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  1. Nice. I don't carry my 6 iron anywhere near as far as you but I did share the same inside flat backswing tendency as you before fixing it. I did the same drill but I found that unless the club smacked the stick on the way back to let me know I was too inside it didn't help.
  2. I think the idea in your case is to get the club tracing outside the alignment stick during the backswing.
  3. That is on the low side so I guess rather than try and increase launch angle you should be trying to increase spin. Optimising Spin Loft I think is the term.
  4. To be fair you might still be onto something with your numbers not being optimum. What's your typical spin rate with a 16 degree launch 7 iron?
  5. You might not be, I haven't got a clue about numbers and stuff. I guess the spin rate coupled with launch angle is the important bit.
  6. A quick Google says that PGA Tour average 7 iron launch angle is about 15-16 deg so isn't that a good thing?
  7. Thanks Valtiel, you're right that I have a snap hook in me every once in a while (or a high block), normally when I'm trying to really send one on a par 5. I also have one or two mid iron shots a round where I catch the ball too far towards the toe and have to scramble for par. I had an online video review with Monte a couple of months ago and at the time I was told I had no wrist hinge (Gruff Monte voice: "Gotta hinge the wrists, end of story"). He also told me that I was working my hips all wrong, as in I was moving left hip towards ball in backswing and right hip towards ball in downswing, he said what I needed to work on was right hip away from ball in backswing and left hip away from ball in downswing. Been working on that at the range and have twice shot my lowest ever rounds since so the work has been paying off.
  8. Cheers! I was getting around 27 over par with first swing. With second swing shoot 5 over par +/- 2 shots most rounds.
  9. Hi all, my phone alerted me to the fact that I had my first golf lesson 4 years ago today! First swing is 4 yeas ago, second swing is today. Gotten down to 5 with the help of mainly AMG videos and Monte Scheinblum premium videos. Also help from folks on this forum. In particular @Valtiel who's comments on all videos I think are excellent. I'd love to get to 4 by the end of the year, any suggestions for what to work on for the next few months would be greatfully recieved. Cheers. HwVideoEditor_2021_09_10_113224605.mp4 HwVideoEditor_2021_09_10_161212903.mp4
  10. Out of curiosity would that apply to EE? I've been working on shallowing the club and had hoped that by shallowing the club better I'd rid myself of the EE. With that said, I'm definitely shallowing the club better but still EE. Could that be because my body/brain hasn't realised I don't need to EE anymore?
  11. Worst case scenario you sweep the kitchen floor 6mph faster.
  12. I picked up the broom and did the 2 Justin's and my wife thought I'd started to clean and had a stroke.
  13. Right humurus forward for pitch and chip shots. Minivan acceleration not Ferarri acceleration when playing short game shots. Total game changers which have probably taken 6 shots off my handicap alone.
  14. Make like I'm removing loose debris from around the ball whilst subtly inching the ball higher for a better lie.
  15. Very good and spot on. I too get up super early to play 9 (or 18 if course is quiet) and have a practice most days. Home by 11am latest. Rest of the day spent being like Mary Poppins for the kids and Jack Dawson for the wife. The Poppins and Dawson routine is key!
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