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  1. I see these from time to time in thrift stores and pass because I really don't need to find another type of iron to collect. They look like nice clubs though. I did get thoroughly sucked into Peerless woods from later in Arnie's club making career. I have 6 of his drivers from that period and love the way they play.
  2. He does such good work. This is a beautiful club.
  3. I'm throwing up a few sweet heads from my recent lot of 50 for northplatteriver, which now live with me just off the South Platte River. The Nelson driver isn't as nice as his, but it has that great reverse sweep back sole plate and will be well loved. The Penna needs a refresh to clear up some expired 70's poly, but it is a solid head and sits up just right. This is one of the best driver heads I have ever seen. I have two sets of Penna SEOM fairway woods and have been looking for a driver to pair them with...we have a winner.
  4. These are my two...my first loves. The 8802 was first, summer of 1982. I played with a guy at a local course and he had this in his bag. It was his uncles, who died in 1965, and eventually his clubs came to this guy because he was the only other person in the family who played. It was the first time he ever took it on the course and had no attachment to it. I pulled out $150 in cash and offered it all, he declined the money and gave it to me for free. The driver came the next year. The pro I worked for had one in his staff bag on the floor of the shop and I waggled it every day. I loved that club and was on the lookout for my own, but they were hard to find; when a member sent his through to get refinished, I made an offer. He too declined to take money and gave it to me because most of the members liked to take care of the poor kid who worked in the shop. I played my high school and college golf with these two clubs. The Hogan stayed in the bag until 1997 when I bought a TaylorMade and the 8802 was in the bag until I found an 8813 a few years ago, which has recently had a break while a Bobby Grace Fat Man gets a turn. If you love classic clubs, you need one of each because none better were ever made. Bonus, the head cover was a Christmas present from my mom when I was in college. I had it so long it completely wore out. Its a Daphne, and she has a lifetime repair guarantee, so I sent it back to her. The note that came back with it said it was the most worn headcover they ever had sent back and she should have just sent me a new one, but any headcover that was that well loved needed to be saved. I take it out a few times a year, but mostly keep it safe. Putters, drivers, even headcovers, first loves are the most loved.
  5. Anything with Byron Nelson's name on it is cool, and that set is back when they were top of the line...good pick up. I just found an all original 4 wood from the H version of that set and wish the rest of them had been there. Let us know how they play.
  6. New grips on most clubs...I have no interest in playing clubs with bad grips. With a little bit of work, I can get most leather grips back to tacky, but the rubber stuff comes off without hesitation or remorse. I use Mint grips and buy them straight from the manufacturer by the case. They are inexpensive, convenient when they come in a box of 48, and feel great. I don't think I'd care much if they were ugly, but they faux wrap look fits older clubs too.
  7. That 32 B is wonderful…what a find. That is one of the most interesting persimmons I have seen. The other one, I haven’t seen anything like it. You should post that picture in deejaid’s uniquely shaped persimmon thread. I can’t imagine it would make it into many bags as an every day club, but I bet most of us would like to hit it a few times.
  8. I know my Bullet Backs are heavy because I can feel it and everyone who takes it from my hand says so right away, but I never weighed them until I read your comments. The 3 iron weighs in at 445 grams. My '67 3 iron, which is factory long but has a Mint grip on it (they run about 8 grams lighter than your cords), comes in at 422. If you could live with different grips and shorter clubs, you could get those down to a playing weight. Heavy clubs smooth out my swing, so I like the '69s. I have 20 sets of Staffs and like them all, although I do swing some better than others. Those '67s are nice sticks, I hope you find a way to come to an agreement with them.
  9. Assuming they are original shafts, my guess is that if you pull those grips off, you will find a 1 " extension if they came out of the factory as a long set and a 1 1/2 inch extension if they came out standard. The '67 staff came either 38 1/2 or 39, which would make the 3 iron either 38 or 38 1/2. Pull the grips, knock off an inch, and you will knock off about 6 swingweights. If you really want them that long, or if you cut them back an inch and they are still heavy, counterweight them and you can bring the swing weight down. If they have been re-shafted, you can still cut down the shafts if you want; my Bullet Backs have circa 2000 Dynamic Shafts cut back to the 39 inch standard. I had to counter weight them to get them down to D3, but they are perfect now. As a child of the '80s, I play all my clubs at 39", which is factory long for 60s Staffs but standard for the clubs of my youth. My 67s are the the long version and I think they are about D3...I'll weigh them tomorrow and edit. Yours will play much better at D3...but not lighter...those clubs were meant to play a bit heavy.
  10. The 32 B is the jumbo edition and runs about 1.75 inches. I have one and it is a great club. Having one with Rocky Marciano’s name is beyond cool. Combine the deep face model with something like that is awesome. That sounds like the king of Kings to me. Please post pictures (of both).
  11. It's a little bit of work, but you can build a shaft deflection board. I modeled mine after the picture in a Macgregor catalog and built it using particle board and a 1 cm grid covered with clear contact paper so I can use dry erase markers. I buy a lot of clubs, so I use mine on a regular basis. The last picture is from this last weekend. The black line is my S300 reference, I always start each session with an S300. The Green is an X shaft (boo) and the purple is a strong R or weak S, depending on how you look at it. I use a plastic shim to raise or lower the grip holder so each club starts off at exactly the same height and I put the strap of the weight bag where the wood meets the shaft. (The bag is full of 6-7 pounds of rocks). It isn't perfect, but it tells me what I need to know.
  12. Oh my, Catchy...that driver is stunning. After your post yesterday, I started looking up Mizuno wood on eBay, but after that picture, now I know what I'm after. You just cost me money. Just stunning.
  13. Thanks Catchy, that's very helpful. 1989 is a good estimate, I'll go with that. What can you tell me about the "world's greatest golfers" script? Is this similar to what Honma writes on some of their soles because it was made by Honma or is that a Japanese thing? I'm also always surprised when Japanese companies write it English, do you think this was made for the U.S. market or is that common in Japan? The price tag is in Yen, so I would think that means it was originally sold in Japan. Foozle, you and are on the same page on Honmas. I'm not sure why they don't have a bigger following, you certainly would have a hard time finding a better club to play. The finish is cool, but I also think the clubs play with a soft, buttery feel...it reminds me of hitting a balata ball on the screws. I think its the shaft, which is unique. I hope these Bridgestones have a similar feel. There are 13 Honmas in the lot I just bought, so I'm flush with Japanese persimmon now. 11 are here now next to my desk, 2 more drivers are arriving today. Its a mix of traditional designs and LBs and most of them are unhit like the Bridgestones. I'll post pics when I get a chance to sort them out.
  14. As I begin to digest my 50 new clubs, these are two that really stand out. I'm new to Japanese persimmon, but it was love at first drive when I hit my first Honma this year. It was one of those "where have you been my whole life you beautiful thing" movements. So, I saw these and knew I had to have them. Thing is, these are 100% new to me...not only have I never seen one before, I didn't know Bridgestone made persimmon. They look a lot like Honmas to me, which is why I was so quick to buy them. The crazy writing on the sole plate, the beautiful heads, and and the shafts all look Honmaesque to my rookie eye. Maybe all the Japanese brag on their sole plates, maybe these are Honmas in disguise, maybe it doesn't matter. I'm hoping some of our members with Japanese club knowledge will clue me in. The dark one has a stiff shaft, so my kids can deal with that when they settle my estate. The light one has the nice stamp on the head, but its a regular shaft, so I'll either keep that until I get older, reshaft it, or maybe move it on to someone else. For right now, they are out front of the herd begging to be waggled a few times a day. Now that they are in my office, there is a lot to love about these two clubs and nothing that disappoints. They are perfect in every way, and to quote the immortal poet Nigel Tufnel, they still have the old tagger right on it!
  15. Decal…time for me to see how good my decal guy is.
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