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  1. I didn't measure and that shaft is gone. I have a good shaft in there now and I'm looking forward to getting it refinished.
  2. I'm psyched you gave it a shot and pulled it off. I don't think there is anything I've tried yet that I haven't been nervous about, and most of it has been easier than I thought it would be. I've had my best luck with the big brand names from about the year 2000, give or take a few. I bought a set of DCI irons at a Goodwill for $35, pulled the S300 shafts, then sold the heads for $35 on eBay. The last set was some Cleveland TA3s for $25, about the same time period, with Dynamic stiffs. Get to the Golfworks archives on the web and look for all the major brands from about that time p
  3. I don't have a shaft puller, I use a propane torch and a tool I made after seeing a Mike Rees Video on removing pins. (I can't say enough about how much I learned from Mike Rees videos, what a gentleman for sharing his knowledge with the world). First I run the ferrule and surrounding shaft and head under hot water in the sink until I can slide it up the shaft a 1/4 inch or so. Then I have a bit of sock I've cut off, the top inch or so, connected to some velcro on one end. I soak the sock in cold water and wrap it around the shaft, with the hard seam of the sock up against the hose
  4. Pair those up with one of the D.S. wedges, throw in an Iron Master, and you would be good to go. If I lived in Chicagoland, I'd be happy to loan them out. I'll hit these and I'm curious how they will feel. I may wait a bit though until things warm up.
  5. When I pulled the Bullet Back shafts, every single one was bent. I'm assuming someone bend them on purpose because they were all bent, but maybe they were been bent because they where not strong enough to withstand the golf swing.
  6. I agree, the wedges are awesome. I have at least 30 classic wedges now but was flabbergasted when I found these because they are in such great shape. I'll play with all of them eventually. As for the shaft diameter, I also thought they would be wide when I pulled my first Staff aluminum shaft, but they are actually narrower. I was expecting to put in some unitized DGs, but the taper tips were the answer. They are very odd shafts with thick walls and are about .320 wide. I say about because none of them are round, they are as narrow as .318 in spots. There isn't much to
  7. Its all CGI. It has to be CGI. They can't possibly be as perfect as they look, can they?
  8. That’s it. What, not enough for you? Its enough for me, at least for now. When I walked in the door, my wife looked up and said “what did you buy?” You know it’s a good Haul when the credit card company sends your wife a notice to make sure it isn’t fraud. I’m going out the garage now, I have some new friends I need to get to know.
  9. The Brownies Three more, count them, three more brown shafts. First the Hagen, and I have no idea about this club. Never seen one, don’t know anything about it, looking for help. If you know what it is, please educate me. Second, The Wilson Sand Iron. I love this club, I’ve always wanted this club, I’m so happy to have found this club. This is a real-deal Sand Iron and I can’t wait to hit it out of a bunker. The Hagen may move on some day, but the Sand Iron now lives with me and my other 25 Wilson Wedges. And, to finish, the Sandy. What the heck is this? A r
  10. The Dynapowers Before yesterday, I had zero original Dynapower Sand Wedges. Two from the 80’s, but none of the originals. Now I have two that are very clean. Check out the grooves; so many Dynapower sand wedges are worn down, but these two are groovier than the Summer of Love. Dig it man. These stay.
  11. The Macs Three Macgregor Wedges…oh my. The Tourney and M75 Double Service wedges are clean, clean, clean. Look at the original paint fill on the M75, even on the groove side. And the grips are the freshest cords I’ve ever held. How did these things make it this long in this kind of shape? My guess is that these two stay because they are so clean and I love the D.S. wedges. And then there’s the Byron Nelson Sand Iron. I’ve never seen one of these, not in real life, not in pictures, not in Kaplan. I need to go through my Kaplan page by page to see if I missed it, but I ca
  12. The old friends So, starting off with the funny one. I picked up a set of Bullet Backs a few months ago, which are the best-looking irons ever made. (Stop it, you are wrong, whatever you just said isn’t better looking, just fighting for #2). Great heads, crappy aluminum shafts that someone had bent upright. (Not the heads, they bent the shafts). So I’ve been shaft hunting lately and found set of Cleveland TA3 with Dynamic stiffs that were destined for my Bullets. Yesterday, I spent all morning reaming out the heads and fitting the shafts. I didn’t get to glue them up yet, but they
  13. The last thing I see before I turn out the lights at night are my woods and putters, so I usually think about clubs and Seven Oaks Golf Course as I drift off to sleep. One of my recurring thoughts is that someday I’ll come across an entire collection at a thrift shop and take them all home. In my head, it’s a few bags of Macgregor woods and a bag full of Geo Lows and Wilson putters; I call it the Haul. Yesterday, I found my first Haul, but hopefully not my last, on the way to get food for my son’s bearded dragon. Not woods, not putters, but all kinds of classic metal that still h
  14. I know the kids wear them short, but I still get a little weak in the knees for the long ferrules. I like when the grips and ferrules are so long they almost meet in the middle. This came home with me yesterday, an original Wilson Sand Iron...one of those clubs I've always wanted to hit at least once, and now I will. That's some strong Ferrule game.
  15. I have a few quick observations after comparing that to my 1964 8802. The stamping looks too uniform; the original was deeper on the left than the right. The Paint fill is different, mine has a red Wilson and the rest is black. And, is that a fluted shaft? The original did not have a fluted shaft. Passing the nickel test doesn't make it an original, but failing the nickel test does knock it out. I have a black 8802, a store model from the early 70s, and it passes the nickel test. It also has a fluted shaft. Is any of that shaft band still there? The original's Christmas Tree band i
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