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  1. I think you’re right. If he never had the hair or the beard I don’t think many people would know his name. It’s weird and sad but it’s true.
  2. This is why people shouldn’t be concerned with distance on tour. You still have to play well. If distance was the only thing that mattered, John Daly would’ve won 10+ majors in the 90s.
  3. 137 mph clubhead speed is no joke.
  4. Is christosterone okay? What’s the obsession with the reverse c? The hips sliding forward while the upper body dips back is far from the holy grail bud. Some guys swing that way, yes, but there are many ways to get it done. Chill.
  5. His apex is well over 100 feet on every drive. It doesn’t matter what the loft is at address, it matters what it is at impact.
  6. Also, what if Michelle Wie’s parents would’ve hired Butch instead of David Leadbetter. Butch loved her swing and would’ve just refined it like he did tigers instead of making her a test dummy like David did.
  7. What if tiger would’ve trained in moderation to prevent injury and not cheated on his wife. I’d say he’d be up to 20 majors. 2010-2018 would look WAY different.
  8. You don’t think him swinging 130mph is the reason for his distance? Or would he still hit it 360 if he swung 100mph with a 5* driver? His speed increase is the reason he needed less loft. He delivered a lot of loft at impact in the first place, hits way up on the ball, and swings 130mph now. Maybe you should stop telling others to use their brains and you should start using yours.
  9. You may laugh at me, but with the talent Rory has...I think he’s underachieving currently. He has a great career so far but it could be twice as good in my opinion.
  10. CG15 lob wedge with zip grooves brand new in the wrapper. My home club has small, tough greens.
  11. Someone with a YouTube channel should review them and cut some open to check out the insides. It would definitely make its money back in views.
  12. That might be the dumbest comment I’ve ever read on this site. Go do a poll all over the world and ask people if they know who Jim Thorpe is and then ask them if they know who Tiger Woods is and let me know the obvious results to that one. Then go ask people to name a golfer off the top of their head and 90% of people would say “Tiger Woods”.
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