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  1. I got mine today. 9i, 140yds. Playing off and on 20 years, seen some shots come close but that’s the first ace I’ve witnessed. Got my first eagle last week too, 56deg from 85 yds. Things are looking up!
  2. White and obsidian Frank Polos are available on Canadian NDC. Probably GB and Aussie too.
  3. Hi, long time lurker here. I check the recent discussions multiple times a day. I’m really excited to start participating. I love golf. Playing, watching, practicing, shopping, and researching it. I’m into Nike clothes and shoes (I also have eccos), Scotty stuff and I have a pretty nice Loudmouth collection too. Two years ago I was lucky to break 100. Then last year I did it about half the time. This year I got some great Trackman lessons (first lessons ever). I shortened my back swing, and now I’m on the cusp of regularly breaking 90! I got a Ping G410 plus, taylormade R-11 irons (wh
  4. It’s back, it’s all there, you can register new accounts (they approved mine overnight!) and... ITS AWESOME!
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