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  1. I watched the back 9 today and he was 10-15 yards long/short on a lot of iron shots. He looked surprised almost every time. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ditches them.
  2. We all have different experiences and results from equipment and that’s one of the things that makes this game fun.
  3. Bryson is swinging it up to 148mph clubhead speed during training. It takes a very very firm ball to not turn into a marshmallow when it’s compressed at 135+mph. I’d be curious to see if Bridgestone doesn’t release a “Bryson Ball” kinda like how the XS is the “tiger ball”
  4. Don’t put stock into indoor ball tests. I love the TXG guys, but aerodynamics and dimple patterns are half the battle and it’d be crazy for it to be excluded as a factor. I play the chrome soft X LS weekly and used to play the 2019 tp5x for an entire season. The left dash goes higher with less spin with every club in the bag. All the guys I play with have the speed/spin to play all of these balls effectively outdoors and they all agree. The thing is hard as a damn rock though.
  5. Also, with “the other website’s ball test” and Rick Shiels showing that LD is the longest ball in golf, other manufacturers will either have to accept that Left Dash is the longest or they can try to compete. Hopefully they compete.
  6. I’d say Bryson is already using a different ball than what’s on the shelves. He explores every Avenue of performance and I think the golf ball would be low-hanging fruit to reduce spin and give him more ball speed. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ball he plays is similar to Left Dash.
  7. I’d love to see Taylormade, Srixon and Bridgestone create a similar ball. Options are nice.
  8. What really blew me away was that I played the same Left Dash for 4 rounds and it was still in good shape. The most durable ball I’ve ever played and definitely the longest ball on the market. Not a fan of the feel of the ball though.
  9. With the success of the Pro V1X Left Dash, will other ball manufacturers make a higher compression and lower spinning option? Callaway has tried to do it with the LS ball, but it isn’t quite as long or low spin as the Left Dash. I would like to see other manufacturers push the limits on high compression, high launch, and low spin.
  10. I’d cut one open and see what the layers look like. Just to make yourself feel better about it before playing them.
  11. Got my 2 dozen in. Will give them a go this weekend.
  12. Yep it’s a great ball for what it is. Also it’s made by Acushnet.
  13. I snagged 2 dozen in time. Will make a direct comparison post once I get them. Will compare them to all the other titleist offerings and a few other manufacturers.
  14. I find this ball to perform very similarly to a Pro V1X. Not low spin, but a little lower spin than their Chromesoft X ball.
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