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  1. @MelloYello @ balls_deep I also buy used mint condition balls off eBay. FWIW I know nothing about Snell Balls. I was interested in Kirkland after reviewing the Spy report. Then I recently read there was a big problem with these balls and Costco was, I think, issuing refunds. I’m sticking with Titleist.
  2. > @justasgood said: > > He was my inspiration. Mine too. :) In fact, I'm bringing back the cardigan. :D :D I got this one used on eBay for $5! I am going to wear this when I play in a couple of hours. Don't take me too seriously. No one has ever laughed at me more than I laugh at myself.
  3. > @Hawkeye77 said: > > Point is, there is a potential dilemma - is your coach getting you playing as well as you can given a tendency that will likely remain (and that may be just fine) or do you want to set down the road of addressing some more fundamental "issues" - which could be a short or longer road, who knows. If I were really smacking the ball hard the left arm wouldn't concern me. I can do half swings all day with my left arm straight and get good compression. The distances aren't that much shorter than my full swing now. But something happens when I go up all the way up that causes me to scoop the ball rather than compress it. I take instruction very well, so I am confident I will get this issue fixed. This man did a lot for me in less than 10 hours of instruction. But for some reason if this isn't fixable, I am ok with how I am hitting now. 300+ yard drives are out the question but 270 ish is doable. I'm getting 230 from my 3W off the deck. 3H is around 200. 7 iron is 150-160. 5 iron is 180-185. I really ok with these numbers. And for the last few weeks I haven't thought at all about my left arm. To be brutally honest, I hate how it looks in slow motion; it's horribly ugly and it really bothers me. And the fact that I haven't been able to fix it makes me even more determined to do so. Again, thank you.
  4. @justasgood Great photo. There's a lot of Ben Hogan in there. :)
  5. > @DavePelz4 said: > The only course I remember playing was the Rail. My grandfather played there for decades. The LPGA used to play there every year. It's really gone downhill. New ownership. He'd be very sad if he saw how it is now. Panther Creek is the nicest course down here. It was designed by Hale Irwin. Bent grass fairways and greens. It's beautiful and challenging. We have a Korn Ferry event every year (LPGA came here after they left the Rail. State Farm dropped their sponsorship and that was that). If you ever get down this way and want to play, drop me a line here.
  6. @larrybud I just made an appointment with my swing coach. Thanks for you comments.
  7. I worked not too long ago with a really good swing coach and now have a swing I am happy with. Except for one thing. My left arm is never exactly straight at any time in the swing. I understand a little bend on the backswing is ok, but the arm never gets straight so I have a little bit of a chicken wing causing my hands to get too close to me and it can look like I'm scooping the ball. With no ball, I can keep that arm straight no problem. But something changes when I have actually hit a ball. I have probably always swung like this, but I have been trying everything I can think of for months to get that arm straight. I have tried countless drills and several swing aids. My forearms are not flying apart. Every time I think it's solved I video myself and that arm is still bent. If you removed my left elbow that arm would still find a way to bend. My swing coach never mentioned it but he always videoed me down the line because I had some serious swing plane and club face issues that have been resolved. I know I mentioned my left arm to him but he was unconcerned. Maybe he thought we'd eventually get to it. Maybe he didn't think it was a big deal. I spent a lot of money with him but I could only afford so much. Here is my dilemma: stop worrying about it since I'm hitting pretty well. Or get it right. I think a straight left arm will add more distance to my shots by adding more compression at impact. I'd appreciate opinions on this. If anyone has dealt with this issue before in a student and has a drill or two, I'd love to hear about it. I have a feeling this is probably an easy fix. I just don't know what my brain needs to say to my body to keep that arm straight. Help. Please.
  8. > @memphishorn said: > > I assume you mean UT - Texas not UT- Tennessee. > > I went to The University of Memphis (born in Austin/ grew up in Memphis) GoTigersGo/ Hook Em! > > Yes, I meant UT Austin. :) Do you ever go back to Austin? I was there for undergrad from 98-02. Went back from 14-16. Very different city. Most of that old vibe is gone. Still a great city with a traffic problem.
  9. > @DavePelz4 said: > > @mschantz said: > > @Hawkeye77 I understand now. I am also in the Midwest; central Illinois to be exact. > > Where in Central IL? Grew up in Peru. My hometown is Springfield. I just moved back after 25 years away. Never thought I would, but here I am. I've lived in many places including several in Illinois: Springfield, Peoria area, Champaign/Urbana, Dekalb, Chicago (city and NW burbs). I'm a member at Panther Creek. Have you ever played?
  10. @memphishorn are you a UT alum? I am \m/
  11. @Hawkeye77 I understand now. I am also in the Midwest; central Illinois to be exact.
  12. @Hawkeye77 you waited decades? Can you please explain. Where do you live?
  13. @Hawkeye77 I immediately recognized the first photo as St. Andrews. Hole 1, I think. I'd love to play that course some day. Good stuff!!
  14. I'd love to see some action photos from folks around here. I'll go first. This was a recent Saturday morning on the range.
  15. > @jamieholo said: > personal opinion here.. not necessarily a handicap but more so ball striking ability. i think you have to look at it another way.. how many times a round does playing not a blade HURT you. if those are the conversations you are having you are ready to play a blade and BENEFIT from it. how often do you have to shape a ball around a tree to get you 50 yards closer to the hole or on the green to save you a stroke. and do you have the ability to hit that shot. how often do you hit a pure 6 iron out of the rough that knuckles and flies the green 20 yards. again do you have that shot. how often are you pinched under a tree and have to a stinger 180 yards up the fairway that you can't keep down because you are hitting a more forgiving club. notice the pattern.. do you have that shot. are you hitting the ball pure enough every time to notice that you hit the ball half a dime high, the ball finds the 'hot spot' and knuckles and flies the green and hurts you. do you hit the ball straight enough that you would rather leave the ball 10 yards short of the green but closer to the line of target over a ball thats pin high but 10 yards wayward. and ill admit that a CB to an MB probably isn't noticeably different to an amateur trying to hit SHOTS. > other option. do you like the look? are you happy enough with where the ball ends up for the swing you think you made? if the answer is yes. HIT EM! Let me add to this. All of the shots you mentioned can be made by both types of the clubs in the hands of good players, but many of them are very low percentage shots for even the best players. I never take low percentage shots because in my case they usually worsen the problem and end up costing more strokes than putting the ball back in play with a high percentage shot. If you're a pro trying to earn a living, it's a different calculation. I totally get your point. I benefit from blades because I make better golf shots and score better with them. It's that simple. I probably make better golf shots with them because learning to hit them improved my game quite a bit. There's no mystery there. But for me it took LOT of work that needs constant reinforcement.
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