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  1. Used to live in the area. Played talega a lot. Good track. My list of good public courses in the area - south Orange County (best to worst in my opinion): pelican hill south pelican hill north monarch links Oak creak Talega, arroyo trabuco, strawberry canyon, dove canyon - take your pick tustin ranch Rancho San juaquin (cheap option that has a decent layout but not in the best shape) San Clemente (cheap; better maintenance than Rancho but layout is boring)
  2. Good question. To be honest, I have been out all season and had only one day that I noticed a a fair number of them. Maybe because I had bug spray on, they weren’t that much of a distraction to me that day (couple landed on me). I generally play early or late afternoon and generally the wind has been 5+mph to 18mph which may prevent some of the bugs from coming around. The bugs are not on my mind as being a big thing there after playing all summer. To be honest, the worst greenhead day of the year for me was at ACCC (Unprecedented bugs; was spraying the cart down with bug spray).
  3. yep, you could feel it flex differently for sure. Was a little lighter, so ended up gaining an mph on swing speed. Not a big dg fan based on feel, but the kbs felt controllable while still getting a good kick out of it.
  4. I did. I came in partial to proj x 6.0. Used in vast majority of my iron sets in the past. That said, I’d attribute 5yds of distance and some tightening of the dispersion purely to the shaft change to kbs (before testing heads, we tested a bunch of shafts using my existing head to do a stepwise process in the fitting). Shafts are very personal to the swing type though so hard to translate experience broadly to a larger group.
  5. Just bought the 770s. Tried them out at ClubChampion. Using Callaway x forged with project x 6.0 shaft currently. Bought 770 with kbs tour s. 6 iron went from 190yds using old set to avg 206 yards in new 770 set. SS 94mph with 6 iron. No difference in spin or launch (5500 and 14.5 respectively). Distance dispersion was tight for me at plus minus 3/5 yards. The irons and shaft had heat and consistency for me. Given that the irons aren’t really strengthened much (29 degree 6 iron) was surprised at its pop off the bat. Actually blown away
  6. Ended up joining Galloway. Looked at others. No regrets. Galloway is a tough, challenging course that will make me a better player. Lots of risk/reward. Have to be thoughtful getting around. Great people and good mix of good golfers.
  7. Dye, respect him for all of his accomplishments, but he is one of the more polarizing notable architects. I’ve played the ocean, Irish, and straits. Liked all of them for a variety of reasons but like his par 3s on the straits the most, challenging players to use different shots into the greens, different wind directions, etc as well as the challenge being presented right in front of you. This bring up, however, my biggest complaint around his courses. His optical illusions, blind shots, and tricked up, unnatural landscape are more fitting for private clubs where members can diagnose, st
  8. I’m a member at white manor. Really enjoy the club. Great, modern course with lots of variety. Use every club in the bag. Greens can be tricky in a good way. Elevation changes are high end of acceptable range but make the course appropriately challenging. Course conditions are good. Hard to speak on crowds. Pre COVID, tee times were not challenging to get. COVID has really changed that, but I think that is the case with many private courses across the nation (according to my friends from California to Boston). Kids do not have activities that are occupying parents nowadays. fee
  9. Galloway is a great course - well conditioned, tight but fair and super challenging, great variety, strategic shots into greens required due to undulating greens, nice views. Can get bugs though (like many courses near the water) ACCC is an ok course. First 13 holes are pretty average - head scratching placement of bunkers, mundane greens, many straight holes. 14-18 makes the course - good variety, optically challenging from tees, green variety, strategic. Greens aren’t challenging. Very fun membership. Seaview Bay is a nice course. Thin fairways in spots but cushion off fairways allo
  10. Looking for a nice private golf club near the Jersey shore (preferably close to AC). In rank order of importance: great coursegreat practice facility speed of roundgood peopleeverything elseheard great things about Galloway; wanted the opinion of people on this forum (have appreciated the thoughtful crowd on here). Also, if someone has an idea of membership costs, please PM. Thanks in advance all
  11. 9indx 110 ss tm m5 ef White 65 cut to 44.5 weights set back low launch with 1800-2k backspin
  12. All time: Anthony Kim from a pure technical standpoint (perfectly on plane, perfect at the top of swing, perfect release mechanics, etc), he has had no equal. So much so, Tiger used to say Kim had the perfect swing on tour and would invite him to golf clinics to teach and tutor.
  13. I have thought about doing something similar; however, the trade off is spending time on courses ranked lower on the list compared to some attractive international destinations (cabot, Scotland, etc). I opted for the latter. That said, ill join on those high on this list. Let us know about your adventures.
  14. I don’t share this opinion. I appreciate different perspectives and angles (eg places to eat and stay, golf architecture, challenges for better than average players, etc) on destination golf courses. We certainly have many different opinions on these forums about golf courses to golf equipment. I however will not read articles about esoteric golf courses that satisfy a small portion of a regional base of readers outside of my territory. These courses have no tangible value for me and certainly will not serve as any reason for me or my friends as destination spots. An author, as one pers
  15. Here are a few of interest for me: big cedar kiawah (been here but interested in additional courses around area beyond the ocean course) Tpc danzante cabot links
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