you go to try some things out.
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